Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Describe This: What are you wearing?

Let us get a picture of you. What do you have on? Are you wearing jeans and a t-shirt? Fancy formal dress? Or perhaps a bunch of oak leaves carefully sew together to spell your name? Or do you wear clothing?

Whatever it is, we'd like to know what you have on!


DESTINY said...

I wear your hopes and dreams; your fears and your nightmares. I wear your name on my right wrist; your fate on my left wrist. I wear all that has happened; I wear all that shall happen.

Other than that, I wear nothing.

I am your Destiny.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

Yes, dear. I am wearing a blue skirt, and a white blouse with just alittle bit of lace on the cuffs and collars. For color, I have a very pretty blue scarf that my nephew gave me for my birthday, 3 years ago. I fasten it with my gold scarf pin.

I have a little white hat, dear, that I like to wear when it's windy.

I have a Church Board meeting today. We are purchasing discussing new choir books for the choir. The old ones are quite worn out.

Have a lovely day, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Pure Fiction said...

At the moment I'm wearing a black skirt, black boots, and a wine, v-necked jumper that doesn't make my chest look quite as big as it actually is.
Under my jumper and skirt I'm wearing a black t-shirt, an off-white bra held together with two large safety pins, and a generously proportioned pair of black underpants (such details - I'm blushing) Under that I'm wearing my skin, which is not quite as tight as it once was.

On weekends I don't bother getting changed out of my pyjamas. I used to have any number of linen and silk dresses, all tastefully colour coded and lined up in my wardrobe. It's almost a relief not to have them looking back at me resentfully anymore.

(I'm looking forward to chicken little's answer.)

Fin said...

I'm wearing my Say Anything shirt, acid-washed skinny jeans and sandals. You caught me on a mild day.

Pure Fiction, I know that black is slimming. But STOP WEARING it. Please. It's just advice but it's for your own good. Get a green sweater and maybe a dark khaki pant. It will be lovely.

Fin said...

Oh, you don't call them pants over their. Sorry. A khaki trouser!

Candy said...

I only have a few changes of clothes which we hang up to air from the hook in the middle of the room each night to save money going to the laundromat. I'm wearing black tights and a black minidress. Very mini. I don't wear a bra - don't really need one - but unlike you, Fin, I'm glad to be small on top. I've got black adidas I got at a flea market and I do wear black knickers too. Bunch of ear and eyebrow rings and studs in lower lip, nose and tongue. As I said before I took out the nose ring. I have a big black sweater some man left at the pub once but I'll not wear it until I go out. I got my umbrella that way too and I use that a lot. When it gets cold in the flat I wrap myself in a blanket off the bed. If Brian wouldn't spend everything on meth and beer maybe we could afford some heat and food in here.When he's a famous rock star things will be better - maybe.

Scruffy said...

woof, woof, woof, woof

scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch


Fin said...

I don't like Brian. Can you honestly say when the skin on his face sags like Mick Jagger's, and his teeth are tiny black nubs from all the meth, that you'll still love him? Men are like busses. There'll be another one along in about fifteen minutes.

Pure Fiction said...

Fin, thank you for your advice. I do have a green jumper somewhere, but I feel so . . conspicuous in it. As for trousers - my bottom would look HUGE.

What is a say anything skirt? Is it short? Does it prompt people to say anything?

Candy, I agree with Fin. Although my (evil, horrible) ex-husand had an affair,he still always made sure I had a house to live in and good food to eat. I cannot imagine what he would have said if I had come home wearing a jumper a man left behind in a pub. Scum that he was (if you'll pardon the term), he always took pride in my appearance, particularly when clients were coming to dinner.

shy said...

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society."

- Mark Twain

Fin said...

Pure Fiction,
Say Anything is a band. A very good band. Embrace that bottom.

I have very much enjoyed your contribution. Especially A.A. Milne's and also today's. Thank you.

shy said...

"I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks."

~William Shakespeare

Brokerage said...

I'm wearing pants. That's all you need to know.

Gives me some influence in the boardroom, eh, shy?

Brokerage said...

Embracing a woman's bottom.

Sounds good.

Brokerage said...

Donella? Have you set up that meeting yet?

Marilyn Peake said...

I’m wearing my new book cover. Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy, the anthology that includes a short story about me, was published in eBook format today, paperback coming soon. I have to laugh. My author is running around like crazy, trying to update her website and all. Humans: such busy little idiots!

- Donella, "Repo Girl" in Repo Girl and the Fortune Faerie, short story published in the anthology, Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy

Marilyn Peake said...


I recommended you to my friend, the Fortune Faerie. She'll contact you soon, I'm sure. I admire your impatience.

- Donella, "Repo Girl" in Repo Girl and the Fortune Faerie, short story published in the anthology, Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy

Candy said...

Hey, Fin. I don't think I ever did LOVE Brian. He was just so arrogant, and rude and weird looking - and he chose me. Now - well, I've no where else to go and While I'm his Bird at least I'm somebody and part of a group.
But my plans are developing = ever since that phone call - and B. hasn't even noticed the official mail I've been getting.

Pure fiction - I guess you were lucky in one way but the whole thing must have been awful. I'd have killed him if I loved him. Have you never found anyone else to wear pretty dresses for?

Mrs. Fettleston - you must look very nice. Just hope a naked Destiny doesn't walk into your meeting and shock everyone. If she does pretend you don't know her!

Brokerage sounds pretty cheeky beneath his businesslike exterior. Are you bald? I expect you wear a hat anyway? Some of the guys shave their heads and they're fun to touch when it grows in a bit. Brian doesn't like me doing that so I do it lots.

Brokerage said...

Donella - life is short. I'll wait for the call.

Candy - Never wear a hat. Got all my hair. Brown. A woman's touch on my FULL head of hair? Great.

Fin said...

Be his Free Bird. It's a song over here. Look it up. Listen to it. Embrace it. Or, Tom Petty's Free Girl. That's another one that you might need to sing for a week.

Did anyone else not know Brokerage was a guy? I didn't pick it up until today. My friend Penny is insisting she knew. Now she wants to talk to him about bottom grabbing and hair pulling.

Marilyn Peake said...

I'm Keegan, the son of King Reginauld, from the ancient city under the ocean. I'm wearing royal clothing from The City of the Golden Sun: an oatmeal-colored tunic and toga, both trimmed in gold and purple stripes along the edges. On my feet, I'm wearing brown leather sandals trimmed in gold.

- Keegan, character in The Fisherman's Son Trilogy

Goran Njiric said...

Today, I'm wearing a standard uniform, lightweight coveralls that have a purple wedge reaching from my shoulder to my sternum around the level of my heart. The wedge tells everyone my rank and place on the ship (Recruit, specialist, do-nothing) so that people can tell where I need to be at a glance. I've also got a belt with every conceivable useful item stuck on it. It's not much of a burden with coveralls and in freefall, but it's still a strange feeling, having so much junk attached to me.

Below that is the terrible skin-tight mechanical pressure suit. I'll admit, I'm starting to get used to it, but it still feels like it's a group of drunk women pinching me.

I miss wearing nice suits, and tailor-made clothes by designers from the System over. I've still got my wardrobe, it's en route to our destination, which will be my "home", for the most part, despite the fact that I'll likely never be there. Still, I miss it all.

Anonymous said...


I don't know. I just put on jeans and a shirt, I guess. Whatever's clean.


Chicken Little said...

I have on green shorts and a white and green checked sailor hat. Why? Should I be wearing something else? Is there something else I should be wearing? Pure Fiction said she was looking forward to my answer. What if I gave the wrong answer? What if I disappointed her? I don't want to wear the wrong clothing. Maybe I should take off my clothing so I don't wear the wrong thing. But then I'd be naked. I don't want to be naked. Henny Penny, should I take off my clothing in case I'm wearing the wrong thing? I don't know what to do.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Oh shit, I forgot my pants again.


Christine H said...

Faldur - My Ranger uniform. What do you think I'm wearing?

(Let me help him out here - a brown wool jacket and pants, brown leather boots that are wearing thin on the soles, a belt with a dagger in it and of course the scabbard for his sword, and a faded green cloak that serves as coat, blanket, stretcher, tent and whatever else he might need it for. Underneath all, a long-sleeved white chemise that doesn't get washed too often, unless he's at the post.)

Marenya - What an inappropriate question! But I suppose, since you can't see me, I could describe it for you. I have short leather boots for house and garden work, and a simple dress that buttons up the front, with narrow long sleeves. There is a gathered chemise underneath it, and I braid my hair and wrap the braid with ribbons matching my dress.

Hanorja like bright earth colors, so my dresses are fawn or green or yellow or blue or, for a special occasion, red. Since I am skilled at embroidery, they are all decorated on the yoke and/or sleeves with patterns I designed myself.

Pelwyn has a turquoise-blue gown I designed for her that exactly matches the color of her eyes. I wish I were as beautiful as she.

Charlene said...

Aside from the coded ear piercings along my ears I'm wearing a black turtleneck with no sleeves underneath a short sleeved button up white shirt and black leather jacket.
My pants are wide-legged and black, covered in chains and buckles and I'm wearing black boots.
No one needs to know what my intimates look like


Christine H said...

Dear Destiny,

You aren't fooling anyone. We all know that all things are predetermined by Heaven, and in the end are right.

You sound a lot like a haggith in disguise. You haven't been hanging around Raynor, have you, sucking out all his hope and faith? Because I'm going to free him.

Just thought I'd warn you.


P.S. I've seen the Gryphon.

Christine H said...

Raynor -

I wear the full weight of my shame and powerlessness. I am robed in the knowledge of my disloyalty to my kindgom and my family. I put it on every day, every moment, that I am bound to do my Father's will.

I wear the stone that binds me to do it. The evil I would not do, I must do, and the good I would do, I cannot. I have tried to end it all and take my own life, but even this is denied to me. It is against His will.

Oh, for a way to end this blackness! And the anguish of knowing that I chose it freely, and am now a prisoner. But I am trapped under the earth, trapped in despair. Who is to say that it is not my destiny to bring ruin to my people?

Oh, if only I had never been born.

Christine H said...

Faldur -

Marenya, don't trust Raynor! Please, please don't trust him. I know how charming he can be, how powerful his magic is. Please! You brave, foolish, stubborn hawin... stay where you are. I'll find you! Don't do anything rash. I'm coming. I swear to Heaven I'll find you and bring you safely home.

I know you did all this to protect me, even though I broke your heart. You have no idea how much it cost me to turn you away. Or how terrible I feel now that you are disfigured. But the King can heal it - he can heal anything - as soon as I bring you home.

Stay where you are. I'll find you.

And then I'll kill Raynor.

Christine H said...

Raynor -

Good luck with that, Faldur. I'd rather be dead anyway.

I just borrowed her for a little while, though. No need to get violent. Because you know I'll win. And you have no idea what waits for you and my brother here.

SMD said...

I'm wearing what I always wear to work in the hot shop: beat up jeans and work boots. I've got my hair back in a black bandana, very Aunt Jemima, but I don't relish getting my hair singed off in front of the furnaces. I have to wear those awful under shirts the muscle guys wear, because of the heat, but I've got a pair of cut off socks covering my arms. It's no fun accidentally touching hot glass, you know. I've got the burn scars to prove it.

My sister says I should get some real clothes, go out more, but I say why bother? I'm always working. I'd rather be working than doing anything else.


Ten said...

This thing? It's combat suit padding. I've got to deal with someone soon, and practice makes perfecter.

Describe it? Oh, F***! Why did I sign up for this again? Ok, black. Form fitting. One piece. Full body covering if you have the hood up. Very elastic. Bulletproof, for a mild enough value of bullet.

Now, if you're done being possibly pedophilic voyeurs, I've got to get back to work, k? Catch me some time I'm going clubbing, THEN we'll have some fun with wardrobe.

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