Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Emote This: Jealousy

Wednesday is tenatively Emotion Day. Now, we've done some basic emotions in the past - anger and fear.

Bo just made me think of a more complicated emotion - jealousy.

What makes you feel jealous? What colors you green with envy? Or are you more bothered by the fact that other people are terribly, horribly jealous of you?

So, come on - let's hear it. Let out that emotion!


Aidan said...

Other people are jealous of me.

They're idiots.

csmith said...

(random invented spur of the moment characters - if this spills into a story I'm killing you)

Tom had run back to the motor to pick up the picnic basket. As his hand grasped the wicker handle, he turned back at the sound of David's laugh. The acid bite of jealousy hit him straight in the solar plexus, doubling him over in pain.

His hand clutched down, and he could feel the wicker bite into his palm, the scratching becoming painful. Not only was David one of those ridiculously beautiful university graduates, taking his blue both in rugby and rowing, but he had always been so kind to Tom. He'd thought... he'd hoped... but no.

David looked up, and Tom schooled his face bace to its usual neutral cast. He felt like he was choking on his tongue, watching David astride young Elizabeth, toying with her in the shade of a yew tree. His jealousy must have shown, at David's querrelous look he made a dismissive gesture.

"What's wrong? You look like you bit a lemon." David laughed.

Tom dismissed the comment with a wave of his hand, but not before he noted the assessing look in Elizabeth's pale blue eyes. He only hoped she'd assume it was David he was jealous of, not herself.

The Voice said...

At the moment there are so many things that make me initially believe I am jealous, but then I realize I am not jealous more like in a state of regret and pulling on the hands of the clock to move them in reverse.

I see beautiful homes and wish I had mine(destroyed in Hurricane Ike)returned instead of living in someone else's house.

I see people working and whining while I apply(and don't get)for jobs after losing my business in the storm. What does 'overqualified' really mean?

I see and read some of the most God awful books published while mine sits on the shelf after an uniformed agent advised me not to listen to a suggestion from a publishing company, which I now know was Ballantine books and I feel like yanking the hands of the clock clean off its mode of mockery.
Well, maybe I am a little green.

Naive15yearold said...

I get jealous when others outshine me. Especially, at the people who steals my spot light when it's my turn to shine.
I don't like feeling dim.
Because i've already had enough of that.


Goran Njiric said...

I don't normally get jealous, really. If someone has something I want, I work toward getting one of my own.

One-upmanship, I'll agree to. But jealousy? Never.

Goran Njiric said...

... Actually, okay, that's not entirely true. f there's something I don't have, I generally -do- want it, and go after it. But back, some forty years ago maybe, I used to want everything. If someone had something I didn't have, I'd go mad until I had something with some equivalence. Or something bigger.

I've grown too old for it now, keeping up with excess gadgets and fads is a thing for those younger than me. I don't like the covetous feeling anymore, though I used to just find out if there was something new and obscure I could find to want and be jealous of years ago, hunting out the feeling to acquire, to get things. "He who dies with the most toys, wins." and all.

Partnership in the establishment of a museum of local history and art, however, took most of it away. Which is good, really. It taught me the value of things better than earning money ever did.

Mira said...

from csmith: if this spills into a story I'm killing you

heh heh

you've ferretted out my secret plan.

bwah ha ha ha ha

(that's an evil laugh, in case you didn't know.)


csmith said...

Mira, you evil evil thing. It is spiralling into the start of my fucking epic 3 book WW1/WW2 novel thing of doom that I have outlined on my wall.

*hates you*

btw, still polishing the restraints (check out Nathan's yesterday post).

Mira said...

I saw. That's why I developed my evil plan. You'll be so involved with your new epic masterpiece, I shall slip nimbly from your fingers.

bwah ha ha ha ha


Vic said...

I see Bo accused me of being jealous. Well if I am, it's with damn good reason.

Look, Kalila hired me to be the front man, to sing and pick up a little rhythm guitar now and then. I work hard and do a damn fine job of it. Then what happens?

A couple of punk humans misunderstand what kind of fairy Nevin is and beat him up. The fairy healer cures him and stupid humans think it's a miracle. Suddenly he's getting interviews, when he hasn't done anything.

And Bo? Don't get me started. Not only does he move in on my meals, but he bedded a music reporter and started getting exclusive interviews. He's just a bass player!

Kalila? She spends all her time looking hot and playing guitar, and you humans are so surprised at her so-called talents that you put on the cover of a magazine. Anyone who has practiced for a few centuries would be that good, and many would be better. That's not talent, it's experience.

When do I get my due, is all I want to know?

(leaves in a huff to take a nap in his favorite coffin)

Charlene said...

I'll admit I get jealous, jealous of those stuck-up, rich people. They can afford to live in nice penthouses, driving great cars and living worry free, while all around them the poor and lower class suffer.

They have it so f***ing easy when most of them don't deserve it; many didn't even work for it!

I mean, I'm in the city working hard labor every day to pay for a shared apartment, no car, and college loans while these *** damn guys take extended vacations or attend parties with the mayor. Hell, half my money goes to taxes to PAY for luxuries like their parties. It's enough to make anyone jealous!

...I need a smoke.


Candy said...

I used to get horribly jealous when Brian turned his dreamy brown eyes on any girl. If he smiled that special smile at anyone else but me my stomach would curl into one big green snake that crawled up my throat and threatened to come out spitting poison.
Now I don't care = well, maybe a twinge now and again- but not often.

As for envy - Oh how I envy those girls who don't need a Goth veneer to hide behind; and have real friends! Oh yes, and a decent apartment above street level!

Anonymous said...


I don't know. I don't usually talk about stuff like this.

Maybe later.


Aidan said...

Pete Wentz is a bass player, too, and he gets all the press for Fall Out Boy.

Aidan said...


I like Goth veneers.

Kalila said...

Candy, don't let human males make you jealous. They aren't worth the trouble.

Bo said...

Right, Kalila. Like none of the rest of us have noticed how you get whenever Ricky spends too much time talking to a human female.

Candy, honey, remember that the world is a buffet. Jealousy has no place in it, since there's always someone else who will be just as much fun or maybe more.

Kalila said...

Just what are you insinuating, Bo?

Don't anyone listen to that lying, oversexed, incubus freak of Satan.

Ricky said...

Uh, ignore the demons, folks. They're just a little cranky because it's past their bedtime.

Jealousy is an interesting topic because my brother just accused me again of being jealous of him. He's the family over-achiever and has the money, cars and trophy wife to prove it.

Funny thing is, I'm not jealous of Mike at all. Instead, I think he's jealous of me. I was Dad's favorite and I chose a career that interested me. While Mike chases money, I chase my dreams. He can't stand it.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous of the witches I imagine in my head. They have mysterious black hair and lavender eyes. I know there isn't really a connection between being a witch and looking like that but-how do I explain this-somehow there IS a connection. If only I could look like a witch I'd be able to control magic like one...

And I guess if I looked mysterious and powerful then I could- but I"m not going to think about that.



I was wondering how dyslexic people handle word verifications. Must be hard.. I just had to type in "oloryort" and that almost did me in.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...


You know like Tasha and her group of mates - The Plastic Fashionistas of Y11? Well, my Mum used to say they were jealous of me. I used to get so much grief from them, on an almost daily basis; they were so foul!
Jack and Chelsea - in the days when they didn’t cross the road to avoid me (or bring their parents to my Mum’s funeral to hide behind) - used to think that kind of talk was my Mum, just being a Mum.
But well, I wasn’t jealous of them then – like what was so ‘all that’ about them? Well, now, I can’t even think of it, but like – why me? Why, not them? Now I’m worse than jealous – now I want what they’ve got – I know, if I could do it, I’d make it one of them and not me.


Brokerage said...

Never get jealous, get even. That's my motto.

Just kidding. Who do I get jealous of? Kids who get the kingdom on a silver platter. I work for every nickel. Then some kid comes in with the right father, the right degree and gets easy pickings. The rest of us have to kiss his ass.

But hell, if life were fair, I'd be on a beach in Tahiti drinking rum.

Gotta roll with the punches.

candy said...

That's nice, Aidan! I'm sure I'd like you too, whatever you are. And Bo, you'd be a great, big brother. I must try to follow your advice. Just try to use anyone for the fun of it, is that it? I don't know if I can. I think you have to be born that way. Good idea though!

Aidan said...

Um, Candy--

I don't think Bo would make such a good big brother.

Aidan said...

No offense, man.

Kaelin said...

Aidan isn't a terrible big brother.

Aidan said...

Gee, Kae. Way to make my heart sing.

Ryuu Nakamura said...

Easy. Jun Kawasaki.

He stole my girl, killed her in a car accident, then got famous when he used her likeness to build that "companion" gynoid.

Why wouldn't I be jealous?

Bo said...

If I were your brother, Candy, it would probably be an incestuous relationship. But I'm okay with it if you are.

Ricky said...

Bo, I think you ought to go back to rehearsal, don't you?

At this rate, I'm going to have to retain a second lawyer just for you.

Aidan said...


So yeah. I rest my case.

Candy said...

Bo, I think Mrs. Fettleston might frown on your suggestions; Actually I think I've had enough of musicians for now - but those abs are tempting... enough to maybe make me jealous when you moved on to someone else. (Coming back to theme) I can't learn to be as fickle as you that fast!

Nevin said...

I'm so sorry, everyone. We told Bo to stay away because he doesn't understand the rules of human behavior. He means well, and for whatever it's worth, he's the only demon in the band who just wants people to have a good time.

As for jealousy, I think it's a terrible thing to feel. It's very negative and it's important to remain positive, don't you think?

Sometimes when the others in the band are behaving very badly I find a nice place to escape to, like the butterfly museum or to a pleasant waterfall in the forest. It's important to stay focused on the good things!

Scruffy said...




shy said...

"I've spent most of my life walking under that hovering cloud, jealousy, whose acid raindrops blurred my vision and burned holes in my heart."

~Astrid Alauda

Aidan said...

Aw, let Bo come back and play. He livens things up around here.

(us demons have to stick together)

Vicarious said...
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Christine H said...

I am jealous of the Maelstrom website.

That is just incredibly awesome. What talent you have there! And I don't mean the band members (Sorry, guys. Don't hurt me!)

Jase said...

It's taken 28 years, but I think I'm happy just like I am. I'm finally out, mostly, and proud, more or less, and I actually love my job. How many people can say that?

But if you'd asked me ten years ago, well, that would have been a different story. Medea was my best friend (no, that's not her real name, but she'll kick your ass if you call her Meredith). Back then, I just wanted to crawl into a ditch and disappear - I couldn't have spoken up for myself if I'd had a gun to my head. But Medea's never had a problem making her opinions known. It always looked so easy when she stood up to people - the idiots at school, her family. Not to mention that, if she'd wanted to , she could have gone normal, fit in with those sheeple just fine.

Not me though. Never me. It's not easy growing up off-white in the whitest town in the Midwest. It was hard not be jealous, sometimes...

Hell, while I'm spillng my soul, I might as well admit it - I was jealous of her stepbrother Terry sometimes too. He always had it together - I don't think I ever saw him lose his cool. Not to mention he looked like a Greek statue come to life. No wonder everyone treated him like a god.

No wonder I never talk, I don't shut up! Maybe that's just 'cause Medea's not here to do the talking.