Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Group Story: Religion and Politics

After sharing our religions and debating our politics, why don't we write a story including both? Let's create a masterpiece of political intrigue and religious fevor together!
Note: Staying on topic is, of course, not required.

Note again: Feel free to contribute as often as you'd like.

Last note: Part of the fun is to write the story from your character's voice. Although 'real' people are also welcome to contribute, of course.
I'll start the story off:

"It was a dark and stormy night. Priests and kings alike would remember this night forever. "


Mira said...

"It was a dark and stormy night. Ministers and Kings would remember this night forever."

DESTINY said...

Great deeds would happen this evening. Deeds that would shape the future for generations.

The omens all pointed toward one thing. Today the King would triumph and his oppressive reign would continue.

The omens were wrong.

They usually are.

Marenya said...

Balasz struggled against the driving rain, pulling his cloak more tightly around himself. "Gryphons, how I hate rain!" he thought as the water dripped from his hood into his eyes. He shook his head, scattering drops sideways, in an effort to see ahead. The road was dark, but he could just make out a light on the hill ahead of him.

Delvhame Castle - his destination. Would he be welcome this time? He had no idea. But there he must go, whether his father liked it or not. And he would gladly bear the brunt of his sire's disapproval to get out of this storm.

Rick Daley said...

A flash of lightning illuminated the road ahead. Balasz stopped as he took in the sight of the overturned carriage, and the body pinned beneath it.

Spots floated in front of his eyes as the light disappeared, and he shuddered as the clap of thunder rocked the hillside.

Marenya said...

P.S. "Belasz" is a Hungarian name... I didn't make it up. It's pronounced "Bel-ajh". FYI. (though I may have spelled it incorrectly... It may just be Belas.)

Kalila said...

Balasz fell to the muddy ground, then picked himself up and shook his fist at the sky. "Damn thunder god! I'll get you for this!"

Ricky said...

Uh, Kalila? If you're going to play this game, please don't bring your ex-boyfriend into it.

Carry on, folks.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

His hands began to shake. Surely, that was only a reaction to the cold wind that slashed through the steep valley?

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof!!!

Anonymous said...

Or maybe his shaking hands were due to all the alcohol he'd injested last night.

Gods, he couldn't stand his father. Cruel bastard.

Almost as cruel as the Thunder God.

He remembered the two of them having lunch last week, planning this very storm.

He tried to warn the villagers to bring in their animals and prepare for the storm.

"Don't be silly," they said. "A thunderstorm in January? Snowstorm, maybe. It's been snowing for days, and the animals are already inside. Stop bothering us."

Balasz shivered in the melting snow and pouring rain. His father always was getting those darn seasons mixed up.

Bo said...

A warm pub with good ale and lots of compliant serving wenches was what was needed. Balasz looked around hopefully.

William Skye said...

Soaked through, cloak heavy with mud, wool tunic smelling like a wet sheep, Balasz took the final step out of the muck, on to the ramp leading to the castle’s massive doors. His boot stuck in the mud. For a moment he contemplated leaving it there, but Michael Anthony’s aren’t cheap, so he turned to pull it out. Suction kept it firmly in place but relented suddenly when he bent to the task, seating him in what was now a flowing river of mud and castle refuse.

He sighed and put his boot back on, hoping the cream kangaroo uppers weren’t ruined. Then he realized it! Yes! That advertising jingle that started with every peal of thunder had stopped! Oh, which deity to propitiate?

Lightning forked through the wet air, and thunder cracked so loudly he thought he would come out of his skin.

“…cows the size of schnauzers, but they’re cattle…” began replaying in his skull.

He rose, sullen and disheartened, to complete his journey to the dread castle. He looked up, into the moonless black, into the rain, and addressed the occupants of heaven.

“I shan’t forget this night.”

Bo said...

If he really wants an unforgettable night, he'll go to the pub and frolic with the serving wenches.

I don't understand you humans at all. I'm off to the adult video store now. Anyone want anything?

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

He cared little that he ignored the death that his over-turned carriage had wrought. Truly, with his dismissal of the body that lay in the squalid mud beneath the wheels of his coach, he proclaimed to the world that he, Balasz, was a true son of his father. Although he might argue otherwise, he, in his own way, he was worse than Tóth.

Brokerage said...

Money. That's what this was about. Money and power. Before the night was over, he planned to overthrow his father and take the throne. He had plans of aquisition that his father stupidly resisted. It was time for the old to step aside, and the young and hearty to step in.

First, time for a drink. And perhaps a dalliance with a comely wench. To wet the lips and pleasure the body before seizing his power would give him even more strength.

Bo said...

Now we're getting somewhere!

Vic said...

Agreed. The wench in question is Type O, right?

Kalila said...

Men! This is supposed to be a story about a man doing battle with a thunder god.

Vic said...

Story? You mean, like a book?

I'm outta here. I knew I shouldn't have come back to this place.

Ricky said...

And Kalila, I thought we agreed to leave Thor out of this story.

Kalila said...

Oh, Ricky. You need to do something about your insecurity. It's very unattractive.

Now, let's see...suddenly the sky flashed white and a lightning bolt came hurtling from the sky! Balasz knew there was only one thing to do...

Anonymous said...


I don't know.

He eats the lightening?


Candy said...

Quickly he kicked the crumpled body to meet the descending fiery fork and watched as it crisped into oblivion. Then,Balasz unhitched the horses from the overturned coach, leaped onto the back of the grey named Joker,and whipped it into a gallop, filled with the boldness of death, to pay his father back for what he had done.

Anonymous said...


The horse went galloping. The thunder got worse.


Pure fiction said...

Ehhhhh - let's see . . .the horse continued to gallop. Lightning rent the sky.
Thoughts tumbled through Balasz's head.
His Marc Anthony's (I have no idea what these are) flapped damply against his muscular calves.
He thought of the roaring fire in the banquet hall of Delvhame castle, of the very thing that had brought him out here, of his destiny, waiting for him.

Marenya said...

Oh my... I am really lost here... Uh... yeah.

Rick Daley said...

The horse crossed the drawbridge and barreled through the castle door.

"I have returned!" Balasz shouted to the lone guard, who stared at him, perplexed.

"Who the hell are you?"

"I am Balasz, heir to the throne, bringer of the peace, and savior of the realm!"

"Oh, I thought you were the ale delivery man. We sent for him hours ago. Have you seen his carriage on the road, by chance?"

"Aye, the carriage I have seen, and under it the crushed body of your ale man."

"Damn. That's the third one this week."

Anonymous said...

"Thank the Thunder God that we have a stash that the Count hasn't latched onto yet," he said.
"It is very old, very rare.
It is made of the berries of the kingdom of time forgotten." He turned to Balasz and eyed him carefully, then slowly he moved closer to his ear.
"Would you like a glass?" he asked.

Christine H said...

Balasz cheerfully replied, "No, thank you! Do you have any ice cream?"

Anonymous said...

"Well of course we do!" exclaimed the lone guard. "Then you'll be wanting sex with that too, I gather. Shall I send for the ladies? They are eager to meet you as your far away reputation precedes you."