Sunday, April 26, 2009

Announcement: Upcoming Concert this Saturday!

Hi all. The band asked me to post this announcement. Sounds very fun!

Kalila: Hi, everyone! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that we’d like to invite all of you to one of our shows. Ricky found us a venue that would let us put everyone on the guest list, so next Saturday, May 2, you are all invited to our show at Cabal. Details about the show and instructions on how to get there are here. Those of you needing a fake ID should get in touch with Nevin during the week so he can conjure one for you.
Ricky: Kalila, that’s illegal.
Kalila: You worry too much.
Ricky: Would you at least tell them that the underage characters shouldn’t drink?
Kalila: Oh, sure. No drinking if you’re underage, okay? It’s a rule of some sort, and Ricky could get in big trouble. If we catch you drinking, we’ll have Lazaro eat you.
Ricky: I think I better go call my lawyer now.
Kalila: I also understand there will be an after-party right here at CIC!
Bo: And don’t wear clothes!
Kalila: They have to wear clothes. It’s another one of those human rules.
Bo: Then wear sexy clothes. Or buy one of our new logo t-shirts, available off our website.
Kalila: Right. And be ready to have a great time! Be sure to check out the details about the event, and we’ll see you there!


Mira said...

Cool! I know I'll be there. :-)

DESTINY said...

I shall be there.

Destiny shall be at this concert.

I'll pencil it in.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait. I've never been to a demon concert.

Ricky said...

M-M, it's not so different from a human concert. It's the before and after that are problematic. They've promised me, though, that they'll be on their best behavior Saturday.

I've never had a band need as much of my time as this one. Lucky for me, they're talented and they pay well.

Laurel said...

I don't consort with demons so I must send my regrets. Since Destiny will be there, however, I wonder if Destiny's Child will also? I would not be a bit surprised to find Destiny's Child consorting with demons.

Have fun! I'll be watching for reviews. Although I don't consort with demons I find them great fun to read about.

Aidan said...

Man there's no way they'll let me come alone to watch a demon band play. Too risky. Is it okay if I bring a few immortal warrior-guards sworn to die protecting, I mean friends along?

Kalila said...

Laurel, you already consort with demons right here. Silly human!

Aidan, you can bring whoever the bouncer will let you bring in. It's a human club. My band's goal is human fame by human means, so we have to actually practice our music and try to appeal to human tastes. Ricky says we're doing quite well!

Personally, I can't imagine you having any problems bringing immortal warrior guards into the club. Humans are oblivious creatures, and your guards will likely be complimented on their cool and unusual costumes. Your little group may even end up starting a new trend.

Ricky said...

Thanks for your glowing remarks about humans, Kalila. I'll remember that next time you need my help. Don't forget who saved Nevin by getting him out of the hospital when you couldn't.

Just to be clear, folks, Cabal draws a nicely mixed crowd where all of you should have no trouble fitting in. I've asked the band to play something a little more upbeat than their usual fare, so I think you'll enjoy it. They put on a good show.

Kalila said...

I was perfectly capable of getting Nevin out of the hospital, Ricky. But you said it would be bad publicity to vanish him, kill hospital staff, or wipe any humans' memories.

Don't forget your place, mortal.

Oh, and you promised to take me shopping this afternoon. New strings for my Stratocaster, remember?

Charlene said...

Haven't been to a concert since high school, I'm in. Tanessa'll just have to tag along too, I'm not missing a chance to enjoy myself.


Anonymous said...


I've never been to a concert.

Sounds fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brandon

Hi Laurel

How old are you? Do you have a boyfriend?


Aidan said...


My guards look like humans, so they'll fit in. I just didn't want to break any protocol. Since I'm Seer on the Council, I'm supposed to be aware of that kind of stuff. But mostly it's my cousin Jason--he barely lets me out of his sight. Of course, since he swore a Covenant on my life he dies if I do, so you can hardly blame him.

My cousins are really fun, though. Just watch out--they can drink you under the table.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll be able tp take care of myself. I've defeated dragons, you know. Well, I flew away from them, but it was pretty strong magic.

The concert sounds very exciting. I won;t be drinking anything though. I had a bad experience last night with some dodgy tea.

WV: still- a real word!!

Anonymous said...

Oh this sounds like fun...

Can I tag along with Aidan?

I am *feeling* that I too will need supernatural *protection*.

You see, it *feels* like all chaos could break out.

Wow and that could be fun and mean a LOT of dancing -WILD dancing- and it could even be like this bar scene with vampires I saw on a movie a loooonnggg time ago.

And, well, (blame it on Vic, who has fessed up), I DID spend ALL weekend growing new blood.

It was exhausting and now I am so new...

which has its ups and downs, in like coming back from the spa all fresh
but also it means I am highly vulnerable.

My protective aura may take another week to rebuild.

But if you let me slide in under the supernatural protection of the aura immortals, I would like to apply to a multi-pass.


shy said...

“It was like being in the eye of a hurricane. You'd wake up in a concert and think, Wow, how did I get here?”

~ John Lennon

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof, woof.

Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant

Aidan said...

you can hang with us, sure. You, too, Scruffy., dog.

Scruffy said...


Brokerage said...

Been a long time since I went to a concert.

Might take a break and check it out.


Laurel said...


Blogging, to my mind, still qualifies as reading about demons so it squeaks under my threshhold.

And what on earth gave you the idea I was human?

Shadow, I don't have a boyfriend. My husband said I had to give him up. Regarding my age you need only know that I am ancient but you would not know it if you saw me in person.