Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday: Open Discussion

Sunday is the day for characters and authors alike to mingle and chat about whatever is on their minds.

Possible discussion topic: How are you?

Or - feel free to talk about anything you like.


DESTINY said...

I'm fine, thank you.

Although I have a little cold. Nothing major.

I'm drinking orange juice. I'm sure I'll feel better in a few days.

DESTINY said...

It is my destiny to feel better.

I should have mentioned that.

Anonymous said...


I don't have to go to my grandmother's today.

We're going on a picnic.

I'm glad.


Anonymous said...

I'm amused by the idea of destiny having a cold.

I myself am perfectly healthy. I have a new job now, being a witch. It's more boring that I thought. And withces aren't as pretty as I thought they'd be. So I fit right in.

Vic said...

I'm exhausted. Gig last night, after-hours party, and one of my meals escaped and I had to chase her down. There's a reason I sometime just raid the blood bank instead, folks!

Gonna go to sleep now. The sun has been up for more than two hours and it's way past my bedtime.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

A big thing happened for me today: I told Uncle Will that my phone doesn't work because I can't top-up the credit - my Mum - her card don't-ya-know?
No shops in the middle of the edge of the world.
Get it?
Feeling - thinking - doing. Will says that's called living.

Aidan said...

I have a headache.

Never a good sign.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

My own 'artist in residence' asked me to write a 'rant' for her artist study on Jenny Holzer. So, having thrown one together in 5 minutes flat, I've been 24 hours in recovery!
It has been a feeling-y kind of weekend.


Charlene said...

Ah I'm still a little drowsy, but if I go back to sleep now, then I'll miss my only chance during the day to have peace and quiet to write before the roommate starts blasting the tv and music -.-

I'm just a little bummed though, I won't be able to go back to school to get a bachelors for who knows how long. Just more obstacles in my way :(

-Charlene (author)

Candy said...

I'm feeling very jumpy. Yesterday my Virgin Atlantic ticket arrived. I feel I should be doing all kinds of stuff to get ready, but I don't know what. Then I'm afraid Brian will find out and i daren't think what he'd do. I guess I'm scared too... Never been on a plane before.. .Don't know what's at the other end...

Ricky said...

Let's not even discuss planes, Candy. Just don't try to take a bunch of demon rock stars on one and you'll be fine. Please trust me on this.

Bo said...

Virgin? Candy, honey, you need an airline with experience.

And don't listen to Ricky. How else can you join the Mile High Club if you never get on a plane?

Anonymous said...

Hi morpine-moniza,

You're a witch? Cool. Do you make potions and stuff?


shy said...

"When I do good, I feel good. When I do bad, I feel bad. And that's my religion."

--Abraham Lincoln

Kaelin said...

I'm in the Mile Hi Club.

Aidan said...

Nice, Kae. Delightful of you to share.

Candy, hon, flying's no big deal. You'll be fine.

Kaelin said...

A - You're in a mood. Glad I'm not around to put up with you in person.

The Voice said...

Franklin here---
Me, I'm a little ticked today. As I lazed in my author's mind I looked through her eyes and read (hope she doesn't mind me spying)the words to the rejection letter she received for her requested manuscript.
Man, I don't know how she felt, but the letter seemed more like a sales pitch for the agent's books than a rejection of the manuscript. And the agent had nerves enough to write on ugly blue paper. I want to tear it up, toss it out and tell her to keep writing.

Mira said...

Franklin - Amen! I hope your author tears it up, stamps on it and burns it in effegy.

And then thanks her lucky stars she isn't working with that agent.

Aiden, sorry about the headache. Destiny - sorry about the cold.

Mira said...

Charlene - it took quite awhile for the stars to align for my education. Years and years. Don't get discouraged. If you want it, it will happen eventually!

Those obstacles could be preparations for something even better - you never know. That happened to me, anyway.

Scruffy said...

Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch.


Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch.



Aidan said...

Thx Mira. Kae left today for a mission and the baddies followed him away. That helped a lot. (Demons give me headaches.)

Anonymous said...

All right all ready,
I woke up this morning and I had ZERO blood.

Does that mean Vic was in the neighborhood?


I had to grow more blood ALL DAY!!!!


Anonymous said...


Aidan said...

So annoying, eh, Anon? One time I had this demon-infested human bite me. It took like THREE DAYS to heal myself. And it itched like hell, too.

Vic said...

I only meant to take a little bit!

I hope you get to feeling better, Anon. I hate to lose a good meal source.