Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting to know you: Where will you be in five years?

Monday is 'getting to know you' day. This is a day for us to learn more about who you are.

We'd like to know about your plans. Where do you think you will be in five years? Are you a king because you pulled the sword from the stone? Are you on a starship because you passed the academy exams? Or are you exactly where you are now because you're the evil villian, and evil villans never prospire?

Let us know - we'd like the scoop!

Note: Thanks to Rick Daley for the question, and Candy for the suggestion of theme.


Aidan said...

Knowing sucks.

I wish I could say the war will be over, but it won't end in 5 years.

You're the first people I've told, besides Lord Prince Arond. He said not to tell because of morale, but it's hard the way people look at me.

I wish nobody knew I was a Seer.

I wish Kaelin had come out first. He'd be a better Seer than me.

Kaelin said...

Thanks, bro.

Kalila said...

I'm going to be a world-famous rock star. I have the band, I have the talent, and the only thing standing in my way is your weird human customs. I have Ricky to figure out that part. If he fails, our rivals will banish us to Hades, so we're very motivated.

Ricky said...

"Motivated" doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about it, Kalila. How about "terrified?"

But yeah, Maelstrom can deliver and if I can keep from getting killed or thrown in jail, I can get Kalila where she needs to be. And then I'll be famous, too. I'll have great acts from all over wanting to sign on with me.

Kalila said...

That's enough silly talk about other acts, Ricky. We're all you need, and I can afford to be very generous.

Now be a good human and get us some more bookings.

Naive15yearold said...

In five years... it's so scary to think of it, but what I picture is New York.
Finally hitting best seller lists for teenagers, inspiring others, helping, being the third hand of this country. To see people smiling-- I'd like to give them my smile.
Being 20 and achieving all that;;
That would be something...

I love your blog.
It always makes me think.
To get to know more of myself.

Candy said...

In five years I'm going to be very rich! I haven't told you yet, and please don't tell Brian, but next week I'm flying to California to stay with my really rich
bitch of a great aunt. All the relatives say she's awful but the one time I met her I liked her. I was .just a little kid so what did I know? Anyway, she's really ancient and dying. Mum says, if I play it right she'll probably leave me her money. ( If Mum thinks she's going to get some of it she's got another think coming!) I figure the old bag'll be dead in a couple of weeks and I can stand her for that long. Maybe, in five years I'll be living in a posh flat in London, dating rock stars and eating lemon tart whenever I want.

Scruffy said...

ruff, ruff, ruff

thump, thump, thump, thump

DESTINY said...

I know everything that is going to happen.

Five years from today, I'll be eating a tuna sandwich and watching re-runs on T.V.

I'm looking forward to it.

Bo said...

Hey, Candy, I'm a rock star and you can date me any time. You don't need to be rich.

The Voice said...

Franklin here,
I'm going to be married to Carmella Candi. We will own a string of pastry shops, cooking schools, and flight instruction schools. Life will be grand because we will work together and for our own things. Which brings me to that delusional Candy and her scheme to gain old aged money. Old bitches don't die easily and if they do they have lied about their monies or have them so tied up it would take years to untangle. And she probably has her own rock star.

Anonymous said...

How I will get through the DAY is more than enough for me to puzzle over.

Anonymous said...


I don't know. I hope I'm in college.

I hope I have a girlfriend by then.


The Screaming Guppy said...

Wearing black marks for every fight.

Of course, that's reliant on humankind surviving that long. A breach could happen any day, and the dead are starting to act strange.


Vic said...

We always act strange, Kumari.

Charlene said...

In five years, fortune permitting, I plan to have this whole thing with Tanessa over and done with.
I'll have a nice place, something like what my parents have back in Washington, and I'll work an easy job till I have enough money saved up to start my own business. I might consider giving college another go.

Course, that's all ruined if she gets me killed...


Aidan said...


You will have a girl friend by then. I can see that much.

Anonymous said...

I hope I'll be a witch.. No, I know I'm going to be a witch. I'll be able to control magic.

I hope I'm back home by then though. I can't imagine not seeing my family for five years.

Maybe-no I don't want to think about that.

Charlene said...

I hope to be Free.
Away from the Institute, its soldiers, and Suri. I can't plan, plans usually fall apart, so I don't know where I'd be, just that I wouldn't be on the run anymore.


Anonymous said...

you'll have a swashbuckling cool new SuperShadow costume to go with it too!

-someone who nobody knows is a Seer

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan and Anon


Will she be pretty? And nice, too.


Anonymous said...

You will recognize her by the tattoo on her right eyelid. It will be hard to spot and look like faint eyeshadow.
It will be her shadow.
And you will be her SuperSHADOW.


Aidan said...

Anon really knows what s/he's* talking about.

*to preserve the identity of the guilty.

Kaelin said...

Girlfriends are overrated.

Charlene said...

Kaelin's right.
There's nothing in life more confusing and money-consuming than a girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

You can't let a bad experience jade you.

When you date vampires, there will be problems of curse.


Anonymous said...

prepare to empty your coffers on her.

Ricky said...

Brandon, you are so right about girlfriends being expensive.

Recently, Kalila made me buy an expensive guitar setup for her, only so she could tell me she didn't really want it after all. She's ignored it ever since.

Kalila said...

Ricky, I am not your girlfriend, and how dare you even think of referring to me by such a term!

Folks, I'm not Ricky's girlfriend and I don't love him. It's nothing personal, but djinns don't love. Let's be very, very clear on that point.

Furthermore, don't listen to his pathetic human whining about what he spends on me. It's because I pay him so well that he has the money to spend in the first place.


Faldur said...

I will probably be dead.

Charlene said...

Whoa! I don't know anything about Djinns but I've seen enough annoyed women in my past.
Maybe an apology is due to her?


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon,


Kalila, do you have a boyfriend? Or a tatoo of eyeshadow on your eyelid?


Marenya said...

I will be in the palace, with Pelwyn, helping her raise her royal children and tending to her needs. That would make me very happy. It's all I need in life.

Really. I mean it.

Anonymous said...

Oh Fadur,
You are to die for!

Anonymous said...


It will be a design. It will only look like eyeshadow, but it will be a design that will THRILL you!
You will have to look closely. VERY closely. And then you will see that it is not pale eyeshadow after all.
It will BE her shadow.
And you will be her Super SHADOW.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anon





Nevin said...

Djinns are very proud, Brandon. Kalila won't accept apologies. Don't worry, though. Ricky is used to this sort of thing. He'll work and lay low for awhile until she gets over it.

Ricky has a point, though. She acted like she wanted the Variax and then ignored it. I think she called it "cheating."

But that's Kalila for you. Djinns are a bit...inconsistent. Kalila feeds off the wind, and the wind changes all the time, so what can you expect?

Uh-oh. I better leave before she gets mad at me, too!

(dissolves into glitter)

Anonymous said...

I will probably still be the

-someone who nobody knows is a Seer

in hiding.

It is a problem. If I come out, my accuracy may be affected. You realize the pressure is intense.

But I am hard to reach.
And receiving payment is mind racking!

But you can still send me what you think my reading is worth @

-someone who nobody knows is a Seer
@ somewhere where nobody knows but me

Of course, I KNOW you will pay me.
I hold too sweet a vision in my head for you to resist.

BUT for you, SuperSHADOW,
it will be like Tinker Bell has sewn you back onto Peter.

Anonymous said...


Be sure and look out for Lord Prince Arond.

I foresee a veiled messenger coming at sunset. He will be riding a dark, but not black horse with three spots of white on its muzzle.

The messenger is NOT to be trusted!

Faldur said...


No, I'm not. Don't even say that jokingly. There's too much death in the world.

But, I would die to protect you. That's my job.

Aden Fath.

Anonymous said...


The only thing is, I have not been given the WHEN.

Perhaps that is something you can foresee.

Anonymous said...

Ah but Faldur, Aden,

Then you are someone to live for.

A true hero.

And even your heroine will fight at your side!

(DO NOT change a hair on your head!)

Marenya said...

Dear Anonymous,

He isn't someone to live for, because he won't let himself really live. If only he would just stop and realize that life doesn't have to be a sacrifice.

He won't let himself be happy, which means I can't be either. I mean, I think he loves me but, I'm not sure. He kissed me once, but then avoided me for four months. Four months!

I don't want someone who loves me in spite of himself. I want someone real and passionate and true, who knows his own heart.


Don't live for him. You'll just be miserable. Like me.

Aden Fath! (Have faith!)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, Marenya,
I knew you two had a thing going.

I saw it right away. Something in your eyes.

But, well, I try to be polite. I didn't want to bring it up.Not first anyway.

Yeah, men with their missions... their causes inspire us, but then we pace the castle ( or the closet, as in, ahem, some cases ) all day as our beauty washes out onto the cold stone floor and is wasted, wasted!

(Okay, done with my rant.)

Listen, here's the thing. Let the guy with the silver knit vest kiss you next time. He has the hots for you. I'm telling you and he's going to do the trick for you.

AND, it will get worse.
Aden will come around and there you will be in love, deeply in love, with two men!

It cannot be avoided. It should not be avoided.

It is going to be, in fact, a LOT of fun for you! So much better than weeping endlessly on that cold forsaken stone castle floor.

Before you know it, you will be singing. It will be THEIR problem.
You will be HAPPY!

Go for it!


Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I don't think I can do it. I keep trying - but five whole years? Years passing one day after another? That's a lot of days.
I think ... I think I've forgotten what a week is. There are just light and dark parts of days now.


Aidan said...

But the only person I know who rides a horse is-


Yeah. I see what you mean.

Aidan said...


Deep breath, babe. It'll be OK.

Nevin said...

Oh, always seem so sad. We can be friends. You can call me any time. I'll do magic tricks to cheer you up and I'll teach you how to play music.

Anonymous said...

I have it from a very good source that you should stay away from Faldur.

You need a fighter, but not a bleeder.

And if Kaelin starts in again, well, tell him THIS time it's gonna cost him.


Sooner or later, you get to define WHAT YOU WANT.

I predict you will need to bear out your swoon, but really get into it, Let the swoon have you. (It'll grow back if you don't get it all out. Think of it as detox.)

Then, probably be a Wednesday, (it's a good turn around day), you'll be up and about like nobody's business.

Pip pip and all that!

Seeing your Best is yet to come!


Goran Njiric said...

Five years? Hmph. I have no idea. Who plans that far ahead, anyway?

Though, again, I suppose I might still be in the FGSS.

Marenya said...

Something in my eyes? Would that be the "I love him so much I wish he'd hurry up and die already" thing?

I mean, he's so determined to die in the line of duty, I almost wish he would.

No, I didn't mean that! I hope Destiny wasn't listening. After all, It did get me a sandwich when I asked for it.

Faldur said...

Marenya doesn't understand. I'm glad she doesn't. She doesn't need to know what goes on in my life. No one does.

I do what I do because I have chosen it. Because it is my duty. I'm a Ranger until I die, but I won't leave anyone behind to mourn for me.

Marenya should know that better than anyone else. She lost her father that way.

I won't be another dead father. Or husband. She'll find someone else eventually.

It's for the best. Truly. It's the best for everyone. I'm sorry I gave her a reason to hope. I wasn't thinking that night, and I stayed away to minimize the damage.

Right then. Now that that's all cleared up, time for my patrol.

Christine H said...

It has now officially been two weeks since I've worked on my novel. But, I'm not that much more productive at home because I spend all my time HERE!


So, in five years I might be published... or I might not. ????

Anonymous said...

It's my birthday.

In five years, it'll be my birthday again too.


Anonymous said...

I have the smell of chocolate in my nose.

birthday cake frosting.
angel food cake.

champagne and chocolate over/under tones.

how does that translate?


ah yes

Aidan said...

Happy Late Bday, Anon

Mira said...

Birthday? Happy Birthday, Anon. I hope you had a wonderful day!

Ian said...

I will finally have achieved my goal of visiting 100 countries and living in 20 of them, my novel The Mongolian Girl will be made into a Hollywood blockbuster movie, my book about a life spent travelling around the world will be a bestseller, and, sadly, I will be five years older. Life can be so hard.

Christine H said...

That's awesome, Ian! I'll be looking forward to your movie.

Perhaps it will open the same weekend as mine! Oh, no, that wouldn't be good. We wouldn't want to be competing.

You can go first. I'll release mine two weeks later. Sound good?