Sunday, January 25, 2009

Site Guidelines

In a place where characters of all sorts roam the streets, naturally there are a few situations that may pop up. We would like to ask everyone to follow these guidelines. This will enable the undead to co-exist with the living, vampires with vampire-hunters, and dogs with cats. After all, at the end of the day, we all just need to get along. Right? Yes, evil domineering warlord. That means you, too.

Guideline #1 - Keep It Relatively Clean. In order to keep this site from being labeled "Adult", we need to ask folks to stay away from graphic sex and language.

Guideline #2 - Please Report to Management. If something here concerns you, we'd like to hear about it! However, please e-mail us rather than addressing it on the site directly.

Guideline #3 - All Characters Welcome! This site is non-denominational and non-discriminatory. This site is open to everyone of any species, race, age, ethnicity, creed, religious belief, sexual orientation, gender, moral center or lack thereof, life or lack thereof and nutritional requirements.

Guideline #4 - Sometimes Characters Need Some Alone Time. Although authors are very welcome here, some posts will be designated Characters Only. This gives Characters a chance to really dig in without any pesky real life issues bothering them. Thanks for respecting the designations.

Guideline #5 - All Multiple Characters Welcome! Go on, pile everyone in the car, and bring them all here. We encourage people to try out many different voices. Our only guideline is this: please stay on topic. If one of your characters strays, send another to rein them in. Please help us avoid topic drift! If you want to suggest a new topic, e-mail us.

Guideline #6 - Critique-Free Zone Here. By critque, we mean writing critique. This is a site for writing experimentation. If you have feedback for a fellow author, please offer this feedback privately.

Guideline #6 - We all Just Need to Get along. This is a tricky one. We want characters to have natural reactions to each other. Here's an example. Let's say you're an exorcist and an evil ghost just entered the site. Please remember that evil ghost is welcome here, too. Feel free to say 'Begone, foul demon!' whenever you run into each other. However, strong insults, and/or organizing a posse to capture and exorcise said ghost, not be getting along.

In summary, we want to say that the vision of CIC is to give our characters voices, by pulling them out of their plotlines, putting them in new situations, and exploring their edges and depths. But remember, everyone around you is doing the same, so let's make it easy on each other. If you have any questions, about what does or doesn't work here, definitely e-mail us. We want everyone to feel comfortable.

And there we are. Some simple guidelines that will hopefully help us all have a great time here! Thanks in advance for your cooperation. And thanks, also for joining us. We couldn't have the site without you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Come In Character Works!

This is not your usual blog. Here is how it works:

You come to CIC as a character. You post under that character's name, and answer the post as your character would.

For Writers: If you're a writer, you can pick one or more characters from one of your stories. Answer questions and interact from their viewpoint. You'll explore your characters in some very new ways! Or maybe you're considering a new character? Try them out here!

For Everyone: Or maybe you're not a writer, but you'd like to have fun becoming someone else. Do you have sides of you that you usually don't show? Are you evil? Bossy? Seductive? Angry? It's amazing how much fun it is to let those sides out!

Anonymity: This site can be as anonymous as you like. You can tell us who you are, or keep it a secret forever. Many also post here as themselves, but that's not a requirement.

Click here for ideas about how to post under a character name.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Come In Character! Grab a hat, become someone else for awhile, and have fun!