Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting to Know You: Fun and Amusement

We all had a great time at the luau this past weekend, but what other ways do you like to have fun? What kind of events and activities are your idea of a good time?

Do you seek out celebrations...

...and adventure?

Or do you prefer to stay closer to home, enjoying the comforts of a cozy evening in familiar surroundings?

Let's talk about how we like to have fun!

Anyone can answer, just, uh...keep it clean, okay?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Social Weekend: Hawaiian Luau!

Member Aidan suggested we all go to the beach! What a great idea in August!

But here at CIC, when we go to the beach, well, we go to the beach. And you know what that means: Hawaii, baby!

If you don't have a beach, or don't have Hawaii where you live, here is what it looks like. You can go swimming in all the beautiful blue-green liquid.

You can play games. That's a ball, and it's sitting on something called sand. You throw the ball back and forth. Oddly enough, it's fun.

Sometimes, you can go under the blue-green liquid and look at the beautiful life forms that exist there. Look, but don't touch. They're slimy.

After all that running around, you can re-energize with what we call yummy food. That means Luau!

While we eat, we can light a fire and tell ghost stories. Note: If you're a ghost, let us know. You can tell us a story about yourself.
We've arranged for entertainment. People stand up and wiggle around. It's delightful. Not just watching them wiggle, but wiggling yourself.
So, here we are. It's August, it's beach time, so le'ts Luau, baby! Drop by anytime this weekend and join in!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Character of the Week: Olivia!

For this week's character of the week, I’d like to introduce Olivia, a passionate artist, wife, and mother! Olivia, please tell us about yourself:

Hi, everyone! My name is Olivia Harper.

Although I grew up in New Orleans and now live in southern Texas, I actually don’t have much of a Southern accent – and rarely do I utter the word “y’all,” unless I’m joking. In fact, I’m a fairly simple gal. I live with my husband, Michael; our children, Daryl and Samantha; and our beagle, Buddy, in a three-story, beachfront home on South Padre Island. Michael operates a pediatric practice on the mainland, while I run an art gallery and bead shop on the island.

My love for art began long ago, during my youth in New Orleans, a vibrant city that begs to be painted. There, I lived with my father, Patrick Marconi, a successful restaurateur; my mother, Devi, an unhappy housewife; my annoying twin older sisters, Rebecca and Sadie; and my beloved dog, Charlie. By the time I was an adolescent, I knew that I wanted to be an artist. So, with my parents’ encouragement, I enrolled in the New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts.

Following high school, I studied art and art history at the University of Texas at Austin. After earning a graduate degree and realizing that I was sick of school, I moved to San Antonio, where I met and eventually married Michael, the love of my life. Although it’s been a decade and we’re still happily married, there’s something I’ve never told him... even when he was in the midst of working on a book about childhood and imagination.

When I was a little girl, my mother told me about a secret, underground community in southern Kentucky, a made-up place called Ruby Hollow. Rife with wondrous chambers and eccentric characters, the Hollow filled my imagination as a child. Years later, as a sophomore in high school, I had forgotten about the Hollow and grown weary of my mother’s moods... until the day I discovered a cache of love letters in her closet – love letters from Jesse, the “hero” of her bedtime stories about Ruby Hollow. It was then that I realized the Hollow was real.

Eventually, I summoned the courage to confess my find. Surprisingly, Mom wasn’t upset. In fact, she seemed relieved. When her estranged mother passed away soon afterward, she asked me to accompany her to Kentucky for the funeral. While there, she decided to take me to Ruby Hollow – to meet Jesse and the rest of the Hollowites for myself. It was a trip that would change everything – including our relationship and my mother’s future.

Only my father knows why she never returned to New Orleans. Michael merely believes that she disappeared when I was fifteen. How can I tell him the truth – when doing so could risk the sanctity of an entire village?

Have you ever kept such a secret from the person you love most? Are you ready to share it now?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting to know you: Brag Day!

Thanks to Christine H. for this idea!

One thing about friends: We don't mind if you brag alittle. Got an accomplishment you want to share? Something you're proud of?

Maybe you won a contest or passed a test? Maybe you saved the princess (for the 24th time. Darn that princess, anyway.) Or maybe it's more of a personal victory; you finally completed your spring cleaning (Hey, it's only August. You still get credit.)

So, whatever your accomplishments are: brag alittle! And like all friends, we'll give you a pat on the back, and say 'well done!'

And then, like all friends, we'll say: But wait. My turn! So, we'll all get a chance to participate in.....Brag Day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Getting to Know You: One Thing

Of course, it's true that some of us here are already perfect, but most of us can think of something about ourselves we'd like to change. So today's question is, what one thing about yourself would you change, if you could?

As a corollary to this question, what one thing about you would your closest friends change, if they could?

Characters only, please, and have fun!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Group Story: Cookbook!

For some reason, yesterday's wonderful thread made us think of food....delicious, yummy cooking.


So, let's write a cookbook! We can share recipes, give hints and tips, or tell stories about cooking. Maybe you want to share about your first failed attempt to boil water. Or debate the merits of the microwave vs. the oven. Or maybe you want to give us the family recipe for frozen Bxuqdke. (We don't have Bxuqdkes on this planet, but we'd still like to learn the recipe. You never know when you'll run into a Bxuqdke..........somewhere.)

What ever cooking means to you, let us know. Let's create: CIC's Group Cookbook!

Let the cooking begin.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Emote This: Happiness

Let's have some feelings today! Not only that, but let's have some happy feelings! Usually when we talk about emotion in our stories, it's sadness, fear, anger; all the juicy difficult ones.

But there are also things that make us happy. Maybe you had something nice happen to you. Maybe you have people in your life that you love and who love you back. Maybe you noticed how beautiful the day is, and that made you feel happy, even for a moment.

Or maybe, (this being CIC after all), you're happy because you finally reached your quota of innocent souls to consume. That's okay (in fact, congratulations). Here at CIC we're open to happiness of all sorts. We're just happy that you're happy.

So, let us know. What makes YOU happy?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting to Know You: Favorite Literature

Coming off a haiku weekend, let's talk about our favorite literature!

Do you have a favorite book or poem? What about a favorite genre or author? What is it about the written word that draws you back, over and over?

Characters and authors can answer!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Group Story: Haiku

It's time. We've had group stories, group poems and group I'm-not-sure-what-to-call-its. But we've never tackled the Haiku. Well, let's do it. Let's bring on those the Haiku.

For the uninitiated, the Haiku follows a simple format: 3 lines, and you count the syllables. The first line is 5 syllables, the second 7, the last line 5.

For example:

I write a Haiku (5 syllables)
As an example to you (7 syllables)
Oh boy, this is fun (5 syllables)

I will admit that is an especially good Haiku. Please don't feel like you have to live up to the high standard I just set. All Haiku are welcome here.

A Haiku is usually about something in Nature. And what could be more natural than this:

These cows are just waiting for someone to tell their story. And we at CIC will take on that challenge. We will tell their story. But we'll tell it Haiku style.

So, here we go: Group Haiku!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Character of the Week: Gabe!

Introducing this week's Character of the Week, the rebellious and angelic Gabe! I'll let Gabe tell you about himself:

I was born about 800 years ago, and shortly afterwards entered Training to be a Guardian Angel. For centuries, I served and obeyed the blind commands of my superiors. I watched good people's lives end earlier than they should, for no reason. I also saw humans waste their lives and make poor choices. Nevertheless, I guarded my charges. At times, there were battles with demons, where I fought valiantly and slew many of those infernal creatures. They were the hated enemy.
Finally, I was assigned to Grace. There was something about her. I watched her grow up. I protected her. I guided her. I helped her. And I fell in love with her. When it was declared her time to die, I couldn't do it.
I was through silently watching good people die while evil people lived. Certainly what I did was against the Rules, but it had never happened before, so no one was sure what to do about it. Micheal knew what he wanted, though. My best friend betrayed me. Somehow, I ended up sharing Grace's house with a half-blood demon. Between my best friend and Luke's incubus father, all of our lives have become less certain. I won't even mention the gang with Grace's name on their weapons. Frankly, now that I'm free of the silly little Rules, I'm feeling much more free. I don't have to worry about alcohol or cigarettes, and the hell-baby makes a great cigarette lighter!
So, I believe I'm supposed to toss a question out for discussion in addition to responding to questions about myself, so answer this: Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted most? Or have you ever decided that the System you've followed and supported for all your life is full of crap and no longer works for you?
Gabe, On Common Ground

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Challenge: The great debate: Hot or Cold?

Time for a Challenge. Let's debate an extremely important issue. Everyone has an opinion on this one. Let's hear yours!

If you had to choose, which is better?
Being too cold:
Or being too hot?

Take your pick, but, if you choose to accept the challenge, don't just tell us: convince us.

Let's sharpen our debating skills and lay out an argument: which is better: Hot or Cold?


Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting to Know You: Escape!

Do you ever want to escape, whether it's from the place you're at or the life you've created for yourself? What kinds of things make you long for change, and what do you envision when you think, "Anywhere but here?"

Where or what would you escape to, if you could?

Tell us all about your escape plans!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Social Weekend: The Circus!

It's been awhile since we just had some fun together.

Let's take all of our wild characters, pile in the car and head to the circus! Doesn't that sound like a blast! (And oddly appropriate...)

Okay, snacks first. Let's grab some popcorn and head to the big top.
So check out the show. Cool. Magic! Illusions!

Awwww......think I'll take this one home with me. So cute.....

So, what about you? What will you do at the circus! Join us - let's have leave the circus of CIC to go to a real one. Let's have some fun!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Character of the Week: Destiny

I did not wish to have pictures. How can one convey me? However, Mira insisted, so we'll just call those Mira's pictures.
I commend Brandon on his choice of me as Character of the Week. Wishing to know Destiny is wise. I regret the delay and hope he did not take it personally. Sometimes I am needed elsewhere.
I have always existed. The Universe itself must consult with me. I say itself, because Universe has not yet decided if it will be male or female. It continues to ask me which is best, but some decisions one must make for oneself. I refuse to do all of the work. If you had met Universe, you would know exactly what I'm talking about. Universe just tends to drift, unless one takes a stand.
As you might have inferred, my job can be a frustrating one. Many choose to ignore me. For all have been given free will, which means they can make this choice. Personally, I do not agree with this, for what could be worse than ignoring Destiny? Free Will and I have had many heated debates on this matter. Free Will has a point, yet it does not share the sadness I feel when I watch humans choose the wrong path.
As they so frequently do.
I, Destiny, can be a hard path. I understand that. Yet, if humans only knew how much is at stake. Not just for those of us such as Destiny, Universe and Free Will, but for every human....
Although my job is frustrating, it is worthwhile. To watch a human fulfill their destiny brings me great joy and satisfaction. There is nothing so important in the Universe.
No matter what Universe says. But it's best not to listen to Universe. Trust me on this.
So, you probably have questions for me. Perhaps you wish to know your Destiny. I can not tell you this, of course, but I can guide you. Ask Destiny your questions.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Author/Character Chat: What do you like about each other?

Let's try something new. After all, how often do authors and characters get to talk about each other? Well, here at CIC, we like to bring everything out in the open. So, let's chat!

Let's start with the positive: What do you like?

Authors: You spend alot of time with your characters. What about them warms your heart?

Characters: What do you think of the person who writes about you all the time? What about them do you appreciate?

We'd like to know. What is it about each other that makes you smile?

Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting to know you: Education

Some of us will be going back to school soon. This led to the question: What type of education did you recieve? Were you apprenticed at a young age? Did you attend a public school system? Or does your type of species absorb all the knowledge of the universe at conception?

Whichever it was - or is - let us know all about it. What type of education did you recieve and, most importantly, what did you think of it?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Schedule change

Hi all,

Announcing a schedule change:

To accommodate the moderator's schedules, as well as to respond to some member requests, CIC will be switching to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday posting schedule. This will hopefully give everyone a chance to read each post and respond when they have time.

Tentatively, the schedule will be:

Monday: Getting to know you

Wednesday: Varies

Friday: Featured Character. This might include a question/answer format, like previously, or we might offer folks an opportunity to post something for feedback.

Saturday: Social Events, Group projects.

Hope this works for everyone! Please keep giving us your feedback; your input is highly valued.

p.s. Feel free to continue contributing to the historical novel unfolding below.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Group Story: Caveman History

When we at CIC do a historical novel, we don't just go back to ancient times. We go ALL the way back.

This person has a story. Let's tell it. Let's really tell it. Let's tell it good!

We'll start it off below:

"Zuboo was pissed. Zuboo was really pissed."