Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Come In Character Works!

This is not your usual blog. Here is how it works:

You come to CIC as a character. You post under that character's name, and answer the post as your character would.

For Writers: If you're a writer, you can pick one or more characters from one of your stories. Answer questions and interact from their viewpoint. You'll explore your characters in some very new ways! Or maybe you're considering a new character? Try them out here!

For Everyone: Or maybe you're not a writer, but you'd like to have fun becoming someone else. Do you have sides of you that you usually don't show? Are you evil? Bossy? Seductive? Angry? It's amazing how much fun it is to let those sides out!

Anonymity: This site can be as anonymous as you like. You can tell us who you are, or keep it a secret forever. Many also post here as themselves, but that's not a requirement.

Click here for ideas about how to post under a character name.

We hope you enjoy your stay at Come In Character! Grab a hat, become someone else for awhile, and have fun!