Friday, January 28, 2011

Group Story: A Winter's Tale

Nearly a month has passed since we shared our New Year's resolutions. Since then, some parts of the world (and perhaps the universe as well) have seen their fair share of cold, ice, and snow. So, before we forget about Come In Character altogether, let's jump-start our creativity with a group story.

For those who haven't yet participated in such a collective tale, group stories can be a real treat. Normally, we focus on one particular genre – such as romance, science fiction, or horror – but this time, it could be fun to mix genres.

So, what do you say, authors and characters, are you up for the challenge?

If so, here are the first few lines of our little winter's tale:

As she sat beside the flickering hearth, warming her damp hands and feet, the petite, middle-aged midwife glanced toward the bay window that, in summer, would overlook the overflowing vegetable garden. Despite the outer darkness, Mathilda could still see the snowflakes falling, as they had for hours, and even with the fire, it seemed that she might never stop shivering. Suddenly, though muffled by the wind, the porch creaked and a knock sounded through the front door.

“Who could be here at such an hour,” she thought, a mite concerned. “And in this weather?”