Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Group Story: Mystery Thriller: Cold as Ice

Hi all. Let's try Tuesday for Group Story Day.

The Genre is: Mystery Thriller
(thanks to Pure Fiction for the excellent suggestion of picking a genre.)

The title of our work is: Cold as Ice

Feel free to post in character or as yourself.

Okay, let's create a masterpiece!


Mira said...

I'll start it off:

"It was a cold and blustery day outside.

But inside, I could feel it getting warmer by the second."

The Voice said...

I was obviously running a temperature. My throat hurt when I swallowed, and my eyes wouldn't stop tearing. I would more than likely die from the flu, something I probably deserved.
After spending the past half hour digging the hole under the neighbors rose bush and burying her damned irritating pit bull my hands were frozen and covered in blood.

Anonymous said...

My head felt as though it was smothered in fog, but I could hear something faintly, beyond the rasping of my breath. There was strange scrabbling sound at the window. I moaned as I tried to sit up, my head throbbing with pain.

Someone outside the window... an animal, or a man...

I squinted, blinking sweat from my eyelashes. A loud crack as the window pane shattered, and then icy cold wind on my fevered skin.

Anonymous said...


Um. I looked at the window. It was really scary.

I didn't feel so good.


Lazaro said...

It was a zombie!!!

Ricky said...

Uh...no, Lazaro. I don't think it was a zombie.

Sorry, everyone. Please continue.

Anonymous said...

But that's when I thought about it.

There had been something about that dog.


I put on my big rubber boots and my winter jacket again.

I had to go back out there and dig that pit bull up again.

Anonymous said...

The wind seemed to cut right through my jacket as I stepped outside. I hugged the shovel to mys chest as I made my way to the rose bush.

But it was gone. Some one had dug out the whole patch of ground. bruised roses littered the ground.

I looked around warily, something large had been trying to get in through the wondow, maybe that creature had dug up the pit bull again.

Something caught my eye on the ground, a glint of silver amidst the soil and uprooted grass...

Anonymous said...

Carefully, I took my shovel and scooped it up from the snow.

I bent down and examined it. It was moving like mercury only it wasn't mercury. I looked at my gloves. There was a trace of the silver, a dusting on them that I hadn't noticed before.

Anonymous said...

I peered at my gloves, trying to make out the traces of silver. Suddenly, I felt a crushing pain against my side. Someone had hurtled into me, knocking me down.

I sprawled on the ground, gasping for breath, the shovel digging painfully into my side. A shadow loomed over me, stark against the sunlight. But I couldn't make out who or what it was.

Christine H said...


I think I have created a monster! Wow, you really are addicted to posting photos (and changing your profile photo), aren't you?

Isn't it fun? Wheee!!!!!

Pure fiction said...

Ahem . . . (thanks for the mention Mira - suddenly feeling a bit overwhelmed)

Suddenly everything went black.
When I opened my eyes again the sky was darker, with bruised purple clouds scudding across it. I could just about make out the time on my digital watch - 18.23.
22 hours and 8 minutes since my neighbour let her pitbull into the garden. 24 hours since I first noticed her rifling through my bins.
Two days since I got the anonymous call warning me in a doctored voice: 'Be careful of the woman who's just moved in next door. She's not who she pretends to be.

Anonymous said...

I opened my eyes a little wider, careful not to move.

I was lying on the couch at my neighbor's house. It was night again.

Her back to me, she was turning a log in her fireplace with a poker.

When she turned around she stopped.

"You're awake," she said.

I waited.

"I think I owe you an apology," she added.

I looked at her. More accurately I was glaring. She had this dark brunette hair that stood out against her ivory skin that might have otherwise distracted me. But right about then, I was pissed.

"More like an explanation," I said.

Anonymous said...

"An explanation!" she scoffed. "You owe me one. You're the one who killed Pookie!"


"My Bulldog! You killed Pookie!"

"You sent the bulldog into my garden!" I sputtered.

Anonymous said...

Suddenly a silver shimmer poofed out of the fireplace and out stepped the bulldog.

Shaking himself, the silver shimmered and covered the room in droplets.

"I think I am the one who owes you an explanation," he said.

"The truth is, I am not a dog. This is my disguise,see."

He shook his head violently and turned into a very tall silver man.

"Agent Mallit,at your service," he said.

And then looking hard at the woman, he added, "You will refrain from ever calling me 'Pookie" again."

Anonymous said...

"And you," he said, turning to me,
"will not bury me while I am simply trying to discreetly recharge my disguise again."

Man, I thought. This is a weird story I've gotten into again.

Anonymous said...

Just about then, the editorial mice crept into the room, three very annoyed ones too, all carrying a big red pen between them.

"First," said the one with the curly tail,"you had the man wake up outside under the sky, then inside on the couch. So which one is it? Outside or inside?"

"Secondly," said the one with the small candycane blazer, "you keep using the word again. Again and again and again.Let's watch that, huh?"

The third one, the one in the black boots just hissed at me. "Some things to THINK about," she said.

They left the red pen behind, obviously hoping I would pick it up and make some changes.

But me, I was only waiting for someone else to continue on with the story. It was just getting interesting.

Ian said...

I stared out of the window and there were three naked people dancing in the garden next door in front of a giant video screen projecting their images, three times life size. I swallowed, my heart beat faster, i couldn't breathe. One of them was my wife! What could she be thinking, going out on a cold, blustery day without any clothes?

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Didn't she know the cold was going to play the very devil with her atopic dermatitus?

Bo said...

Atopic dermatitis? And here I was thinking this story had finally taken a turn for the better!

Anonymous said...


atopic dermatitus.

That's funny.


Anonymous said...

"Snap out of it," said the woman.
"I am not your wife. I am not your beautiful wife."

"Okay, sorry, a mild distraction."
I looked at her closely though, thinking, it might not be a bad idea,
and she sure could dance!

"We have a mystery to solve," said the tall silver man.

The wind began to howl and howl.

Why does it have to be so cold and blustery, I wondered.

"Because that's how Mira started this off," whispered one of the editorial mice, the one with the curly tail, offstage.

"Well then," I whispered back, "then there has to be a reason it was getting warmer inside by the second. Right?"

The mouse just rolled his eyes up in his head. The one with the candycane blazer shook his head like I am an idiot.
The third one pursed her lips.
"There is a storyline to follow," she hissed.

It took me a minute and then I got it.

"I think we have to go back to my house," I said. "My heater was acting up at the start of this story and my house is either still frozen solid or it could be catching on fire any minute."

We quickly bundled up and trudged through the blustery cold to my house.

Inside, the heater was working, but something didn't smell right.In fact it smelled like something -or someone- dead.

We exchanged glances. The woman nodded to me. The tall silver man put his finger to his lips.

Slowly, we crept down the stairs to the furnace room to check it out.

Candy said...

As I watched three other naked figures joined them. Our neighbors! I pulled my scarf more tightly around my neck in sympathy for all that skin so rapidly turning blue.
I couldn't help it, I had to yell, "Get the hell in here Mabel! Are you nuts?"
The dancing stopped. Silence. Each turned toward me, and I heard an ascending roar. The snarls all came from the six bulldog faces glaring at me.

Mira said...

"Eeeeeek" I said.

I was scared.

Those looked like some dern mean bulldogs.

Candy said...

Sorry, I seem to have popped in out of turn. Oh well. it's nice and warm by this furnace anyway and I have some cheese in my pocket for the mice

Mira said...

Group stories are like that. Go with the flow, I say.

As the bulldogs approached, salvia dripping from their massive, pointy teeth, I searched desparately for some way to save my life.

"Nice doggy," I said.

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof, woof, woof.

Woof, Woof.


Vic said...

I gave them some of the beef jerky I always keep in my pocket, in case I meet a werewolf. Worked like a charm.

Bo said...

What happened to the plot thread about the naked dancers?

Mira said...

While the doggies were happily chewing on their beef jerky, I tiptoed away.

I tried not to look. There are few things more digusting than bulldogs and beef jerky. Trust me on this.

But never mind that. It was time to go downstairs and check out that smell after all.

Mira said...

Maybe there are naked dancers in the basement, Bo.

Should we go look?

Anonymous said...

yes. by all means.

maybe dead naked dancers?

what is that smell?

omg will it become a vampire story afterall?

and why isn't someone asking what that silver guy /used-to-be-a-dead-buried-pit bull is doing here?

answers, people!

Candy said...

Hey Bo, it's the dancers that have bulldog faces - in fact as I watch they morph in and out, from human to dog and back again. It's when Mira throws a piece of jerky to my wife in mid morph that it gets messy, but she always liked the stuff anyway.

I think the furnace has gone off - or else something is blocking the heating vents. The smell is getting overpowering. I want to get out of here but with those dancers out there I'm afraid. Maybe if I strip and join them they'll not notice me.

Anonymous said...

knock knock

Bo said...

Candy, if you're taking off your clothes, let's just ditch this plot altogether, okay? I know a hotel where they don't ask questions and where the desk clerk would be happy to join us if you're into that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...


Vic said...

Go away, Bo! Didn't you hear these people? This is a vampire story and you're not wanted.

Now about that smell of death...or is it undeath?

Anonymous said...

who's there?

Nevin said...

Would someone please answer the door? The suspense is killing me! In a manner of speaking, of course.

Ms. Fettleston said...

How fun. A story, dears.

Let's see. I'll add the next part, shall I?

We went into the basement. The terrible smell turned out to be burnt muffins. A young lady was cooking them on a little camp stove.

"Would you like some muffins?" She said.

"Why yes, we would," I replied.

Then we all sat down and had a very nice tea.

Nevin said...

Oh, how nice! I was so worried it would turn out to be something unpleasant.

Anonymous said...

Well finally!!!

(guy at the door, snoozing)

"My film crew is here and we'd like to take some, ahem footage.
We hear it's gotten pretty dicey in the basement section.

You don't mind, do ya?"

(film crew barges in, heads for basement.)

(Someone drapes Mrs.Felttleson and her muffin ending, no offense Mrs. F., but we have ratings to attend to.)

"Now, where are those naked vampire dancers, anyway? On my cue, people,
Lights, camera, action!"

Mira said...

Anon - Hi. Please use your creativity to adapt story lines, not erase them.

Everyone can participate here.

For example:

Mira said...

We did have an nice tea. It was a lovely tea.

Until I realized something interesting about my muffin.

It was moving.

Anonymous said...


Was it a bug?


Anonymous said...

ooooo, sorry

Anonymous said...

film crew crawls inconspicuously out of the story.
"Very good muffins, Mrs. F." they all murmur, munching politely.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Muffin…The Muffin… not just any muffin!
Long awaited since the dawn of time; the first of his kind had evolved.
Its spindly legs – much reminiscent of the cockroaches’ – emerged from amongst the primordial, par-cooked, dough – slowly.
Now global domination was only a gulp away. Who would be the unsuspecting human be who would ingest the doom of all mankind?
Ha! Ha! Ha!
I see it has begun already!

Anonymous said...

outside the tall silver man (previously in disguise as a dead pit bull, buried and dug up by a shadow)

(SHADOW, was that you???)

put their fingers in their mouths and whistle their secret whistle.

Mira said...

Anon - no prob. thanks for your enthusiasm. :-)

The Voice said...

"Nice? Is it over?" I asked between sniffs of the tea. Something in its aroma was causing me to not drink.

"What was the point of that crazy non-dead mercurial changing pit bull of a man? Why were creatures skulking around my window? Why was I hit and brought here? If this was to all end with a cup of tea, the phone calls would have been unnecessary. You guys are gullible."
I watched as everyone around the table put the cup to their lips in preparation of taking a sip from their cup. Each in turn looked at me with suddenly widened eyes. As I stood and tipped my cup over and the brown liquid hit the table and spread quickly on the white cloth it formed itself into a headless creature with many arms that reached towards the neck of those who had not quickly jumped from their seats. I ran.

Anonymous said...

the space craft swiftly touches down and picks the crew and the silver man up.

"Our work is done here, Tonto,"he says as he boards the craft.

"Hi ho and away!!!!!" he calls as he departs with the film crew.

A whirling noise is heard for a distance of almost one block as the craft lifts off and disappears.

Candy said...

Hey Bo, that's a guy who's gone out to dance, not me, remember? Your one track mind can sure muddle you, but you are kind of cute.

Now I {the guy} notice that my muffin has developed little arms which hold tiny, but potent,weapons . It fires at the tea monster which crawls back into the Voice's cup and becomes a red liquid .All the vampires are licking their chops. Then my muffin fires at the naked people who screech and race for the door. I watch as bowlegged, curly tailed bulldog rear-ends disappear into the hole where the first dog/man had been buried. But that one, the silver man, is still here coming toward me! The house rocks and groans. I see the film crew running back but it is too late to catch a shot of my dramatic and horrible death - unless something saves me.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

With a windstorm that sent the windows rattling in their frame, a tall, dark, brooding figure, dressed in all in black, materialised in the room. This was no mere mortal. A silken jumper revealed raw power. His fine linen slacks clung and delineated muscular thighs. The flowing black coat – so long it swirled about him with the movement of his long, lithe, form - did little to hide the arc of snowy, wings behind.

(Sorry about the 'delete', but I really cannot have two mistakes in the same day! What will it do for my reputation as a writer?!

Rick Daley said...

The End.

P.S. Sorry I'm late! I'll try to get into the mix next Tuesday...

Rick Daley said...


I retreated to my bedroom, dismayed that the naked dancers were not there waiting. Instead it was just Bo, looking forlorn and clutching a bottle of baby oil.

"There's a hot dud in black that just showed up, if you're into that sort of thing," I told him.

"Not really. I think I'll wait outside and see if the naked dancers come back."

Bo left, and the Jumper entered.

"Where's Bo?" he asked.

Mira said...

I couldn't handle it. I really couldn't.

Tea parties, zombies, helicopters, mice, muffins with hands, little curly bulldog rear-ends.

All I wanted to do was kill my neighbors bull-dog in peace.

I mean, who wouldn't? If you'd seen that bulldog, you'd be giving me a trophy.

Did I deserve this?


Why half the time, I had no idea what was going on.

"Never mind, Bo," I said to the Jumper. "I could use a massage."

Christine H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bo said...

Sorry I'm late getting back here, guys! We had a gig last night, then there were some very nice twins waiting for me backstage, and after that there was this cab driver, see, and...well, you know how it is.

What did I miss? Oh. So the story turned out to be about me, after all? Very cool. Vic is going to be so jealous!