Sunday, April 12, 2009

Open Discussion: Happy Holidays!

Many holidays are being celebrated today in this part of the universe. Easter, Passover, Ostara (celebration of the solstice). Are you celebrating a holiday today? If so, how is it going? If not, please feel free to talk about whatever you would like.

Either way, have a wonderful day today!

p.s. Ms. Fettleston asked me to let you know that she had a lovely time yesterday and was thrilled that you attended her tea. She wishes you a Happy Holiday as well!


DESTINY said...

I celebrate all holidays that have been, are and shall be.

Good thing I like holidays.

I predict that everyone reading this will have a good holiday.

It is your destiny.

DESTINY said...

Yesterday, Christine H. asked me a question.

The answer to your question, Christine H. is this:

'It depends.'

I hope that is helpful.

Nevin said...

I just love celebrations! I'm not a Christian, but I think Jesus is very, very nice, and I completely support any holiday in his honor.

Fin said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday. I do have a boyfriend, though. Oscar. And while Brand was right about looking into girls' eyes and nodding like you care, the only girls worth dating won't give you the time of day if you ignore them for thirty minutes afterward. Also, it's best if you actually care. If they can't say anything interesting to you, maybe move on.

Christine H said...

I am a Christian, and celebrating Easter today. We had a wonderful service at our church, including a rendition of the Hallelujah chorus by our choir which quite surprised me. And my son did his part very well in the Easter skit.

Now my Mom is roasting a lovely piece of beef, and we going to play Rummikub and just hang out at home. My husband is working all day. This is very good, because we desperately need the extra money from the overtime pay.

I guess I should get back to that manuscript sometime if I'm ever going to sell it. 7 days novel-free and counting. Recovery is a tricky process - I'm afraid of picking it up again for fear of renewing the obsession.

And, since you asked, Easter is a very emotional holiday for me. I will never understand how God could love me so much as to do what He did... but I am unspeakably grateful just the same. I always want to climb on the roof Easter morning and shout "JESUS IS RISEN!"

But I don't.

The Screaming Guppy said...

Rem talks about stuff like this sometimes, but it's just that. Talk. Most things like this were left behind for the sake of survival.

There's not much to celebrate, period.


Christine H said...

P.S. I need to figure out some kind of spring holiday for my characters to celebrate. Spring Solstice might work!

shy said...

Awake, thou wintry earth -
Fling off thy sadness!
Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
Your ancient gladness!

~Thomas Blackburn

Brokerage said...

Got to be kidding me. Way too much to do today.

You folks enjoy yourselves.

Fin said...

I believe in Christ. I don't consider myself an idiot or a simple "talker". I would dare to say that I don't want to survive in a place that doesn't have any faith. I'd prefer to LIVE.

So, I wonder if the holocaust and the pyramids and the rise and fall of the roman empire are still considered fact or of any importance where you live, Kumari?

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I don't do happy.
I don't do holidays either because I haven't been back to school since Mum died.
I can't think about this now Uncle Will says we have to visit Sam, Jam and Egg - that just makes my day complete... not!

Christine H said...

P.S. Uh, there is no such a thing as a Spring solstice, is there? I think I mean the vernal equinox.

Christine H said...

Shy - what a wonderful quotation!

Brand - burn the candle at both ends and there won't be any candle left. Turn off your Blackberry, laptop and any other connection to the financial world. Go take a walk and smell some daffodils. Then call your mother. Just a friendly word of advice!

Candy said...

Goths don't believe in God. I haven't yet found out what we do believe in!
When i was a little kid we'd often visit my uncle in Pershore over Easter and we'd all put on new clothes and trot off to church in the village. I loved looking at all the marble effigies and watching the mice scampering along the ledges. The hymns were pretty and when Aunt Agnes struck the high notes higher that anyone else, my cousin and I would look at each other and get the giggles.
I liked the story of Easter and the priest would look so sad when he told it I wanted to cry.
It was nice to think Jesus cared about me. "Course I don't think that any more,but it was nice to have someone.
Today's just another day working at the pub and maybe going over to the club after.There's kind of a good looking bloke started showing up lately. I think he likes me.

The Screaming Guppy said...


Rem, the scientist in my crew, has a few books that mention Romans. From old times, before the war and the infestation, I think.

He'd know better. I don't have much time for the past.


Fin said...

I'm confused. I've met a few "Goths" that did actually believe in Jesus. I'm just wondering if there is a Goth governing body that has made a list of requirements for calling oneself a Goth. Or has it become an organized religion with it's own doctrine and standards? If this sounds rude, it's not meant to be. I just don't know much about it.

Aidan said...

I only believe in my creator, the demon Maliquium.

But the humans might have their own god, too. Anyway, I'm glad so many of them believe in something powerful and good since I only know powerful and bad. I don't wish that on anybody.

And it would be nice if all the human ghosts have somewhere to hang out after they die.

Pure fiction said...

I'm suddenly feeling a little shy again - I haven't been here in a while.
For all the people I haven't yet met, I'm a newly single Irish lady, who's recently moved to my late aunt Dee's draughty old house on the west coast of Ireland. I'm not a demon, or lacking a reflection, or all-seeing, I'm just a boring, regular run-of-the mill lady who ocasionally wishes my ex-husband's toenails would fall off.

Today I celebrated my first easter alone in almost 11 years. (I use celebrate in the loosest terms - I skipped mass, got up at midday and cried for half-an-hour after I realised this was also my first Easter in probably . ..well, thirty years or more, without a chocolate egg.

I bought one this evening in the village shop. According to the box, the co-operative of farmers who supplied the cocoa have been paid above average wages for their product, and the chocolate covered brazil nuts included with the egg were plucked from the Amazon jungle floor by happy and contented co-operative workers. It's going to be a very odd experience, eating chocolate while simultaneously being able to feel good about it.

Candy, It's brilliant you're opening up to the possibility of meeting someone else, but Brian sounds like a nasty character so I hope you're being careful?

Flower, I feel for you. I lost my mother at a young age too. It's a horrible thing to have to go through.
I'm so sorry I missed Mrs Fettleston's tea party yesterday.

Fin said...

I wondered where you'd gone Pure Fiction. Doesn't everyone go to mass on Easter over there? What I mean is, do people know you didn't show up and are they now talking about you're not showing up? Or am I generalizing people? I do that sometimes.

And way to go on the chocolate. I work at a store that sells only things that people making a living wage made. It's good.

Pure Fiction said...

Hi Fin, glad you're still here - and you have a boyfriend! I didn't know. Oscar's a nice, unusual sort of name.
As for Mass, seeing as I only moved here seven or eight weeks ago, I'm not sure I'll have been missed very much this morning. Also I'm not sure if mass is such a big thing here these days -There's been more talk this weekend about Seamus Heaney's seventieth birthday than there has been about Jesus rising from the dead.
Very strange.

I'm glad to hear you work in that sort of store - you seem a principled person, if a little outspoken, which is something I've always aspired to be, but amn't (outspoken, I mean)

Aidan said...


I lived over there for awhile and no one cared if I skipped church. I was always too hungover on Sunday Mornings anyway. That was before I came into my full powers.

Hey Kumari,

What year are you?

Candy said...

Hi Fin, 'course I don't mind you asking.
There's no rules for Goths, some are religious, my mates aren't. Most come from unhappy homes and want everyone to see how miserable and depressed we are. It's also good to look scary so ordinary people turn their eyes away and cross to the other side of the street. Sort of a power trip. But I just turned Goth to be with Brian. He looked so cool, and it was exciting to have someone so dangerous looking, as mine. It's nice to have people notice me, be scared of me. I can look real mean! Even Mum, when I see her, seems afraid to upset me.

Oh Pure Fiction, I'm sorry you're so sad! If you were closer we could have hot cross buns together. I love Ireland.

Shadow, just be your own sweet self and some nice girl'll find you. All those tricks only get you the bad sort. I'ld keep quiet about your problem though and stay away from reflective surfaces until she likes you enough not to care.

Ari said...

I celebrate Easter, though I'll cater for anything. So if any of you guys have any events that needs someone to whip up something yummy just shout out! =]

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin

You have a boyfriend. Okay.

I don't celebrate Easter. I went to my grandmother's like usual.


Fin said...

Do you celebrate passover or any holidays, ever? Just wondered.

You're kind of unbelievably honest. Like you aren't hung up on being yourself and you can get all chameleon-like, but you're comfortable in your skin. It's fascinating. It also makes me feel the need to tell you that you need to unload Brian. There I go, being outspoken again. But seriously, you'll regret it if you don't.