Thursday, April 2, 2009

Emote This: Anger

Let's hear it! What makes you angry! Let's hear some emotions!


Fin said...

Greed pisses me off. Mostly because I'm seeing what it turns people into. We're all a little selfish, too. I'm selfish. But if you can watch yourself destroy someone else just to improve your own life, you're wretched. Oh, Troubadour, I didn't realize that I was so angry with you. I'd give you the bird, but I can't see you.

Troubadour said...


Don't worry. I can see you.

Mira said...

Okay. Time out.

Unleashing anger in words is good writing. Perhaps other characters here make your character mad. That's okay.

But let's please be sure to communicate our anger respectfully to each other. Everyone is welcome here, even vengeful ghosts and rapacious corporate raiders. Evil people are people too.

Thanks in advance. Sorry I didn't make the guidelines more clear.

Fin said...

Really? Do you think I'm pretty?

And I was joking about flipping you off. My sense of humor is off putting. The insult there was actually that I couldn't see you, not the bird flipping.

Mira said...


Goran Njiric said...

Scheming little bastards that think that just because you're not from where they are that they can fleece you without you noticing it. It's the single most irritating thing about the entire System. Everyone's in it to screw each other, as long as they're not from the same place. It's disgusting.

I'll admit, I've run a con or two, but recently, everyone has decided that I'm a prime target for scamming, that I've gotten stupid in my age. My brain may not be as fresh as it once was, but I'll be damned if I'm going to get taken in by one of those... children.

That seems to be the majority of it. I'm not out of the game yet. No, I've just begun.

Pure fiction said...

Men - but that's hopefully just a temporary thing.
People buying pointless things - this is only a recent development, coinciding with the fact that I have no money to buy pointless things myself, but these single days it makes me incredibly angry to see magazines full of pictures of utterly useless things that cost more than a car to buy.

I'm actually going red in the face typing this, and I am not someone who gets angry very often, if at all, so I'm still not quite sure where this anger is coming from, apart from the fact that towards the end of our marriage my ex-husband bought me any number of pointless things and all I wanted to do was jam them down his throat but I couldn't because I was frightened that if I did everything would just be blown apart and I'd be left by myself and I knew I wouldn't cope by myself, even though I hated being with him, I hated sitting next to him in the tv room, I hated sitting across from him at the dinner table because he made me so angry, so incredibly angry and I don't like feeling like that, I don't like being angry I hate it. I hate him.

Marilyn Peake said...

I’m consumed by rage. NASA-Gov used me as a guinea pig in the first Joint Time Travel Missions they conducted in the year 2301. I traveled with a small group of marines forward in time to the year 2501, both within the United States and Africa. During our first mission, we were arrested by local police. Blue flying saucers, ominous red diamond-shaped holograms whirring around on their circular roofs, swooped down, and we were arrested. I heard from a resident of that time period that implants were surgically implanted into brains in order to monitor people, and that drugs were available to cure the horrible headaches that resulted.

After the mission, I suffered excruciating headaches. I needed drugs from the future. But, after debriefing, the six marines from the first Joint Time Travel Mission were given a huge celebration, medals of honor from the government and a long, paid vacation of indefinite duration. A few weeks later, rumors circulated that new teams were being assembled for additional time travel missions.

Unable to return to the future, my headaches became unbearable. Blinded by rage, I took matters into my own hands. I still feel tremendous fury over the terrible injustice of my situation.

- Captain Donald Briggs, one of the main characters in Moonbeams Upon Stonehenge, short story published in the anthology, Twisted Tails II – Volume 2: Out of Time.

Candy said...

I can't get angry! I wish I could! I'm just kind of mad at the world in general - all the time. All my friends are so I guess that's the way Goths are supposed to be. I might give the finger to a cab if it splashes me, or pull a face at a little kid if he stares too long. It would be great to get into a really righteous rage. All my passions seem to be dim right now. Maybe it's this incessant rain.
Goran - you are so bitter. I hope you're not planning something awful.
And Pure Fiction- you went through such a terrible time. I wonder how you finally broke away? If I met your ex I might just show rage at him for your sake.

Scruffy said...





shy said...

"Anger ventilated often hurries toward forgiveness; and concealed often hardens into revenge."

~Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

shy said...

"In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer."

~Mark Twain

Troubadour said...

Errant humor doesn't make me angry. Don't worry, Fin, your discourse will not inspire my retribution. I can accept that you do not share my opinions on self improvement tactics; few do. But trust me, I've suffered worse insults.

After watching my father abuse my mother for many years, my anger got a hold of me. That was before I learned to control it. After my father's death, which was sloppy, I'll admit, I found an inner calm that allowed me to be angry without acting angry.

When I met Desiree, and I saw her suffer in much the same way as my mother suffered at my father's hands, I channeled my anger to a more constructive purpose. And with that, her husband met his deserving end.

What unhinged me, though, what uncapped my control and pushed my anger beyond the edge of madness, was Desiree's refusal to see the good in what I did for her. She shunned me. She had NO RIGHT! I set her free, I offered her love, and she threw it in my face...

Fin said...

I also get angry when people, or ghosts, assume I'm worried about their "retribution".

Anonymous said...


I get angry sometimes. I'm not sure why. But I get really angry.

Sometimes everything makes me angry.


Chicken Little said...

Sometimes I get angry because people won't listen to me. I wish they would listen to me. But other than that, I don't get angry much. Do you think that's okay? Maybe I should get angry more. Maybe there's something wrong with me because I don't get angry enough. I saw a movie once where the guy didn't get angry and then one day he exploded and killed everyone with an axe. Maybe I'll do that. I'll get angry and kill everyone with an axe. But I don't want to kill everyone with an axe. Please don't make me kill everyone with an axe. Henny Penny? Are you there? Please don't let me kill everyone with an axe. I don't want to kill everyone with an axe.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

Oh my. I seem to have missed yesterday's question.

What makes me angry, dear? Well, as you get older you find less and less excites you, you know. Things that used to be quite upsetting, don't make such an impression anymore...

But I still do get quite miffed when people are rude. There is really no excuse for rudeness, now is there, dear? Courtesy is not difficult now, is it? And it does make such a difference in how pleasant life is, now doesn't it? Just following a few simple rules of courtesy is not hard now, is it?

Oh. I do get all excited just thinking about it. I shall take a moment and count to 10 and compose myself.

There. All better now. I hope you have a lovely day, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Brokerage said...

People who say: quit working. Live life. Slow down. Smell the roses. Screw them. I like work. I like life. I can buy all the damn roses I want. Get off my damn back.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Demons. They REALLY piss me off. Ugly little buggers.


Christine H said...

Stupidity. Those who lead others into danger for their own foolishness, and then cause more others to be injured or die trying to rescue them. We have enough trouble in life without going looking for it. Raynor would have done better to stay home.


Christine H said...

What makes me angry? The way Faldur looks right through me as if he already knows all about me. He doesn't. I'm thirty-six for Heaven's sake and he treats me like a little piwen. Just because he's a Ranger doesn't mean he knows everything.

Okay. Well... He does know everything.

That's what makes me angry! The fact that he already knows everything before it even happens, and is always so damn right.

Just once, I'd like to prove him wrong.


Charlene said...

Father Lardi, the self-righteous **** who with the whole village crucified and tried to kill me in the name of God. It makes my blood boil to think about what they did and the poison gets hard to control. When I find him, I'm going to make up for all that pain.

Aidan I agree with you, I hate Demons. They're self-serving and all want a say in what I do with my life.


Christine H said...
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Christine H said...

Fin, I thought you were going to give Troubador a real bird. You weren't?

No Hanorja can bear to be kept prisoner. We eventually withdraw into ourselves and die. So we would never, ever cage a free thing like a bird.


Anonymous said...

I feel really agnry when I think about my future. I'm terrified I won't be able to weasle out of the whole arranged marriage with Benjy Redwood fiasco. If I have to live in this horrible vilage for the rest of my life, I'm going be so mad I'll probably end up turning Benjy into a donkey.

Helplessness makes me angry. I want to be the most powerful person in the world.

Anonymous said...

to Sex Scenes at Starbucks: I have demons in my book too! Except they're just misunderstood and villified by the humans. So here's a response from one of my daemon-people.

You took our land away from us and shunted as to the edge of the world. We will not be confined behind a darkened wall. We will rise again and reclaim our birth-right! This is our land.

Humans disgust me. They are despicable thieves. They think their souls make them better than the daemon-kind, yet they merely use their souls as weapons. They have no moral high-ground. Humans, we will wrest your blackened souls away from you and regain everything you took from us.

(I'm putting a postcolonial spin on my daemons)

Dominic-Anne Smith said...

My life, I’m angry at my life. I’m angry that my mother won't touch me , won't hug me. I'm angry that Meme is dead leaving me alone to deal with this screwed up world . I'm angry that I've never gone to an amusement park , that I've never kissed a guy , that I've never had a normal life !
I'm angry that inflicting pain on myself feels good . I'm angry that Jen and Fran died , and that I couldn't stop .I'm angry that I never seem to stop anything . I'm angry that I'm a coward , that I'm a freak and a pathetic excuse for a human being.
But most of all I'm angry at God. I'm angry that he could allow me to exist.