Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Challenge: Political exposition

Following the polite converstation at Ms. Fettleston's tea, let's talk about all the 'forbidden' topics. Yesterday was religion. Today, let's do politics.

First of all, what political system are you dealing with? Then secondly, do you agree with that system?

How do you think things should be run? If you were in charge, how would you set up the system? And if you are in charge, how do you plan to change things? Or is your role more to take things apart?

Either way, let's get political!


DESTINY said...

I get very involved in politics. Leadership and destiny go hand in hand. I choose who shall lead, and who shall fall.

No political system will last forever, but under my guidance, all will move forward as it should.

Anonymous said...

There's a king at helieth palace. I don't really know much about him though. I think we're actually at war right now, but we don't really hear much about all that in our village.

I don't think I'd want to be queen actually. Too much attention. I prefer doing things secretly.

Bo said...

I hate politics. It's all about making stupid rules: where you can be naked, where you can have sex...rules, rules, rules. I don't know how you humans put up with it!

Vic said...

Vampires are disenfranchised. Humans are so prejudiced.

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof.

shy said...

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it whether it exists or not, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedy."

~Ernest Benn

Fin said...

Yep, I agree with Bo. Though sex isn't the one and only thing I think about. (Is your naughty bit really cold? I don't understand how that can be pleasurable.)

I don't believe in government. It's a joke. Americans seem to really enjoy sacrificing their rights in order to have someone take care of them. The thing is, the government is not taking care. I'm a full fledged, 100 percent anarchist. It's tax day tomorrow, isn't it? Easy enough to not pay taxes when you don't make much money.

Vic, I reserve my right to be prejudiced against someone who wants to kill me. Or do you not want to kill me? Are you just wanting me to go to the blood bank and come back with a sack full of food for you?

Vic said...

Oh, Fin. I wouldn't want to kill you. Then I wouldn't have you around for a source of food next time. Good predators never lose sight of their overall objective.

If you want real trouble, you should meet our drummer, Lazaro. We've been trying to keep him away from here. Luckily zombies aren't very bright and he hasn't found this new hangout yet.

Fin said...

That's what I always thought Vic. Why would a vampire kill? But then, do you keep a collection of people around? Or do people volunteer to have you bite them on occasion?

Kalila said...

We're also trying to keep Ricky away from here. Don't forget that, Vic. You know how he gets when we talk demon stuff around humans. He says it's bad for publicity.

Fin, I don't know where Bo went, but I've seen enough of what he does to know that seduction is a proximity thing. An incubus knows how to generate the right type of pheromones to turn a human on. Keep your distance, and you'll be fine. But if you do get too close, well, I've never known a girl (or a guy) to come away unhappy.

As for politics, I'm over 2,000 years old. I've seen kingdoms, empires, republics, and totalitarian states. Every realm eventually falls apart or changes in some way, so there's no use getting too attached to any particular political setup.

Most politics is harmless to the common folk. There have been exceptions, but on the whole, if you're just an ordinary human doing ordinary things, you can live a pretty happy life no matter who is in charge. If you're a very important human, though, watch your back.

Vic said...

Fin, I only kill by accident, when I get carried away and take too much blood. I prefer to just take a pint from each source and leave them alive for another day.

I really can't help being undead and needing blood, though. One of the advantages to being in a rock band is there are always girls wanting to get close to me and some of them even like being bitten.

The advantage of being in this particular band, though, is Kalila. She can heal humans. She gets pissy about it, but it's kept us from getting sued.

Aidan said...

Sentinel Security Services' official line? We are subject to the laws of the States in which we operate.

Pretty much? We do what we want. Having stuff like our own satellite and fleet of aircraft helps.

Top Secretly? Sentinel is our own landless political state run by a Guiding Council. I'm the Seer on the Council and really the only person I have to answer to is our Lord Prince. He's a real ball buster, especially with me.

Family wise, we all have to answer to our Patron, the head of our family legacy. Mine's Uncle Julian.

Candy said...

Politics? Never think of them, although sometimes the most heated arguments in the pub are caused by some political move in the papers that day. It's fun to watch those boozy old buzzards getting more and more apoplectic about something. Nearly come to blows, they do!
Politics seem to just cause a lot of upset = not much to do with me that I can see. Unlike Bo, I don't want to be naked (too cold) or have sex in strange places.Brian's put me pretty much off having it anywhere, to tell the truth.
I do love your abs though, Bo!

Anonymous said...

Fin I think it's adorable that you're an anarchist. But anarchism is an impossible ideal. It cannot be realized. If you abolish the state and privatise everything, take away all public goods, you'll just end up with many small states. There might not be tax that you pay to a government, but there will still be payment that you have to make to the private owner of properties in order to use their property and in the end it will just end up resembling taxes again. That's how intelligent and social creatures function, even vampires I'll bet.

And I wanna meet this zombie guy! I love zombies.

Brokerage said...

Free market.

Hate those idiot liberals with their bleeding hearts. Let the market show who will rise to the top, and who will survive.

Survival of the fittest. That's nature's way of weeding out the weak.

Not that I'd say that in public. Need to keep up an image. But you folks can handle the truth.

Nevin said...

I don't think that's a very nice attitude, Brand. We should help everybody who needs it. We have to share this planet.

Vic said...

Shut up, Tinkerbell. Nobody asked you!

Nevin said...

We were all asked our opinion, Vic. You're always so grouchy.

Brokerage said...

Nevin - Nature created a little something called evolution.

Good for the planet to weed out the weak.

Not pretty, but good.

Nevin said...

But...survival of the fittest is just so sad!

Excuse me...

(runs away to cry)

Ricky said...

Okay, I had lined up an important interview for Nevin and instead he's in the studio crying. He says people here were "mean" and made him "upset."

What the heck is this place?

(looks around)

Oh, this just great. My band has been hanging around here talking about religion and politics?

Kalila, I'm going to kill you!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I'd never really thought about politics much before...but Mum never missed when the ballot boxes were up. She used to drag me out so she could vote, even if she'd arrived in late from work.
She used to say, 'People worked hard to make sure we've got the right - now for the responsibility' - as she pulled me out the door behind her!

Kalila said...

Kill me? Good luck with that, Ricky. Just wait until I get my hands on Nevin, though!

And by the way, you're not playing by the rules. You supposed to discuss politics.

Ricky said...

Politics. Okay, I vote. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't. Either way, nothing much ever changes.

Now come on, Kalila. We need to talk. Alone.

Bo said...

Bye, kids! Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

Fin said...

I know. I understand. I didn't decide this without thinking it through. But right now we the many, feel subject to those, the few. The whole system is wrong. The Federal government isn't supposed to have more power than the state government right now. Thing is, I don't mind paying a sales tax to keep the trees trimmed and the stop lights working. I do mind having my income taxed so that an idiot in a suit can make money to pass a law that says I'm too young to drink, and when I'm old enough, I can't do it on a public sidewalk.

Pure fiction said...

When I was fifteen I cared deeply about politics. I was passionate and angry - a little like you, Fin. But then I got lazy and comfortable and older.
But since I started working in the local newspaper here, I've learnt that 'politics' in rural Ireland means something very different to what I thought.
Politics here means knowing what councillor to approach to get the potholes on the road outside the house filled.
It means knowing who to smile at when you cast your vote in the ballot box at the village school. It also means the editor cutting your court reports to make sure the councillor who's just paid for a half-page aid in this week's paper doesn't look bad.
And even though I'm not generally an angry sort of person, I've found that sort of thing manages to make me angry.

Brokerage said...

Whoa Nevin. Listen, chill, kid. Not worth taking things so seriously.

Life is short. You don't agree? Shrug, move on and prove me wrong.

Fin said...

Pure Fiction,
It's all bull then, yes?

You made him CRY! Just kidding. You obviously have a heart lurking there somewhere. Also, Capitalism is what we have now, not free market. Which maybe you weren't trying to imply was what we exist under now. But liberals and republicans become your enemy there. I'm a bleeding heart conservative, as far to the right
as you can get.

I thought you said admirable, not adorable. You sound a little snobbish.

Vic said...

Don't worry about making Nevin cry. He's a fairy, and fairies are like that.

You won't believe what happened last month. He read a book. It was called "Watership Down," and after he finished the damn thing he decided we had to do a charity concert for the stupid rabbits!

Nevin is a good musician, but if he wasn't fey we'd have done away with him a long time ago. He's even diurnal! I just don't get diurnal types.

Charlene said...

All I know is, the Institute is at the top of the pyramid; they control things, they induct the mayors and governors in the country. From there, the Mayors and governors pretty much get to run the cities and states however they like so long as they follow some limited set of rules the Institute set up.
I hate the whole thing, they let mayors like Esquin run things into the ground.

Hm, couldn't say how I think they should be run, never given it much thought. Marco would've probably been able to answer your question better, he was working to take control after all.


Goran Njiric said...

Well, currently I'm in the FGSS, which is a nongovernmental military peacekeeping organization, to hear them tell it. They conquer a place, tell them to play nice with the rest of the world, commandeer their mass drivers and launch facilities, establish a base, and run those so that war won't break out. I have no idea how they stay afloat.

Burroughs Colony was a simple place. There was supposedly some kind of station government, but nobody really cared much about it. Taxes were simple things that you needed; stuff to help fix the air scrubbers and water circulators, lighting, and the like. We were fully built, though, so it was mostly operating costs. If any of that goes down, well, we all die together.

I'd love to be one of the Antori, though. No money, no worries about war, and potential eternal life. That would be amazing.

Fin - I've seen some of the anarchist enclaves through vids. Seems terrible, really, but I suppose that's the way they want to be.

Brand - That's funny. Argument that because it's natural, that's how things should be. So delightfully nearsighted. There are so many more things that can be done when what is natural is rejected for what augments man and humanity as a whole.

Mira said...

Fin - I need to re-write that alittle. You know how much I love that you're here, participating and having fun, so please don't take this the wrong way.

But if you don't like something someone said, please tell them that. Let's not label or insult the person who said it.


Brokerage said...

Goran - if it arises from nature, it is natural. Separating progress from nature is limited thinking. Progress is the natural way of things. What doesn't work is left.

You have proven my argument. Thank you.

Goran Njiric said...

Brand - That's cute. Really, it is. Dodging the whole thrust of an argument to say that something proves your point. You're not even trying, are you?