Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forum game: Would you rather?

For Social Saturday, would you rather play a game together or spend the day cleaning your bathroom (with a toothbrush)? I hope it's 'play a game together' because that's what we're going to do!

The game is simple. The first person asks a question:

Would you rather be real or fictional?

The next person takes their pick (with explanation if you like, tho' it's not required), and then asks the next question.

As always, when you play as a character, feel free to play the game as your character would play.

I'll start: Would you rather be real or fictional?


DESTINY said...

I would rather be fictional.

Sometimes the burden is heavy.

Would you rather know the future or not know the future?

Anonymous said...


I don't know.

Know I guess.

Would you rather be smart or good looking?


Candy said...

:course I'd rather be fictional! Not much fun to real life, at the moment anyway. But then my author could put me in an even worse situation..humm! Now if I can be my own author - oh the possibilities!

Odette said...

I'd rather be smart. Would you rather be a meek, poor person, or a rich persecutor?

Aidan said...


I'd rather be BOTH!


What I know of the future mostly sucks, so I'd chose "not know".

Whiskey or gin?

Gorna Njiric said...

Good looking, of course. Smart folks can pull some things off, but you only have to be a touch more intelligent than the median intelligence of the people around you.

I think I look pretty good for an old guy.

Not to mention that there's little difference between being fictional and existing. Either way, you're likely to end up in a weird spot.

Hm.As for my question. If you've never killed anyone, would you rather know how to fight, in case you need to use it, or stick with pacifism to feel better about conflict?

Anonymous said...

I would rather know how to fight because that way I'd be able to defend myself against people/animals that are not able to respond to pacifism.

I think i'd rather be intelligent than good looking. I would also love to know the future.

Would you rather be good and powerless or evil and powerful?

Marenya said...

I would rather be good, even if it meant being powerless. I believe that Heaven would act on my behalf if I could not.

With that said, I would definitely rather know how to fight. I haven't killed anyone... yet.

If you had to choose between following your life's dream, and staying with the person you love the most, which would you choose?

(Assuming that you couldn't do both.)

Kalila said...

Djinns don't love, so I would definitely follow my dreams. Love is a very silly and disruptive human illness that I'm thankfully immune from.

If you could have just one wish granted, what would it be? And no, this is not an offer.

Mira said...

Note: with games, feel free to play more than once. That's how games are.

Hmmmm. One wish, huh?

This is a family site, so I can't tell you the whole thing. Let's just say Brad Pitt is heavily featured in my wish.

Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?

Anonymous said...


We can play more than once?

Can I have whisky and gin? I've never had either.

I'd rather fly. I don't want to be invisible.

Would you rather have a girlfriend or a new car?

Chuck H. said...

Girlfriend or a new car? Neither. Both are too high maintenance. Whiskey or gin? I've had both and I prefer sipping coffee on my front porch while enjoying the million dollar view across the valley.

Question: Plastic saddle or would you prefer to feel that leather when you ride?

The Voice said...

I would rather be fact. As rough as life has been lately I am still the one in control. In fiction...I run nothing and am nothing without the thoughts or actions of the author.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I'd rather be fictional - my life sucks.

Would you rather have good friends or close family?


Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I'm all dark and mysterious now!

Personally, I'm glad I'm not fictional - that really would be a 'life' without self-determination. I guess it explains why, when a character hears the scary noise outside, they go out to look, instead of locking the door like any sensible, 'real' person would.

I'd want to know the future.
I'd rather be smart (within reason).
I'd prefer not to be meek but I'd choose not to persecute.
I'd want to 'know' how to fight.
Fly - I always feel invisible.
Car - my first words were "Mo mo! Car car! Lots!"
The plastic v leather thing seems like a catch.
Family - can I have mine back?


Candy said...

oh, oh, I didn't notice about the question bit, so here's mine; Would you rather be a really good but unpublished writer or a really bad writer but published?

Christine H said...

I would rather be a really bad writer but published.

We need the money. Let's see, what premise can I come up with for a "bodice-ripper?" ha ha. Just kidding.

Strawberry shortcake, or deepest, darkest chocolate fudge cake?

Aidan said...

Fudge, man. Fudge, every time. Fruit and sugar just don't go.

Laurel said...

I'd rather be fictional IF I get to pick the author. I definitely do not want to be a Stephen King creation.

One wish: no idea. Every one I can think of has great potential for unintended consequences.

Don't want to know the future. Would rather be pleasantly surprised or remain blissfully ignorant until I have to face it.

Whiskey or Gin: Vodka!

Definitely rather be smart than good looking. I like my smart friends. It would be a shame if I couldn't appreciate them.

Family over friends but not by much.

I'd rather be good than powerful if I had to be evil. I don't think anyone is ever really powerless. By the way, if you're thinking I came in character as "Polyanna" I didn't. I really do think that.

As for a saddle, I don't ride...but I like the leather interior of my car much better than vinyl.

Would you rather live in a hovel in Rome or Bill Gate's house in Antartica?