Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Challenge: Out of context, Las Vegas

Let's go to someplace that is possibly outside of your story - a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hot tubs
Huge, comfortable beds
Maid service
Premium entertainment
Free drinks (I.D. please.)

You have been given a weekend in the fanciest luxury hotel around in Las Vegas. What do you do?

p.s. If you're already in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, please go to a mud puddle somewhere. It's only fair.

p.p.s. Please remember to answer this question as your character.


DESTINY said...

I like to go swimming. I like the big pools with the slides.

I would gamble, but knowing what's going to happen takes the fun out of it.

Odette said...

I think that people would see me. People would know that I didn't belong in the luxury hotel. They'd see the trailer park on me and I'd feel their judgements. Wow, I sound pathetic. But I'll skip it and spend the weekend in the ocean. I've just been craving the water. Anybody want an extra few days in Vegas? Cheap?

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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Aidan said...

Ditto Destiny. Knowing sucks sometimes.

Odette, I live on the ocean. I'd invite you for the weekend, but we're going to...well. It's safer for you if you don't know.

Odette said...

Thanks, Aidan. I'm in enough trouble in this world, with things people think are from fairy tales without the addition of other-worldly conflict. So, do you have to bleed on demons to kill them?

Goran Njiric said...

Earthside? Wow. And that's so close to where the Verne gun was. I would likely go over and sightsee at the gun's firing spot. Sure, the underground chamber where the bombs went off are still bit radioactive, but the fact that it was the launching point for space colonization to begin with... well, it's worth a look.

Though, I'd be worried about what passes for air down there. I might have to get a mask.

sex scenes at starbucks said...
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Aidan said...

I guess it isn't breaking any security regs to tell you. Generally they just draw my blood and then we paint it on our ammo and knives.

Put like that, it sounds pretty gross. Sorry about that, Ms. F.

Scruffy said...

Wag, wag, wag, wag, wag



snore, snore, snore, snore

Anonymous said...


I've never been to Vegas.

I'm not old enough to gamble or drink.

I would go on the rides.


Anonymous said...


I would also go in the hot tub. I would play the video games.


Anonymous said...


What else is in Vegas? I've never been there.

I would put a quarter in the slot machine when no one was looking.


Aidan said...

I have certain "Persuasive abilities", my uncle likes to call them. I'll get you in, Shadow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan

Okay. Sounds fun.

I would go to a show, too. Like a magician or something.


Ari said...

It would be so awesome if I were able to help CSI solve a crime, or be involved in one! Meeting a real life Gill Grissom would be so cool!


...I have horrible misconceptions about life because of television don't I?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

I was in Las Vegas once many years ago. I'm afraid that I did not enjoy it. Many people were smoking, drinking and gambling there.

Smoking, drinking and gambling are not good for you, dear.

However, I would quite enjoy a luxury hotel. When I was younger, I would have felt too guilty, dear. Now that I'm older, I quite enjoy my little comforts. It would be lovely to have a maid and room service. I think I would not enjoy a hot tub, but I did visit a hotel once where they gave out little bath soaps. This was quite the luxury, dear. I would enjoy that very much.

Have a wonderful day, Ms. Mira.


Ms. Fettleston

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Aidan,

That is quite all right, dear. Killing demons is quite an important thing to do, you know.

Have a lovely day, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Dominic-Anne Smith said...

I would stay inside the hotel room , curled in to tight ball wishing I was back home and away from there . Even though I would like to do nothing more than adventure the strip and experience soemthing new . But that will never happen.

Charlene said...

I'll have to stay in the room all day, away from the people. Any one of them could report my location to the Institute, and the soldiers would be after me again.

The hot tub would be soothing to my sore body.


Candy said...

Wow! I've never seen so many lights and so much to do for free! The room upstairs is fabulous. At first, I ran around, bouncing on the bed, smelling the soaps, flipping the tv (Got one weird porno station. I don't like that and wonder why, with so much to do here anyone would want to watch that crap!) I sent down for all sorts of amazing foods from room service too and the bloke who brought it was real polite. He hung around as if he expected something til finally I offered him one of the gooey cakes on the tray. He refused and finally left. He was cute though.
And all those people gambling!They didn't look happy and I soon felt claustrophobic so left. No one noticed me. There are some really pretty ladies around. Most of the men are fat. I'm starting to feel a bit scared and lonely.
I want to go back to Rosehill - but you don't know about that yet.

Bo said...

This looks like a happening place! Showgirls, porn channels, maid service...oh, wait. Ricky said not to "molest" as he calls it, the maids. But I guess as long as I'm on time for the gig, it won't matter.

What is the gig, by the way? Let me know when it's time for setup. I'll be busy with some new friends. Any one of you are welcome to join the fun. Even Scruffy. I'm an incubus, and incubi aren't picky.

Vic said...

Nice room, especially the blackout shades, but when will my coffin be delivered?

Good job, Ricky, for landing us a gig in Vegas, but what's up with the lousy service? The maid was AB-negative, and you know I hate AB-negative. You obviously didn't read the catering clause in my contract.

And what's with these nasty mints on the pillow? Are you serious that humans like these things? You're a more screwed up race than I thought.

Oh, good. The coffin is finally being delivered. It's about time. And about that room service...please tell me there's real blood in the Bloody Marys.

Kalila said...

Vic, Bo...we need to go set up. You know how weird humans are about these things. You know, that punctuality stuff.

Thanks for booking us this nice hotel, Ricky, but it really wasn't necessary. It only gives Bo new ideas, and it's not as comfortable as my lamp. I'm excited about our show, though. It'll be great!

Anonymous said...

I have entered a world that I can't quite understand. The people speak a very strange language and I am having the worst trouble making myself understood.

It seems these people have decided I am their queen. They have given me a very large room with a magically comfortable bed and all manner of strange objects. There must be a of some kind that I can't quite understand.

They have a box with people trapped inside. I am very woriied that they want to enclose me in a box too. I tried to set the people free but it caused an explosion and a fire.

The people dressed in black are very angry with me, and keep mentioning a magical phrase whoch sounds like "pressing-charges". I think its a spell but I'm not very sure what it does...

Mary Witzl said...

The thing about this place is, I just don't get it, you know? All this glitz and hype, stuck out in the middle of a big hot nowhere. And it's all run by the two Ms, the Mafia and the Mormons.

But here I am.

I took a quick dip in a hot tub and it stank of chlorine. Overrated, if you ask me. And the gambling money I'd just as soon save for Mari's braces, because no way could I feed all that change into a money-eating machine and never regret it. And the free drinks are all watered down crap anyway, and who wants to drink with all these sad people around -- seriously, if I ever felt like becoming an alcoholic, this place would tip me right over the edge.

But the maid service -- that is great.

Honey said...

Hi everyone, I'm Honey.

I would love to go to Las Vegas. I would look at all the pretty lights, and the flashing machines, and it would be lots of fun, and people would give me free drinks. I like free drinks. My friends won't give me any drinks now, because they say that I don't need anything to help me along. I don't understand what they mean, but they are my friends, even if they don't give me drinks, and I love them.

So, I'm sure that we all will be very good friends soon, and then maybe we'll go to Las Vegas together and have fun and free drinks.

Okey dokey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bo

What is an incubus?


Marilyn Peake said...

If I were in a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, I would study the human gamblers very, very closely...watching, waiting, looking for their weaknesses and addictions. Las Vegas is a perfect spot for that. Then I would sidle up to them, bat my long eyelashes, gaze at them with twinkling violet eyes, feed them the addiction of their choice: alcohol, money, whatever. I even have the power to make the gambling games end up the way I choose. And, with the full cooperation of these humans, I would lead them to their complete ruin. Then I would relax in the penthouse suite of a five-star hotel. I might even purchase the building, depending upon my mood.

- Donella Bard, "Repo Girl" in Repo Girl and the Fortune Faerie, short story published in the anthology, Twisted Tails IV: Fantastic Flights of Fantasy

Christine H said...

Marenya says:

What under Heaven is this place? What curse has killed the ground? There are no trees... no animals. The air burns my skin and my nostrils.

What are these horrible, ugly places filled with rough, horrible people? So loud, so crowded, so rude?

I want to go home!

Oooohhhh... this is my room? This is like a palace! I always wanted to live in a palace. I have servants of my own? They will bring me food? They will clean my clothes?

You mean you can make hot and cold water come by magic?

This is the softest bed I have ever slept on. It feels strange, though, to sleep the middle of the room. Why isn't the bed in the wall?

What is all this food? I have never tasted lobster, but I have heard of it.I would like some of the lobster please. Followed by something with chocolate.

What is "ice cream?" And "cappuchino?" And "champagne?"

I want to try everything!

Marilyn Peake said...

I can hardly remember back to a time when I might have thought about taking a vacation in Las Vegas with my husband, U.S. Army Private Jack Walker. I need to get him out of the military hospital. I feel desperate and alone, and no one will listen to me. My husband was admitted to a U.S. military hospital with a head injury. When no one else is around, he tells me that he has vivid memories of fighting along the Chinese-Mongolian border, but military officials insist he’s been fighting in Ethiopia, Africa. Thank you for mentioning a luxury hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada – thoughts of that are relaxing to me, a welcome escape from the torment of my situation.

This Cannon Fodder: Operation Horse Whisperer video shows my husband’s nightmare. You can also see it here: Movie Theater web page.

- Mrs. Alison Walker, one of the main characters in a short story published with its own book cover, Cannon Fodder: Operation Horse Whisperer

Anonymous said...

Hi morphine-moniza,

That was funny that they made you their queen.


Josiah said...

If this is what the future has in store, I'm glad I live in 1882. Funny thing about this place Vegas. It's not so different than California. Whoever controls the water controls the citizens and the politics.

Couldn't stand all the people and noise in the hotel, so I got out of town. I spent four hours at Hoover Dam.

Now if we'd had a system like that on the Feather River maybe hydraulic mining would still be around.

I'll say this much - the Scotch is much better here than the swill they sell at the saloon in Nevada City.

Bo said...

Shadow, come to my room after the show and I'll be happy to demonstrate what an incubus does. I guarantee you'll enjoy it, because your pleasure is my meal.

Feel free to bring a friend or two, if you like. Any gender or species. I'm not particular.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I like it here - people don't seem to see anything but the cards or wheels infront of them.
The only time you get noticed is if you stand still - guards notice if you do that - weird.
Uncle Will said to order anything as it's his fault we have to be here doing 'eagle expert to eagle expert bonding' or whatever it is they're calling the conference.
Don't want to sleep - this is a good place for me.
Don't do fun.
Found myself thinking of Sam, Jam and Egg - I hope Jam is thinking of dropping Egg over the edge of the bridge this time - scrambled Egg!
S***t too late!


Kalila said...

Shadow, do not pay any attention to Bo if you have any human ideas about virtue. He's completely indiscriminate and when he's hungry enough, he'll try to seduce just about anything mortal. He usually succeeds, too.

Good bass player, though. That's what I hired him for.

Fin said...

Kill your television.

Okay, who wants to get fantastically drunk and skinny-dip in the pool?

Candy said...

Cor blimey, I just looked out the hotel window and saw some very strange characters cavorting naked in the hotel pool!
Wish I had some binoculars!!
Oh, there go some more!

Aidan said...


I'm in. Suits optional, right?

Anonymous said...


I'm not dumb.

I'll go skinny dipping, though.


Scruffy said...

Woof, woof, woof.


Brokerage said...

I'll take the drunk part.

Love Vegas. Always stay at the Bellagio. Made a killing at the poker table last time.

After you folks swim, I'll deal you in.

Right now, there's a lovely lady sitting there. All on her own. She's looking for just the right drink, and the right company.

I'd be happy to oblige her.

Anonymous said...

Dear shadow,

Hello my name is Berta. I don't think they were actualy making me their queen, at all. I only thought so because they gave me such a nice big room. But it's all gone to seed since I blew up the people in the magic box.

They've started yelling "KreditKARD" at me, and I don't really know why. This is a horrible place.

Anonymous said...

scruffy is so cute. Good doggie!

Fin said...

Yay! Thanks friends. I thought Bo would surely be in.

Caroline said...

I would pray that my captors would leave me unguarded long enough for me to slip away or use the phone to call for help. I'm scared and I want to go home. Hotel rooms all over the country look the same to me and the awful things that happen in them are always the same, too.

Bo said...

Show is over! Is the pool party still on? After-party in my room, if it is.

Aidan said...

I'm not into Incubi, but I'm into parties, so I'm there, Bo.

Anonymous said...

hi morphine

you're funny

Hi Bo

Hi Fin

Hi Candy. Hope you didn't see me.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I mean Berta


Hi Aidan. Be careful of Bo.

Hi Caroline. Hope you get out.

Hi Elaine. You're funny too.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I mean Flower.



Ari said...

What about... ME? :((

Anonymous said...

Hi Ari

How are you?



Anonymous said...

Hi Odette. I like the ocean, too.

Hi Goran.

Hi Scruffy.

Hi Ms. Fettleston

Hi Dominic-Anne. I know how that feels.

Hi Tanessa. I like hot tubs.

Hi Vic. Hi Kahilla.

Hi Mary.

Hi Bokerage. I wish I knew how to pick up girls.

Hi Honey.

Hi Mary. My mom cleans up after me.

Hi Donella. You're scary.

Hi Maryena. I've never had lobster either.

Hi Mrs. Walker.

Hi Josiah. I've never had scotch. Is it good


shy said...

Las Vegas: all the amenities of modern society in a habitat unfit to grow a tomato.

~~Jason Love