Friday, April 17, 2009

Do you see what I see?: Courage

Ann had a wonderful idea yesterday. Let's try it!

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this.
Happy Friday!

Courage funny picture
This hilarious funny picture courtesy of

Mucho thanks to Christine H. for teaching me how to do this!


DESTINY said...

I remember this when it happened.

It doesn't end well.

But sadly, it was their DESTINY.

Troubadour said...

I see something totally unnatural. I have wandered the globe as a ghost for nearly 600 years, and I have covered it from pole to pole, and I know this:

Penguins live at the South Pole.

Polar Bears live at the North Pole.

For this penguin to reach the North Pole indicates extraordinary strength, and I think the bear should be very, very afraid. It was its destiny to be selected by the Cymbolic Penguin of Death, and it will not end well...for the bear.

Marenya said...

I know just what that bird feels like. (Actually, it reminds me of Piffla when she flew at the nightstalker to save me, pecking it between the eyes to drive it away.)

I felt that way when I stood facing the darkness of the cave where Raynor had gone, trying to gather the courage to enter it and find my destiny there. I knew I had to go in, but I just couldn't bear the thought of leaving the sunlight behind, along with everything and everyone I had ever known.

I don't know what I have been sent here to do. I just know that the gryphon had some purpose in sending me here, and that I must find the courage to do it. But I really didn't expect to be trapped here in the cold darkness, alone. Even Raynor is gone now, and hasn't come back for so many days I've lost count.

Synedd seems to have forgotten me, for which I am grateful. But I wish I could get out and find my friends again. I keep going back and forth between wishing Faldur would come and find me, and praying that he doesn't. Because if he does, Synedd will surely kill him, if Raynor doesn't get him first.

SOMEBODY LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!! I can't stand it any more. Please, someone??? I can't stand the dark... I want to go inside myself and live in my memories of home, but if I do my body will waste away. I must stay alert somehow... Faldur, please come... No, don't! Don't.

I couldn't bear to watch you die.

I think I am going to die.

I think this was all a horrible mistake.

I was so foolish to think I could do anything worthwhile.

Is it my destiny to die in the dark, alone?

Aidan said...

My brother is laughing over my shoulder and saying bravery is what gets you killed.

I don't get what he finds so funny. He's the bravest person I know.

Anonymous said...

Troubadour -

That was funny


Anonymous said...


I wish I was there to see what would happen.

I'd throw rocks at the bear. Except then he might come for me.


shy said...

"Sure, the lion is king of the jungle

but airdrop him into Antarctica,

& he's just a penguin's bitch”

~ Dennis Miller

Anonymous said...

dammit safe surf blocked the picture. I have no idea why, since it seems to depict a penguin, and I'm going to make an educated guess that the pengui isn;t doing anythinf particularly worth censoring.

Nighfala said...

Yummmy, fat little bird! I wonder if I could grab it before the bear wakes up?

Faldur said...

Gryphon feathers! Now I've seen everything.

Mira said...

Morphine-Morniza -

I'm really sorry to hear that! I'll use another site in the future.

To decribe the picture:

There is a penguin standing on top of a sleeping polar bear. The penguin is poised with cymbals in both hands, as if he were about to bring them together in a big crash.

The caption reads:
"Do one courageous thing a day, and then run like hell."

Not the same as seeing it, but don't want to leave you out!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I can't see the picture so I'm using my imagination but that kind of foolishness reminds me of Sam, and his older brother Jam. Sam waits for James to be asleep before he tries to get even; their brotherly warfare is legendary. However, as the first time I remember meeting them all James was hanging Sam over the edge of a bridge, I think the penguin, and Sam, need to remember what happens when the ‘sleeping giant’ awakes!


Piffla said...

Oooohhh Noooo!!! (I can't looook!)

Mira said...

I''l post another link in the body of the message. Maybe this one will work for folks. It's the top picture.

There's no caption, but there is another penguin with a handbag, which makes it almost better.

Christine H said...
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Christine H said...

I put it up on my blog.

Mira, all you have to do is create a new post, then past the html code below the picture into the post. The html code is in a little box title "embed code" at the original website.

Christine H said...
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Christine H said...

I meant titled "embed code" at the bottom of the original website. (I can't seem to type right today.)

Mira said...

Christine, thank you. I wasn't sure how to do that!

Can we do it though? Or is it some weird copyright infringement.

And more importantly, do I care?

Christine H said...

If the website is actually providing the code for the backlink, they obviously they want you to link to it!

Charlene said...

Courage, heh...It's always funny just how close courage is to plain stupidity.


Faldur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faldur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mira said...

I did it!!!!

Thanks, Christine. Now I know how to do this for the future.

I feel so.....techno-powerful.

Like a superhero. Techno Woman!!!

Faldur said...

I couldn't agree more. Too many fools mistake stupidity for courage, forcing those with real courage to rescue them.

My job would be so much easier if half the fools in the kingdom would stay home at night, where they belong.

(P.S. Christine asks me to apologize for all of her deletions... apparently 'typing' is a problem for her today. Something about fingers going numb... I don't know what typing is but it's so darn cold here, yeah, my fingers are numb, too.)

Christine H said...

Hey, Mira! I only just figured out how to do this kind of stuff too... by looking at the little boxes beneath the photos and reading them. LOL!!!!


PS I have super-fantastic castle photo from Webshots here:

Lazaro said...

I found you! The rest of the band must think I'm stupid.

I don't like penguins. Too many feathers, and they have tiny brains. But I like cymbals. Are those Zildjians? Penguin must not be too dumb if he has Zildjian cymbals.

Nevin said...

Uh-oh. Go away, Lazaro!

Sorry, everyone. We tried to keep him away. Be very careful because he's a zombie. He especially likes to eat smart people. He says their brains taste better.

About the picture, I don't understand it. I love the beautiful animals in it, but why is the penguin being so mean?

I think this picture makes me sad.

DESTINY said...

Maryena -

You asked. I will answer.

No. That is not your destiny.

Calm down.

Marenya said...

Lazaro - I have two words for you: Gryphon feathers.

They are small, unbelieveably sharp, deadly accurate when thrown by hand, and good for killing demons, zombies, haggiths, vampires, nightstalkers, penmoran and just about any other bad thing.

I've been practicing.

Be careful. Be very, very careful.

And, do have a lovely weekend!

Marenya said...


Thank you. Any idea when I might get something to eat?

I was just wondering.

Marenya said...
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DESTINY said...


Yes, I do know when you are going to get something to eat.

Thanks for asking.

You mean you wanted to know when?

When the crow flies north and the button sees it's double shadow on the snowback with 2 pine trees.

Not the snowback with 3 pine trees. That's an important detail.

Hope that's helpful.

Marenya said...

Yes, it is, actually! Thank you very much.

I shall expect a sandwich tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.

Candy said...

I really like polar bears and I also like penguins. Surely these two are friends or the little guy would have been sent flying at the first tiny clang of his cymbals.
Actually, the bear reminds me of me when Brian is rehearsing. If only I had the claws of a bear ...hmmm...

DESTINY said...


2:02, to be precise.

Aidan said...


I'm a demon, but don't throw any of those feather things at me. I promise I don't bite.

Oh Seven Hells, here comes Kaelin again. He's in such a BAD mood again. (Getting shot puts him off his feed.)

Odette said...

There wasn't anything left. He'd been an outcast for long enough. When his mother, his only friend, had died in the mouth of a seal, he had contemplated and chewed over this moment in his mind because it was the only logical thing.

He was tired of this life. He'd been too quiet and too passive. Too passed, as it were. The odd penguin out. The 61st male baby to the 60 female babies hatched several months before.

So it came down to making one more choice. He was done here, but how would he go? With a damned, loud, CRASH.

Marenya said...

Dear Aidan,

What exactly *are* you by the way? You intrigue me. Does your author have a website?

I won't throw anything at you if you don't do anything bad. I haven't killed Raynor yet. I thought about it, but I didn't. He's caused a lot of trouble but he saved my life three times so far, so I guess I owe him.

Is Vic here? I'm just wondering if he ever drank any lion's blood.

Christine H said...

Odette - I love it!!!

Destiny... er... I have a question for you, since you're answering them today. Kind of a pain being omniscient, isn't it?

Well... um... as you know... I... well... I haven't worked on my novel for 11 days and 53 minutes. But I have been looking at a lot of agent blogs and such. And... well.. the more I look the more discouraged I get.

So, um, well... do you think it's my destiny to ever be published? Or should I just focus on being a good math teacher?

I'm just... curious.

Thanks. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. Though I'm sure you'll say something completely obscure just for the fun of it.


Vic said...

Marenya, you're scaring me a little with all that talk of lethal projectiles.

Lion's blood? No. I like human blood, anything but AB-Negative, and O is my favorite. But as I said the other day, I never intentionally take enough from a human to kill them. That would be short-sighted of me. I'd lose a fan and a potential future meal.

I just haven't been around today because I've been napping and I have nothing to say about penguins with cymbals. Mortal creatures do some very odd things, as I'm sure you know.

Goran Njiric said...

That seems like my situation, actually, though I wouldn't call it courage. I spent years rattling my cymbals over that damn bear, because I thought it was the best thing to do. It ignored me, and fed me, and now, it's telling me what to do.

I think I'd have rather been eaten. It would've felt more noble.

Marenya said...
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Nighfala said...
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