Thursday, April 9, 2009

Emote This: Fear

After getting all cozy in your home in yesterday's impressive descriptions, let's take on a difficult emotion: Fear.

What scares you?

Let's hear some emotions!


Aidan said...

The future.

Ninevah said...

My new ability.

To be in the possession of the "gift" (as Pastor Dan calls it) to tell the difference between good and evil just by looking at or being near's terrifying.

Especially the shadows...they scare me more than anything. *gulp* If I'm quiet, maybe they won't see me.

Marilyn Peake said...

I’m frightened that my Ba will never find my body, and that my Akh will fall into disintegration and annihilation. After working so hard in life, I fear that I will suffer for all eternity because my body was moved from its sacred tomb in Egypt to a display shelf in an art museum. This is not right, and I will have my revenge.

- The Mummy, character in the short story, Mummy in the Art Museum, published in the Twisted Tails II: Volume 1 – Time on our Hands anthology

The Screaming Guppy said...

I gave up fear a long time ago. Fear is what gets people killed.


shy said...

"All of us are born with a set of instinctive fears--of falling, of the dark, of lobsters, of falling on lobsters in the dark, or speaking before a Rotary Club, and of the words "Some Assembly Required."

~~ Dave Berry

shy said...

~~ Dave Barry

Scruffy said...

Growl, growl, growl, growl.

Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark,
Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark, Bark

Growl, growl, growl, growl

Dara said...

I do not fear for myself. But my daughter, Naomi...I cannot help but fear for her safety. I fear what will happen if she is discovered by Mitsuru and Kaemon and what they will do to her if she's in their captivity. They will stop at nothing to get at me, even if that means using Naomi to blackmail me to use my influence in society for their gain.

She cannot be found.

--Arata Kanamoto

S'Rak said...

I fear being alone.

I fear being helpless as my every loved one, and every friend is stripped from me, killed by agents of the Enemy.

As for my own death, that would be a blessing, which is why I will live for centuries.

S'Rak, high priest of the Lord of Night

Fin said...

I only fear for Oscar. Where is he?

Anonymous said...

I'm really frightened of the giant tree trying to eat me right now.

But, ferocious vegetation aside, I'm really scared that the witch i'm going to be apprenticed to will make me return home when she realisess just how bad I am at controlling magic.

Candy said...

I am very afraid when I have to walk home late at night after working at the "Lamb and Buzzard." Afraid one of the drunks who just left the pub will be lying in wait to kill me - like Jack the Ripper.Every dark corner sends my heart pounding- but I mustn't run. Must look calm but can't stop my eyes from searching and my ears from straining =always seeing and hearing things. My neck snaps at a cat's squall Sometimes I feel the presence of someone who isn't there. Smell his cigar even. This is an ancient city and it has many ghosts. I don't want to see them but my imagination runs wilder on some nights than others. Every evening when I work I go through this and I dread it all the hours before.
I could never tell anyone though = they'd laugh their heads off and then play some trick to scare me into being a blithering idiot.

Aidan said...


In my experience, ghosts are more curious than dangerous.

But watch out for demons, though.

J.T Wilbanks said...

I'm afraid of a lot of things to tell the truth.

I fear bad hair days with a passion. This is coupled along with my fear of bad face days, all you girls know what I'm talking about, the days when no matter how much or how little make-up you put on you still look as ugly as you did when you first woke up.

I'm deathly afraid of a certain blue-haired teacher of mine, the one with the fancy for throwing large spheres of focused gavitational force.(Usually aimed at my head.)

But I gues I'm most afraid of what my life is going to be like after I learn to control the strange forces living inside me and leave this school. What will the next chapter be like? Will I find a way to be happy once and for all?

I gotta go meet my friends to study. Bye!


SMD said...

Dying alone scares me, but admitting I want somebody scares me even more. It's a frightening thing to want, to need, and to risk being ridiculed or hated for what you want. I used to think it would be better to rise above it all, pretend I don't need anything, but after Gev died and...I knew he was grateful to me for being there at the end.


Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I’m afraid of the darkness.
The safe sky turns from bright to grey.
The grey sky turns from grey to black.
When it gets closer to the black of night it unleashes the darkness that loiters out of sight all day and lets it slink back.
I keep an eye on dark all day. I watch shadows nervously because I know darkness starts in insignificant little patches of shade.
I stay indoors and keep turning on lights. First the ones near where I’m sitting and then the main ones that light the room; but it’s a pointless exercise. I sit near the downlights, uplights, desklights, nightlights but what is the point when the darkness is relentless and determined and it always comes back anyway?
It starts off outside – but I watch it come. Then no matter what I do the darkness outside creeps inside too.
I feel it first like there’s a billowing cloud roiling and churning behind and beside me.
I can feel it but I dare not turn to see it.
I turn my eyes to the lights around the room counting how many point of light are acting as weak defenders against the encroaching darkness. I watch the numbers tick over and around every clock and wait for the dark hours to pass back to the light ones so I can eventually sleep.
But with the arrival of the day I know that the dark will just retreat a little until it seems again to hover just behind me not quite out of sight – I know it’s still there and it knows I know.
It will bide its time because it has enveloped me before and it know it will again – it is only a matter of time.


Goran Njiric said...

I'm going to die in this terrible plastic bottle. I can feel it. It's so small. We're only supposed to be in it for three months, six months at most, but I know I'm going to die here. They showed me the redundant systems, and the radiation shielding, but all it takes is one mistake out here in the black, and we're drifting.

If the air pumps stop working, or the heating units, or the power generation, or if we miscalculate our mass or our propellant, we die. Sure, we can crack the water on board for more hydrogen, we have a whole lot of it, but then our cycler will have to work overtime.

If one thing fails, we have another to back it up, but if two fail, we're on a death spiral.

And if someone starts -shooting- at us... then we may as well lay down and die. The ship doesn't have enough propellant for maneuvers, as that would be complete madness, tere would be far too much of it.

So many things can go wrong. I think Ill stay in my bunk. For as long as conceivably possible.

aidan said...

Piper, you couldn't have an ugly face day if you tried.

Goran, I have it on good authority you're gonna get back okay.

Flower, I think it was Terry Pratchett who said no matter how fast light travels, the dark always beats it there.

That's not much help, I know, but darkness can be friendly, too, especially when you want to hide. Like I am right now.

Odette said...

Actually, I think light is more powerful, Flower. I only think that because if you take a dark black box into a room with the light on, the darkness doesn't penetrate the light. But if you take a candle and hold it up in the night sky, people can see the flicker for quite a way around. Light penetrates.

Hope that helped.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

That's what it wants you to think - but haven't you noticed that by the time you light the candle it's had time to get inside?
Dark just gives my dreams the fuel they need to start.
Dark let's her voice begin again because I can't see the void that's all she left. I don't want her to be gone.
Dark is the greatest of deceivers - in darkness my brain seeps out the lie the darkness spawns - the one that says she lives.
My Mum died in the dark - now I live in it.
I'm afraid of the dark.

Odette said...

Wow, Flower. I'm sorry. My mom left. Of her own will and volition. I guess I fear she'll come back. Being alone is better than feeling her hate.

Kalila said...

I'm afraid of nothing. Nothing at all. Not even my ex-boyfriend. Hardly anyone believes in thunder gods any more, but plenty believe in djinns. That makes me strong. I'm not afraid of anything!

And Goran, I really don't recommend hanging out in plastic bottles. Cast iron is nice and solid for travel, and for home, brass and silver are excellent choices. Lamps are even better. Why do you prefer bottles?

Bo said...

Don't listen to the djinn. She's lying again. Kalila is terrified of road accidents when we're in the tour bus, which is why she knows so much about durable cast iron bottles.

But there's something even bigger she's afraid of. You know how djinns are vulnerable to physical injury when they're in mortal form? Well, they're even more vulnerable to emotional pain, and what Kalila fears most is--

Kalila said...

You lying, incubus slut of Satan!

Don't listen to Bo, anyone! Ever! I'm going to rip of certain body parts of his, and he won't be able to feed for a very, very long time.

Me, vulnerable? I don't think so, Sleazy!

Vic said...

Uh...while my bandmates duke it out, I'll just mention that I'm afraid of sunlight. And garlic. And stakes. And shortages at the blood bank.

And that time everyone thought our keyboardist was healed by some sort of Christian miracle? I was terrified by all those humans hanging around outside our studio waving crosses and Bibles. Scariest experience since Uncle Vlad kicked my ass for passing up a chance to bite a countess!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

When you talk about the things you're afraid of doesn't that make them stronger? It seems that way to me.
Uncle Will doesn't even know I'm afraid of the dark. But I know he's afraid of me - but he said he's afraid of 'getting it wrong'...I heard him talking on the phone to Egg's Dad (the tall one) Uncle Will cried - surely he's too old to cry?

Vic said...

Don't be afraid of the dark, Flower. The dark is your friend.

Candy said...

Aidan. you're right, it's not really ghosts who scare me but unimaginable things that lurk to take me prisoner. Perhaps if I think of the dark as my friend as it seems to be for the creatures I'm afraid of...Maybe if I walk in the shadows instead of under the streetlights and cut through the dark alleys thinking how scary I am to everthing else out there. Hey, I'll try it tonight. Here I come darkness! Look out!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I might find Vic in the darkness - is this going to make me feel better?
You don't sound like you're afraid of the dark.
Or are you a darker thing than darkness?


Josiah said...

Darkness is when you're down in a mine. A timber creaks - then a roar as the tunnel caves in.

The whoosh of the air blows out your candle lamp ... and suddenly you are all alone and counting the minutes 'till there's no air left to breathe.

I fear small enclosed spaces and not being able to move. That's why I can't be cooped up in an office. I don't know how the Broker does it.

I understand the Mummy ... maybe I'll never be found. If I had a dog like Scruffy maybe he'd come searching for me.

But more than fear of a cave-in, I identify with J and never finding love.

Shy ... thanks for adding some humor to break up the tension.

Anonymous said...


I didn't want to answer this yesterday.

I feel scared of things like not seeing myself in the mirror. I don't know why I don't.


Anonymous said...

Hi morphine-moniza

You're funny. Trees that eat you.

Hi Fin

Hi Aidan

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

Well, dear, I do have to say that I sometimes wonder what will happen when I pass on, you know, dear.

I am at the age where time is creeping up on me. I shall be sad to go, dear. I have so many lovely friends, and I do enjoy my little hobbies and comforts.

I know that my Lord and Savior is waiting for me in a better place, dear. Sometimes late at night, though, it can be hard not to wonder. One does have faith, but...

Oh my. Listen to me. Well, I shall be around for awhile, and I will enjoy the time that I do have. When it is time to go, I'm sure I will be welcomed with open arms, dear, and go to a wonderful place.


Ms. Fettleston