Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sunday: Open Discussion

This is a day for writers and characters alike to chat about whatever is on their minds. To start the discussion off, here is an interesting tidbit. Can you read it?

If you can read, it I wonder why.....maybe it's magic?


Anonymous said...

I wnat to mkae my wrdos werid too. It's a sceret lunaguage, erevybdoy can raed. Srtnage.

Mittan Author of Josiah said...

I always attribute my ease of reading these tests to my dyslexia and horrible spelling abilities.

It's close to phonetic - and the right letters are in there somewhere. WHUT MOAR DU TEYH WANT??

ps: Which is what makes word verification such a challenge. *sigh* not only the right letters, but IN ORDER TOO??

Lord Synedd said...

The mind is very powerful, yes, when properly disciplined and trained. I myself have been training my mind for nearly two centuries.

But what is really important is the spirit. The spirit rules both mind and body. The spirit can conquer any obstacle. Even Death!

I have overcome death. In the absence of conscious thought, I willed myself to live! I can do anything, if my spirit is strong enough!

It is strong enough!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mittan

I can read this. I'm not dyslexic.

It's funny.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lord Synedd

Are you a ghost?

Trobadour here is a ghost.

I'm not.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm having a terrible day today.

Just saying.

Lord Synedd said...

No. I am not a ghost. I told you - I defeated death. I lived! My body was broken, but I lived because I made up my mind not to die.Are you?

Lord Synedd said...

I'm very sorry that you are having a terrible day, Anonymous. Tell me, what is troubling you? I have wisdom of many years.

Have a drink with me and we will talk, my child. I can put your mind at rest.

Come! Seek my wisdom. I will help you, if you trust me.

Anonymous said...


My water heater broke. There is water all over the place. My cat is missing. On top of that, I have a headache.

Life sucks.

purple said...


shy said...

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

~Groucho Marx

Kalila said...

Human minds are a jumble anyway, so I'm not surprised a bit.

Nevin said...

Wow, that's not very nice, Kalila.

Sorry, everyone. She's a little grouchy about having to play Roswell tonight.

MitMoi said...

Hey Shadow ... I am totally laughing at the moment. "How does he know to cal me "Mittan", I am thinking ... I only have one to two closest friends who call me that - most call me Mittany or Mitter. But I guess if I TYPED MY OWN DARN NAME RIGHT ... it wouldn't be so odd, would it?

Annon @12:50 - I can sympathize. Homes always seems to find the most inconvienient times to demand our attention. Perhaps you cussed so loud your kitty hid?

Candy said...

Sorry about Anonymous' troubles. I just hope you find your cat,

When I was nervous, before I put on my Goth armour, I would walk weirdly when I met strangers because I'd think too much about how I was doing it.
Sort of like reading those funny words. If I thought, I probably couldn't read them.

Christine H said...

I'm really sorry about your water heater and your cat. Our boiler burst last winter and flooded the basement. It wasn't pretty. Or cheap.

I found it amazing how you can't get a plumber out to fix a leaky pipe, but when you need something major they are on your doorstep in 20 minutes.

I really hope you find your cat. I had one that ran away for a week, and I was in anguish looking for her, even prowling the woods at night with flashlight. She did come back eventually, though, as if nothing had happened. Sheesh!

I hope you find yours soon. Hang in there!

Lord Synedd said...

The solution to your problem is very simple. Instead of living on the surface, you should move underground like me. I have all the hot water I want from natural springs.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of your cat. She or he will return, however, for cats are very intelligent and sensitive creatures. She or he probably didn't want to get his or her paws wet. What type of feline is it?

I myself have many cats. They are such excellent companions and hunters. If, for some reason, yours does not return, I will be glad to give you one of mine. I had about 619 at my last count.

A Nightstalker said...

You are sensitive and intelligent as well, Master. And an excellent hunter.

Christine H said...

My goodness, where is everyone tonight? Have a lovely holiday tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Hey I found my cat, the water heater will be fixed on Tuesday and my headache is gone.

Thanks for the pats on the back. You all are pretty nice here.

Lord, sorry I already have 3 cats. Enough for me. You must spend alot in kitty litter.

Ricky said...

Anon, I'm glad your cat returned, but I'm not surprised. Cats always do come back, even when it seems like they never will.

Kalila said...

Yes, Ricky, cats come back if you're worthy.

Ricky said...

What's that supposed to mean?

Kalila said...

Nothing. You read way too much into things sometimes, Ricky.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

My life in written format - that is exactly how I feel. The outer edges look ok but the inside is severely messed up.