Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Emote This: Confusion

Yesterday's truly amazing masterpiece of drama reminded me, for some reason, of the emotion: confusion.

Let's talk about what makes you feel confused. What don't you understand? What's missing? What's not missing that should be? What does that mean - what's not missing that should be? Does that mean there is something that was there? or something that will be there? or something that could be there? or something that won't be there? What does that mean??????

Arrgghhh. I'm so confused!

So, tell us - what do you find confusing?

Oh, never mind all that - just tell us - what doesn't make sense to you? Isn't it all just sooo confusing????


Scruffy said...


wag, wag, wag

pant, pant, pant


woof, woof, woof

snuffle, snuffle, snuffle


Ricky said...

I've been confused every day of my life since I found myself contracted to Maelstrom.

Note my wording: contracted to Maelstrom. See, it's supposed to be the other way around. I'm supposed to be signing the acts, not the acts signing me. But from the beginning, Kalila did it backwards, handing me a contract that already had my signature on it. And my blood. She threatened me with demon court if I failed to make her a star, then her deity ex-boyfriend threatened me with torture and damnation if I did.

That's just the beginning. Throw the rest of the band into the mix and it's a wonder I've still got my head on straight enough to know my right shoe from my left.

Nevin said...

You know, your shoes do look a little odd, Ricky.

Ricky said...

(looks at shoes)

Damn. I was wondering why they were so uncomfortable.

Nevin said...

Glad I could help!

Troubadour said...


Anonymous said...


Girls are confusing. I don't know what they want.

They always walk together and giggle. What do you say to them?


Laurel said...

The fact that there is still a market for airbrushing in beach communities. Infinitely confusing.

Also, why is it so hard to get my 4 year old to sleep when he is exhausted?

Why do they call it Labor Day when you take the day off?

How does my almost 2 year old produce more volume out the backside than I can get her to take in the topside?

Donald Trump's hair.

I could go on but I'm getting overwhelmed. Time to stop.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...
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Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

What isn't confusing?
Ignoring the obvious - having one parent who couldn't get too and from work in one piece and the other who I might recognise from photos in my album but who could, literally, be standing next to me in the local market and have no idea who I am - I'd have to say boys.
I was going to say politicians but they're just 'big' boys, so I'll still go with boys.
They have to do the most extreme and opposite reactions to everything:
Food - spice it till it makes your eyes bleed
Drinks - too much too often
Heights - get higher
Depths - crawl lower
Safe - avoid it
Dangerous - leap straight in
Fast - go faster
Sharp - jab with it just to check
Egg thinks the point of nose slides and grinds is to rearrange his features until they are unrecogniseable. He looks battered - I don't get it.


Aidan said...


I wish I could help you with the ladies. I really wish I could. We could ask Kaelin. He does all right.

Bo said...

Humans, I mean women, are easy, Shadow. Just pick the one you want and look into her eyes...

Ricky said...

It's easy for you because you're an incubus and have an unfair advantage, Bo. You only have to get close to a human, male or female, and...uh...get away from me! I'm not interested. Find a groupie or something.

Bo said...

You're such a close-minded prude, Ricky.

Here's what confuses me: you humans really enjoy sex, but you get all weird about it. You restrict yourself to a particular gender and even to one particular person. After awhile, that one other person loses interest but you don't go seeking sex with someone else. Instead, you just do without.

I'm telling you, I find it really strange.

Nevin said...

It's love, Bo. Don't you understand? Love is the most beautiful feeling in the universe.

Ricky said...

Come to think of it, there's nothing more confusing than love. Not even a demon rock band comes close.

Christine H said...

I'm with you on that, Ricky! Sometimes I wish it were as easy as it is for Bo. But then, that would be confusing too.

In general, right now, I'm so confused about everything I don't even know where to begin!

So I'm going to have some tea and do the dishes instead.

Nevin said...

I like tea. It's not confusing at all.

Candy said...

Voices; loud, soft, a child's cry, unintelligible languages. a laugh. Arrows point up, down, left, right, and so many corridors = but which one? My nose twitches at the smells; sweat, perfume, bacon, beer,garlic. Phew! And the people; tall, short, rushing, pushing, joking, arguing; wearing all kinds of clothes, from flowing robes to shorts and tank tops. Signs in foreign languages. I ask the way to my flight. "Up the escalator, left to 6 then right and left again down a long hall, don't take the stairs , and its the fifth waiting room on the right." Please, God, guide me to Virgin Airlines. He is too busy. I sit in a corner and stroke the ear of the teddy bear in my back pack.

Kaelin said...

I'm with Bo. Humans confuse themselves.

Laurel said...

I find it confusing when two people who speak different languages raise their voices to each other. As if speaking your own language loudly enough will suddenly make it intelligible to the other person. I wonder if people gesture more emphatically in sign language if they are talking to someone who doesn't understand it?

Oh, and Bo, the sex thing is easy. If you're human and you love somebody, you don't really want to have sex with anybody else. Not most of us, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Laurel, that's a mystery to me, too!

Ah, but then so is love.

Kalila said...

Sometimes the other band members and I speak in other languages on purpose to confuse people. Like Ricky. He's very nosy sometimes, always wanting to know what we're up to, carrying on about laws and such.

Ricky said...

Hey, I thought you said you spoke in a different language because it was easier! And now you admit you do it to confuse me?

Kalila said...


Christine H said...

Well, one source of confusion has been cleared up. We *are* getting another dog. He's coming home with us tomorrow. :)

Laurel said...

Oh, YEAH, Christine! I don't know you from Adam's housecat but another dog is always great. Happy, Happy.

When I was expecting my first child I can't tell you how many people told me I wouldn't even let the dog in the house anymore after the baby came. I just kept my mouth shut. But I swear for the first year of my very much loved but labor intensive son's life I thought to myself, "I wish babies were as fun as dogs."

Tie in to the blog: I'm very confused by people who don't like dogs.

Word Verification: splerb-spectacular string of dog drool that stretches to unimaginable lengths until said dog shakes head about, slinging splerb all over surroundings.

Christine H said...

Aw! I know what you mean about the "labor intensive delivery." But, I have to say I think my son is more cuddly than my dog, but my dog is pretty cuddly too. However, my dog hasn't forgiven my son for being born and just ignores him. So, we figured it's time we got a young dog for DS to play with, since he's an only child.

I'm still kind of anxious about adding that much energy into our household, but he's an adorable beagle-dachsund mix and is 1 yr. old and already trained. We're getting him from the animal shelter, so we know he needs a home. I've been agonizing over this, but it all came together, so, here we are!

Laurel said...


Crossing the boundaries of too much information for the general public here but I did not mean "Labor intensive delivery." I meant "labor intensive SON!"

I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that causes kidney failure and deafness when my son was three months old. Since what I have is X-linked, if he has it he will probably need a kidney and cochlear transplant by the time he's twenty. There is a fifty percent chance he has it. We think he is okay since he is almost five and has never manifested any symptoms.

So I was very run down from the strain of pregnancy on my kidneys, had 2 additional surgeries within 6 months of a c-section, and FREAKING OUT about the prospects for my child. Literally the worst year of my life. I cannot tell you what a comfort and joy my dog was. Some of us get it and some don't but dogs epitomize the best in humanity. Family is the most important thing, live in the now, and never question if the ones you love are worth the sacrifices you would make for them.

Sorry, perhaps this post should have appeared in the drama section...I drank a couple of beers earlier. Ask Shadow about that.

Viva la Dog!

Candy said...

I'll drink to the pup! Beagles are the sweetest and dachsies are very smart, so you're in for a fun time!

Christine H said...

Laural, our story was similar. I won't go into details. But suffice it to say, my son is alive and healthy - 2 huge miracles.

I know what you mean about being run-down and the dog being a comfort. I think our dog was more of a comfort for my husband, who stood on the sidelines feeling helpless. It truly was the worst year of my life, also. I know now that I can handle anything that happens to me (physically or emotionally) in the future because I got through that.

However, I must confess... I'm a cat person. My husband likes the dogs. But the one we have captured my heart. He was a stray we took in, and this one turns out to have been a stray also. I'm going to spend my day today tidying up the house to remove anything inappropriate he might be tempted to chew! Or pee on. Like... my students' final exam papers. Ha ha!

I'd bet they'd love to know the dog peed on their statistics exams.

Thanks, Candy! I would love to have a Guiness with you some time. Yeah, this dog is smart... a little too smart! I'm afraid he'll outwit us. LOL!

Marenya said...

I'm confused about Faldur. I don't know what goes on in that haman's head! I grew up with four male cousins and understand them perfectly, but he's a mystery.

He rarely talks to anyone except Mel or Harth. He's polite, of course, but as secretive as a cat. His men call him that. The Cat. He has greenish eyes. They turn gray and hard as pebbles when he's upset, which seems to be most of the time now.

I wish, somehow, I could get him to notice me. Really see me. Sometimes I think he prefers me, and he'll sit for a long time in silence by my side. But he doesn't say anything.

I want to kiss him. I want to know if he feels for me what Mel feels for Pelwyn. I want to know what is inside him. Whatever it is. I think he's trying to protect me, but my own father was a Ranger, and I've heard plenty of war stories from my cousins.

But perhaps I'm imagining all this. Perhaps I even imagined that kiss on Midwinter's Eve. It seemed so unreal - the snow, the sunrise, the fact that he had his arms around me.

Maybe it wasn't real. Maybe I just imagined it.

I'm so confused!

Laurel said...


I like cats, too! I was once the proud owner of the world's most expensive stray. I acquired her in Argentina and brought her back with me when I returned to the States. Lots of paper work, licenses, and airplane fees. (I paid to take her in the cabin because I am a sucker.)

Have fun with the newbie. He sounds adorable!

Word verification: foric-euphoric side effect of folic acid overdose

Shy said...

"If you're not confused, you're not paying attention."

~ Tom Peters