Friday, May 1, 2009

Character of the week: Scruffy

This week's Character of the week is Scruffy!

Scruffy's owner has chosen not to identify him or her self. However, the owner has intuited a number of concerns that Scruffy would like to hear about.

Here are Scuffy's interests:

a. Do you prefer a big meaty bone, or a crunchy treat?
b. Do you have a favorite toy? What does it look like? Does it honk? Will you give it to me?
c. This is a bit embarrasing, but do you ever have a problem with fleas? If so, what do YOU do about it?
d. What's better: A nice long nap in the sun, a nice long scratch or a nice long petting behind the ears?

And from Scruffy himself: WOOF!


Scruffy said...

Woof, woof, woof, woof.

Wag, wag, wag, wag, wag.

DESTINY said...

Hello, Scruffy. Cute dog. Your destiny is a good one.

a. I prefer ribs. Barbeque.
b. My favorite toy is an X-box. No, you can't have it. It doesn't taste good. Yes, it honks.
c. I'd rather not talk about the flea problem. Gives me headaches.
d. A nice long scratch.

Nevin said...

Hi, Scruffy! I just love dogs, and all living creatures!

I think long naps in the sunshine are wonderful. I had Kalila put something like that in my contract, that when the band goes on long tours, we have to stop at scenic nature spots so I can enjoy the views and the sunshine. Vic gets very upset when I do this, but that's because he hates the sun. It must be terrible to be a vampire.

Anyway, great to meet you, Scruffy! If our werewolves end up going on strike, I'll tell Ricky to give the meat we keep for them to you, instead.

Anonymous said...

Yay scruffy! Here doggy! Pat pat.

I liked playing with a magical wand when I was younger, but I didn;t know it was magical. I don;t think I could let you play with it. It doesn;t belong to me. I like taking long naps as well.

I've never had fleas, but I did get lice once. It was very itchy and I had to wahs my hair with a strange-selling spell from the witch doctor.

I have a bone for you. Here you go. Good dog.


Candy said...

Well, if I were Scruffy I would love a big meaty bone even though it makes a mess that gets my mum mad. And I wouldn't give it back because I'd want to bury it for another day. My favorite toy is my frisbee when anyone throws it. And when I get a flea, I bite it.
I love being scratched behind my ears after a day of playing. It's fun being a dog, most of the time.
Hmmm, think I'll put in for that in my next life! (With a good, athletic owner , of course)

Anonymous said...


What's it like to be able to lick yourself wherever you want?

Aidan said...

Heyya Scruffles.

a. meat
b. snowboard
c. I got lots of bug bites on me when I went tramping around the jungle demon-hunting. Agreed. It sucks.
d. nap in the sun, dude.

Good dog.

Scruffy said...

Ruff, ruff

Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch

Shake, shake, shake, shake

Wag, wag, wag, wag, wag

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:45

Why? You mean you can't?

Anonymous said...

Hi Scruffy!

Good dog!

Can you talk to dead dogs?

Can you see dead dogs?

Do you know where dead dogs go?

-Anon oo3

Christine H said...

Dear Scruffy,

I would definitely prefer a big meaty bone. Especially a ham bone. I would make pea soup out of it and give you the bone.

My favorite toys are the Webkinz my son has given me. I can't let you play with them because you might choke on the stuffing if you rip them open. But you may have this tennis ball!

We did have a problem with fleas at our house a couple of years ago when our dog's flea medication didn't work. I had to bathe him over and over and we set "flea bombs" in the house. It was not very nice.

I think a nice long scratch is best. At least, my dog Teddy seems to enjoy that best.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Good doggie.

(word veri: entick. *shudder*)

Anonymous said...

Hi Scruffy

Good dog.

I like burgers and fries.
I like my Wii. Better than X-box.
Never had fleas. Hope I don't.
Will my girlfriend pet me behind the ears. ha ha


Bo said...

Hey, Anon 8:04, does that mean you can?

You sound like a lot of fun. There's a nice little motel around the corner. Meet me there.

Hi, Scruffy. No offense, but you're not my type.

Ricky said...

And Scruffy, you definitely don't want to know about Bo's toys.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Hey Scruffy the virtual dog! I've never had a pet - do you fancy moving to Scotland?
To answer your questions
Firstly I'd have to choose food that crunches over bones (not than bones wouldn't crunch if my teeth were strong enough)!
I do have a toy that might interest you - but keep your paws off right - I have my old Beckham footie doll. It has a large plastic head and a worn out right boot - appropriate on both counts!
OMG! I did catch fleas (well head lice really) from a girl at school when I was nine - I got a day off school, followed by a head full of stinky stuff then my hair tied up in plaits for 12 months solid!
Sleeping in the sun is the image of me at the moment - as Uncle Will says I'm nocternal!

Talking-much or what?!


Vic said...

Fleas, huh? I once found worms in my coffin. Does that count?

And I think it goes without saying that I'd prefer a whole lot of things to being in the sun. But petting behind the ears? Are you insane?

Oh, wait. You're a dog. Figures.

Christine H said...

Dear Scruffy,

Mr. H brought home some beef ribs for dinner. I am cooking them now.
We will save you a bone.

Good doggie. Let me scratch your ears.

We are thinking of getting our son a puppy. What do you think of that? Good idea or bad?

He wants a pug.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Do you Twitter too? Or should that be too wit - to woo? Or too twit-to woo?
Eitherway, I have joined Twitter and wondered about finding members of 'The Cult of the Friends of Bransford' out there to warble at... is there a direct way to do this? (Recovering 'Technophob' - about to be in need of an intervention to rescue me from this obsession instead!)

Christine H said...

Sorry, Elaine. To me, twitter is the annoying sound birds make in the morning when I'm trying to sleep in.

Scruffy said...

woof, woof, woof

sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff

chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp

wag, wag, wag, wag, wag


zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz

Nevin said...

Aww...did Scruffy go to sleep?

Vic said...

Must be diurnal.

Scruffy said...


sex scenes at starbucks said...

Elaine, I'm on twitter. search BetsyDornbusch.