Friday, May 8, 2009

Character of the week: Fin!

This week's Character of the week is Fin. Let's get to know the interesting and compelling character known as Fin!

When I started to discover some unusual abilities, I came chasing after my mother to find out why. She welcomed me with surprisingly open arms and explained to me that I’m Furor and my abilities are nothing miraculous, until she found out that I’m stronger and faster than even my father and he ran 50 second mile.

So, I moved in with Mom and Aunt Minka and started to learn about gardening. We use most of our food as currency and donate lots of it to the local shelters. It’s causing problems though. Someone is trying to get rid of all of us in the neighborhood. They don’t want us around healing and helping people, but we’re not sure why. My family’s lifestyle is only threatening to those who hate humans and want them to kill themselves off, or who make their living off of sick people.

Now that they’ve started to get violent, lighting fires and putting the literal squeeze on our human neighbors, I’ve started to get pissed. Mom and Aunt Minka have a strict no violence policy but I’m ready throw someone through a wall. Mom keeps telling me that I need to learn proper fear of the Furor’s who are coming after us. I couldn’t until they started to threaten my family. And Oscar. I love Oscar. If they go after him, there won’t be any preventing of my violence which is dangerous ‘cause I’m pretty sure I can kill without much effort.

I’m glad to answer questions, so long as everyone promises to keep the Furor thing hush-hush. We’ve lived thousands of years without being discovered and I’m in enough trouble for not being discrete.

Now I’m wondering, what forces you through your fear and makes you brave? What will you kill for?


DESTINY said...

Fin, be strong. Your destiny is a powerful and mysterious one.

Stay strong!

It is your Destiny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin,

What kind of special abilities do you have?

Wish I had special abilities.


Fin said...

I move fast, I'm ridiculously strong, I can heal people by touching them. If I want to, I can grow things without seeds, I just need ground. But the stuff tastes all watery and under ripe if I do it. We use that ability in the garden to grow things faster and in greater quantity, but we have to be careful then because the same thing can happen with the taste.

How you been, Shadow?

Anonymous said...

Shadow, your special ability is drinking lots of beer. I raise a glass to you!

Fin, you sound pretty cool. Humans aren't really a bad lot and they are pretty amusing. I'd hate to think of them being entirely wiped off the planet. Do what you deem necessary.

I like the growing things power. Ever use it on seaweed? Just no red algae, please. It clogs my gills.

All the best,

FIn said...

I've only used it in the garden, and when Oscar and I got kidnapped and trapped in a cave. Strawberries grown in rocky, sandy earth are less than tasty.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin

I've been good. My mom was mad at me for drinking beer at the concert.

I had fun. I looked for you, though.


Scruffy said...

pant, pant, pant, pant

wag, wag, wag, wag

Fin said...

I'm sad I missed it. I was extra sad when I found out you got smashed! I wish I would've been there for it.

Fin said...

Hey Scruffy. Glad to see you.

Anonymous said...

What's a Furor?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin,

Yeah. That would have been fun. Do you like beer?

Those people sound mean. Wish I could beat them up for you.


Kalila said...

I have healing powers too, Fin. It's a useful skill to have when dealing with humans. Especially if you have a human who gets into trouble a lot, like Ricky.

How do you restore your energy? Some healings leave very tired and I need to spend time in the wind to restore my powers.

Fin said...

I am Furor. I think it's derived from the word fury. Like all of our fury is funneled into these abilities. We're empathetic so we feel people's pain or misery and then help them.

I love good beer. Guinness in the winter, anything lighter in the summer. I'm not old enough to drink legally either, but legal doesn't matter so much to us.

I sleep and eat. I healed three ladies in a row one day and it really takes it out of you doesn't it? I collapsed on my bed and slept for 18 hours, then ate half the contents of the fridge. I'm not able to channel the power of the wind, so that would just leave me with a red face.

Aidan said...

I'm jealous. I can't heal yet but my dad could. He was a lot better Seer than me.

I don't have any questions for you since you feel so open. Weird, I'm not usually able to read non-humans as easily.

Stay cool.

Kaelin said...

Pacifism is popular, but not practical. Don't waste time feeling bad if you kick someone's ass, Finn. Some creatures only understand violence.

Fin said...

Thanks, Kaelin. I just worry about disappointing my mom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin

Wow, you know alot about beer. I like beer. Wish I lived where you lived.

I think Kaelin's right. Kick their butts!

Do you still have a boyfriend?


Maxwell said...

I make a bomb for you if you want.

I sneak it to you at night.

You set it off, kaboom.

They don't bother you again.

Nevin said...

Fin, I'm afraid Kaelin is right. I wouldn't have agreed with him a year ago, but after those two humans nearly killed me for being a fairy (and not even the kind they thought I was!) I now believe there are some creatures that cannot see reason. I believe they are few in number, but for the sake of the rest of us, it may sometimes be necessary to kill them if all other options have failed.


I'm so embarrassed to feel this way about the matter.

Lazaro said...

Do you regret what we did, fairy?!?

Nevin said...

No, Lazaro. And it makes me sad that I don't.

Lazaro said...


Fin, remember to always eat the brains after you kill. That's the best part.

Fin said...

Oscar and I are still together. The plan is to stay that way. Don't worry, in a couple years, you'll think I'm old because all the girls chasing after you are seventeen and adorable.

I dig your style. Lots. But I am actually not wanting to kill. Thanks for backing me up, though.

Brain seems to me the hardest organ to actually eat. Just because even if you cut it up and saute it, it would still be recognizable. Plus, I imagine these particular Furors have small, chewy brains.

Anonymous said...

small chewy brains

hee hee hee

Maxwell said...


You change your mind, you let me know.

I also have gas. Sleep gas, other gasses. Don't write them down.

I also have traps. Bear traps good.

I'm not strong, fast. Do things the smart way.

Aidan said...

Maxwell seems like a useful guy to know, huh, Kae?

Anonymous said...

Hi Fin

Okay. I hope you're right.

If I had super-powers like you, I bet girls would like that.

Nice to talk to you. You were my first friend here.


Maxwell said...

I'm very intelligent.

I like to do research.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Fin,

How lovely to see you, dear. I think that it is wonderful that you help people with your garden, dear.

I have a very small garden. I grow flowers, which I quite enjoy. They are very lovely right now, because it is the springtime, you know, dear.

I quite agree with your mother and your Aunt, Ms. Fin. Violence is never the proper solution when one is fighting evil. They do expect that, you know, dear. One must rise above them and surprise them. Then you may truly teach them something.

How wondeful to see you, dear. I do hope you have a lovely day, Ms. Fin.


Ms. Fettleston

Anonymous said...

Lighting fires? That's horrible.

Candy said...

Hi Fin! Don't listen to all those disgusting guys ( and things} with their beer and disgusting eating habits. I love them 'cause they feel like family now but I advise you to stay safe with your mum.
Your powers sound amazing! Wish i had them. All I do is shock people. My taking Shadow home drunk probably didn't help him. You should have seen the look his Mum gave me!
Could you tell me what you look like? I imagine you with long flowing blonde hair - just the opposite to me. Fin does sound like a boy's name though.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Hey Nevin,

You got into beef? It sounds nasty.
What was that all about?
You're always so nice about me.I hope you don't get that kind of grief often!
If I was in-anyway likely to be speaking to Jack, I'd get him to send that delinquent twat of an older brother and his (equally lame but) scarey mates around to see you safe.
I'm short on friends and you're one. Distant like - but then again so am I!


Aren't you all supposed to have almost tame man-wolves around to make sure that kind of stuff doesn't happen?

Fin said...

Yeah, they actually lit a squaters' home on fire, so it is horrible.

Shadow, I'm glad to say I know you.

Ms.F, You've been so wonderful to have around!

Candy, I'm 5'4" but totally and completely a girl, even though I am built straight up and down like a boy. And my hair is black like Mom's, only hers is contained. My waves are not pretty, hippie waves, they are insane, sometimes tangled, half curly and half barely there. It's annoying really. Ever since I changed, became Furor, I have been...prettier. My skin cleared up and my eyes are gray instead of the murky, muddy not-quite-color color that they used to be. So, Candy, are you naturally dark-haired? Is that what drew you to gothness?

Nevin said...

Hi, Flower! We did have a werewolf guard at the studio the night I was beaten, but I went out alone to talk to the two young men. It was a terrible miscalculation. I thought if I explained, they would understand and stop harassing me.

I've been very disappointed in humans since then, but I've met some nice ones here. Perhaps I'll have faith again soon!

Nevin said...

Fin, I think it's lovely that you garden. Plants, flowers...nature is so wonderful. I can't imagine why anyone would want you to stop.

Fin said...

I know, right? It's disgusting. They're all sick and selfish and twisted. So, Nevin, what does make you push through your fear and act, since I know you're largely a gentle soul.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Hey Nevin
How would faith keep you safe?
My advice would be to stick with the 'big and burly'!
Expect to be disappointed - then you won't be let down.

Not meaning any disrespect or anything and no offence intended but it is a coincidence but if I was a boy I was going to be called Finn!! LOL

I don't know if I'd ever find myself in a position where violence would be needed - the rage is there though so ... maybe if friends or famlily were threatened? But, I think I'd just deflate like a popped balloon - me: wrinkly, plastic, once puffed up now shrivelled - and about that useful.


Fin said...

Aw, Flower, you're still a bit of an enigma to me, but I suppose that eventually, through bits and pieces, I'll understand you more.
You want to know what's funny about the name? I didn't realize until I started hanging out here that it would confuse people so much.

So, Flower, are you human?

Angela said...

What a great idea for a blog--I don't have time to play now, but I can see what a great tool this is for characterization. *cheers*

Nevin said...

Flower, faith in humanity wouldn't keep me safe from harm, but it would feel so much better than despair.

Fin, I was afraid at first to go back onstage. I received many cards, flowers, and other tokens of support, but most of them came after the supposed 'miracle' healing. I was afraid the humans were only being kind to me in the hope I could work magic for them. I would dearly like to, but it's just not possible.

I continue on in spite of my fears and worries because I have such wonderful friends, especially Kalila, who I used to study music with. She's very smart and powerful.

It's easier to face bad things when you have friends.

Vic said...

Well, isn't that touching, Nevin.

Dumb fairy.

Fin said...

Why you gotta be mean? Huh, why? You know you shouldn't go throwing the word Fairy around all willy-nilly like it's an insult!

Okay, who plays which instruments again? Penny (my dearest friend) is really just interested in who the drummer is. Shadow, she recommends learning to play drums.

Aidan said...

I fooled around with drums a bit--just enough to be dangerous.

Kaelin said...

I beat someone senseless with a drumstick once.

Aidan said...

Um. That was me, Kae.

Kaelin said...

So is Fin short for something?

Alex Green said...

Way to segue there, Kaelin. Fin is short for Finley. Finley Josephine. See, even if I'd gone by my middle name they would've shortened me to Jo. I was doomed either way.

Candy said...

Oh Fin, your hair sounds lovely - all wild like that.Mine was dark brown, not black like yours. I dyed it purple and went Goth so Brian would want me. Now I only feel safe this way.

Running so fast must be terrific! Just think of all the races you could win and become famous. You wouldn't even have to train! London marathon, New York= all the big ones. And I could tell everyone I know you! Well, sort of.
Do you have a dad?

Fin said...

I kind of want to go back to my old high school where I was before the drugs left my system. I want to destroy the track team, but I run too fast for them to just think I had a recessive Kenyan gene. But at times, yeah, it's freeing. Sometimes it's a pain because walking the normal pace is hard.

My dad died when I was four. Plane crash. It was his parents who took me from my mom (legally, no wonder I have no respect for the system) But my dad was good. He's the one with the messy hair. And the dimples.

I really would like to give Brian a duffing up. But again, can't disappoint Mom.

Pure fiction said...

Hi Fin, it's nice to see you back here. How do you know so much about beer- and what happened to you in your old high school?

Fin said...

It's nice to be back, thanks.

I know so much about beer because I'm seventeen. I believe that high school kids are the second largest group of people consuming alcohol in America, college kids being the first. My friends have a "party" every weekend.

I lost my only friend the week before I decided to come to my mom. Rob fell for the new girl at school, who didn't like me, and it was too much. I was already disliked for being a weirdo. I had no more friends and hated my grandparents. I stopped eating. It turned out to be a blessing, though. My grandparents were drugging me so when I stopped eating (they were on vacation so they didn't know) and the drugs started to leave my system, I started to feel alive again.

Candy said...

Hey Finn,

I'm sort of confused. You say you are a Furor but then you say that Furors are trying to get rid of you and all humans. It sounds as though you are a small group of humans among what? And where?
Excuse me if I'm being dense here...
Your school life must have been a lot like mine. Bet you were glad to discover your powers!

Fin said...

Candy, nope, not being dense. It's all a very LOOOOOONNG story. I didn't want to bore you, but I'll get into it if you want to know.

There are lots of Furors. Most stories where you hear about miracles- a bus being lifted from a child, someone suddenly being without cancer, that is usually a Furor. The term guardian angel gets tossed around but it makes me uncomfortable. We're far from celestial.

So we have these abilities, but we don't have to use them. Some of us, we call them Furor-elite, would prefer to either keep humans as pets or servants, or they'd rather they weren't around at all.

Then we have Gurus. They prey on the sick. Rich cancer patients mostly, claiming to be healers or even life coaches. They heal them little bits at a time until they get as much money out of them as they can before finally healing them, or letting them die. Yuck.

There are those who are complacent and just exist quietly, not doing anything that doesn't benefit them and they're quite happy to just be that way.

My family might be called activists, 'cause we actively help I guess. I've gotten in a little bit of trouble for healing some women and not covering my tracks well enough. I don't care. I can't sit back and watch. People, and Furors, have a tendancy to hate things they don't understand and I am peculiar.

Chicken Little said...

Fin, guess what? Turns out I'm not dead. That's good, huh? At least I think I'm not dead. Henny Penny says I'm not dead, so probably I'm not dead. Do you think I'm not dead? I saw this movie once where someone thought he wasn't dead, and he was. OH NO, what if I really am dead? I don't want to be dead. Am I dead?

Ohhhh Nooooooo

Fin said...

Chicken Little, you're NOT dead! I have it on good authority from Destiny that you are going to have a book written about you and you will become famous. Women and hens alike will flock to you. I'm truly sorry about the mix up. Tell Henny Penny to stop threatening my life, like I said, I'm not violent.

Okay friends, thanks, it was loads of fun. I'll be happy when it's everyone elses turn.

Anyone want to guess who wrote me? I just want to know if anyone (other than Mira or Troubadour) has figured out who it is.

Fin said...

Okay, nevermind.
Brain fart. Forget the whole thing. Everyone knows now. Ah, well, ce la vie.

Mira said...

Cool - this was fun. Thanks everyone, Fin and Fin's author!


Chicken Little said...

Really? I'm not dead?

Henny Penny, Fin says I'm not dead!
Yea, I'm not dead, I'm not dead!

Henny Penny said...

Silly chicken.

You're off the hook, Fin-girl.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Hey Fin

Sorry I'm late catching up.

To answer your question:
I'm about as human as you get - bitter, twisted, depressed, vindictive, angry, cynical, and mourning.
I'm as human as you get when your Mum dies unexpectedly - carelessly- and your dad is a little 'hypothetical' (he did good job of being in a relationships up to the point when my mum conceived me).
I did, when I was younger, imagine him as some deamon out to impregnate suitable females and create a hybrid army but that was just the alco-pops talking!

Now I'm sounding all enigmatic again - I'm human ...I'm only human...I'm just about human - most of the time.


Fin said...

I wish I could heal sad.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Me too.


Christine H said...

Fin, I don't.

Christine H said...

(Don't know who your author is, I mean!)

Fin said...


I accidently posted as my writer.