Thursday, May 14, 2009

Character of the Week: Aidan!

This week's Character of the Week is the fascinating and talented Aidan! Welcome Aidan. Please tell us about yourself!

I never wanted to be a Seer and work on Sentinel's Guiding Council. I don't know that I was really cut out to be a leader. And it's kind of a pain knowing what other people are thinking all the time--noisy, you know? Of course, sometimes it's useful--like if I'm trying to pick up a girl or something. But I don't get to do that anymore. For one, I'm too busy. But also I'm promised to marry the Lord Prince's Daughter. It's an arranged thing, and top secret. I'm not even supposed to know, but I'm not sure how they thought they were going to keep it from me. Cassidy is hot, but she's also like 25 years older than me, so that's weird. I guess in a couple of hundred years it won't matter much. If we live that long. The way the war's going, it's doubtful.

But mostly I hate being a Seer because everybody's always looking at me like I should just KNOW all about how the war will turn out and whether they'll live or die. I'm always the elephant in the room.

Um. What else would you want to know? Probably about the war, huh? The demon Maliquium, who's one of our ancestors, dragged Kae and me into it by killing our parents. He used to be in charge of the all the demons here on earth, but apparently a whole bunch of us got pissed a few hundred years ago and rebelled. So now we're Sentinel, trying to defeat him, though killing him is going to be a bugger, like my cousin Jason would say. There's not that much of our family left, but he's always targeting us Trevets.

Kaelin's my twin brother (I'm older by a few minutes which is why I inherited Sight from my dad--lucky me). He's the top marksman in Sentinel. You can tell us apart. If he smiles, he has a dimple. My cousins are Jason and Marc. They're sworn to me--kind of this weird ritualistic guardianship where they apparently die if I do. They did it when I was a baby, so I didn't have any choice in that. I also have an older half-sister Lucy. She's probably the coolest person I know, except for Kae. Oh, and my Uncle Julian, who would kick my ass three ways from Sunday if he knew I was online doing this. But you guys are the only fun I get to have.

Question: If I know whether someone's going to live or die, should I tell them if they ask? Or should I play dumb? Keep in mind that Kaelin says I suck at lying.


DESTINY said...

Ah yes. You are one of my chosen.

We know each other well.

Do not tell them, young Aidan. If they know their destiny, they may fight it.

They shall know soon enough.

Do not lie. Simply say, you will not answer.

You have a Destiny of your own. Follow your path, young Aidan.

Anonymous said...

What do you look like?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

I didn't know all this about you.

Sorry your parents died.

Can you really hear thoughts? Do you know what I'm thinking?

Can you tell the future?


sex scenes at starbucks said...
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Aidan said...

Don't answer. Good idea, Des. I'll have to try that next time. Maybe I can just change the subject or something.

Hi Anon,

I'm pretty tall-- 6'6''. I have to wear my hair in a braid. It's blond.(Seriously, though, it's a pain. I think I'll buzz it off.) Um. Green-grey eyes. I get skinny sometimes, like when Maliquium held me captive in a hole for a year. But Marc's been cooking a lot and Jason has me on this strict training regimen, so I'm putting weight on.

My sister is leaning over me reading this (she's braiding my hair for me) and she says to tell you all that I don't own any clothes without holes in them. That's not true. Right now I'm wearing perfectly good board shorts.

Except Lu says they're Jason's, so I guess maybe she's right.

Aidan said...

Hey Shadow.
Thanks, man. It's been a few years now, and my dad drops sometimes to say hi. I guess he did the covenant on me so he wouldn't go back under Maliquium's control when he died. Did I mention that--that's what happens when we die. Mom, though, is gone. After Maliquium got through with her, I think (hope) she's somewhere else where he can't get at her.

I kinda suck at reading minds, actually. I get sort of an impression, or then wham! twelve people's thoughts are all in my head and I can't hear myself think. It's easiest if I'm right by you. I'm getting better at that. You feel too far away to really know, but mostly I get a sense you're kinda bored? And maybe a little worried about something.

I can tell the future sometimes. Ok, a lot of times. But the future isn't always set--like Des says, people fight him all the times. Mostly it's like this big tangle of lines and a lot of them just end. I'm not sure if that's where they're going to die, or if it's where I am.

Kaelin said...

You forgot to tell them about your tattoos.

Sarah Laurenson said...

Yeah. What Destiny said. If you suck at lying, then tell the truth. Just not the truth they're looking for, 'cause you know they're not really looking to hear when they're going to die.

I would say tell them "we all only have today" but they'd probably misunderstand and think the world was ending right now. But wouldn't that be interesting?

Candy said...

You sound like a nice bloke. To answer your question, I think it would depend on the person whether you told them their death date or not. If he were wise, with things that should be seen to before he left, like family cared for, enemies disposed of etc,tell him. If one knew one was going to die at a certain time at least you'd know you were safe 'til then, right? You could do anything. Don't tell me though, I'd freak out! Hey,Aidan, can you tell me when my Great Aunt's going to kick the bucket? I'd really appreciate knowing that!

Aidan said...

Sheesh, Candy, I'm not a traveling circus act.

Kidding. :)

Hate to tell you, but you got awhile.

Aidan said...

Hi Sarah,

Messing with people like that used to be, when I was at Cambridge or in high school. But they were humans. Demons don't take a joke very well. I think it'd be easier if we did.

lesleylsmith said...

Aidan, you sound hot--although maybe a little too interested in your hair. But what's this about the Lord Prince's Daughter? Why are you stuck with her? Assuming she was otherwise occupied, what fun could we get into? I'm wondering how your special ability affects your lovemaking? :) Are you like super good in bed?

Aidan said...

Well, the whole marriage thing is pretty awkward because I'm kind of involved with someone else. Well. We haven't seen each other in awhile, but...anyway. She, um, seems pretty satisfied, I guess.


Jason said...

Well done, Lesley! It's not everybody who can embarrass Aidan. He's all red.


Seriously, though, Aidan. You smack me again I'm going to take you down.

Aidan said...

Don't you have a surfboard to wax or something?

Fin said...


Is there any chance of seeing your mother again? If you defeat ol' what's-his-name? Will you get to have some sort of answer as to where she is or where she's been?

Aidan said...

Hey Fin,

I don't think so.

We can't actually kill Maliquium. First of all, I don't know that he can actually die. I mean, he's been through a few bodies already. I think he'd just find another one.

And the other problem is, what do we do with all his demons? It'd be chaos.

It's kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

Fin said...

Well. That just blows. Sorry.

Aidan said...

I think we're looking at an imprisonment situation. I, for one, know a cold deep hole that he'd fit into nicely.

Kaelin said...

Then it's just a matter of keeping him there.

Anonymous said...

Wow. You sound cute. Got a girlfriend?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

I'm not bored. I am sort of worried though. I can't see myself in the mirror.

Your brothers and sisters sound fun. I'm an only child.

In the future, will I have a girlfriend?


Anonymous said...

Wait, you're a demon? Now, you're totally hot.

Kalila said...

Hi, Aidan! It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. So can you read minds? I can read human minds and see certain things, but it's usually not worth the trouble.

Do you fight all demons, or just the ones working for Maliquium? I would hate to see all demons get a bad name.

Chicken Little said...

Did someone say Aidan was a demon? A demon??? There's a demon here? What does that mean? What do demons do? Do demons eat chickens? I saw a movie once where there was a demon and he ate everyone and then he burped. Please don't eat me and burp. I don't want to be eaten and burped.

Henny Penny, am I going to get eaten and burped by Aidan?

Aidan said...

Hey, anon,
thanks. I think I'm getting red again.

No real gf. I don't know what she is. We don't really have a commitment or anything. And I'm sort of betrothed, I think the word is. But I'm not supposed to know, so that doesn't count, right? I mean, if something happened, it's not my fault, since no one told me.

So, yeah, I guess you'd say I'm up for "fun." If I can ever shake Marc and Jase long enough.

Aidan said...


my brother is about as much fun as getting the Tower in a Tarot reading. He takes himself waaaaay too seriously.

Lu's cool though. She's just a worrier.

re: the bored thing--see, I kinda suck at this Sight thing. Real hit or miss. I don't know why the Council would count on me, except that I'm all they've got.

You'll get a gf.

Aidan said...

Chill, CL--

I don't even really LIKE chicken. I'm more a vegetarian. Except when it comes to bacon. I'm a big bacon fan. And eggs. Sheesh, it's about time for lunch. I'm starved.

I won't eat you. I might burp though.

Aidan said...

Hey Kalila,

I'm just after the ones who work for Maliquium. They're pretty well a waste of skin anyway. No real loss.

Most of Sentinel is pretty cool. Except for this one senator...he's an asshole.

Kaelin said...

Um, bro? It'd be really cool if you came away from this little event without a death sentence for treason. Watch your mouth, all right?

Kaelin said...

And by the way, Aidan, eggs come from CHICKENS.

Aidan said...

Oh. Sorry, CL.

Bo said...

So, Aidan. If you marry Cassidy, I guess the Lord Prince expects you to be monogamous or something, is that the problem? I understand. Even if she's hot, it's not worth it. Besides, just between you and me, the really sexy ones aren't always the most fun.

Vic said...

It looks like no one wants Cassidy. Hm. What's her blood type, Aidan?

Candy said...

Hey Aidan, how do you get around? By car? Maybe you can fly? Or I'd like to think a big white horse! And what do you wear? A big black cape would look good with that big white horse? But durn it, nothing's ever as romantic as I want it to be!

Aidan said...

Hey Bo,

Cassidy is totally hot. She's all golden, with tanned skin and gold hair and even eyes so light brown they're gold.

I like the way she looks. I have no idea if she likes me at all. We've only met once, and Lord Prince Arond was pretty pissed at me right about then, so it didn't go all that well.

Aidan said...

My cousin Marc mostly drives me around his Mustang fastback. It's ugly, but it has a great personality.

My family does have our own jet though. And I do have to wear a cloak to State functions. It's like a tradition. I don't think it's romantic though. They're hot and heavy.

Aidan said...

btw, Candy, I think you sound cute.

Anonymous said...

What about me? When am I going to die?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

I don't know. Your brothers sound cool. I don't know if I'd want a sister.

I'm glad to know I'll get a girlfriend. Do you know when?


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy,

I think you sound cute, too.


Scruffy said...

Woof, woof!

Bo said...

Aidan, Shadow...she is, although Cassidy sounds pretty luscious, too.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

If I'd known you then, and you'd known, but you hadn't told me, (that I was never going to see my mother alive again)I would have hated you with every breath until the day one of us died...and maybe after too.
Even if things like that are unchangeable I would at least have said 'Good Bye' or 'I love you' and my last words to her wouldn't have been 'Yeah right! Whatever'.

No offense or anything but that is a big responsibility you live with - keep doing what you've got to do.
I know can't get side tracked by every person who is about to be living tragedies -but you need to tell friends stuff that makes living easier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bo,

How do you know?


Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Aidan,

How lovely to learn more about you, dear.

I am sure that when you smile, you are just as handsome as your brother.

I have a message for your Uncle Julian, dear. Could you please let him know that he really shouldn't 'kick your ass three ways to Sunday'? That is not a nice thing to do to a nephew. We should cherish our family, shouldn't we, dear?

I do hope that you win the war against that nasty demon Maliquium. He does sound like a formidable foe. However, I have great faith in you, my dear.

Have a lovely day, Mr. Aidan


Ms. Fettleston

Candy said...

Aidan, Well I guess a mustang's closer to a horse than a lot of things but you didn't say what colour or what colour the cloak is? We girls like to know colours you know.
No one's called me cute since I went Goth. I kinda like it. Thanks!

Aidan said...

Hey Scruff.

Anon, I think you sound cute, too. (How was that for changing the subject, Des?)


I get you. I really do. My mom died, too, and I was almost the one who pulled the trigger. (Well, bowstring. That's another story.)

Sight is a big responsibility and seriously, between you and me? I've never felt up to it. Kaelin would have handled it so much better.

Aidan said...

Thanks, Mrs. F. :)

Don't worry. Uncle Julian wouldn't really hurt me. He'd just give me that look and make me feel all guilt and shi... stuff.

He's a twin, too, with my dad. And so it's almost like having both of them stare at me when he does that.

Aidan said...

Hey Candy. Colors, huh?

The car is mostly primer grey except for one black fender. It's got nice rims though and she really moves.

The cloak is black. It's really long and hot and stupid, but it does make it easier to carry my bow around without anyone knowing.

I think Goth is cute. I wish I could dress cool like that, but it "wouldn't be proper attire for a Councilor." Last meeting I even had to wear a TIE.

Anonymous said...

A tie?


Bo said...

If it were up to me, no one would wear clothes.

Vic said...

I have a black cloak. I don't like it, either. It's too traditional for my tastes. I prefer a black leather coat.

Laurel said...

Bo, I think that would be a mistake. Most people are much sexier with a few clothes. The ones that look best with no clothes on are more interested in the gym than sex. I'm just sayin'. Among humans, anyway.

Aidan said...

I'm with Bo. The fewer clothes the better.

Of course it's pretty hot here, so that helps.

Jason said...

Seriously, Aidan would forget his arms if they weren't attached. Can't tell you how many times I've caught him wandering the house buckers.

Aidan said...

A black leather coat would be cool. Kaelin has one from when he went undercover last year. But it's kinda hot here in S California for it.

The rest of y'all--ignore Jason.

Anonymous said...

Jason - got a pic of Aidan wandering in the buff? Like I said, he's hot.

Aidan said...

Oh, that would be nice.

But I'm fairly sure that would be considered an act of treason on the part of a sworn guard, especially since he's our wee little Seer. So, sorry.

Maxwell said...

I become a Seer.

I want to read minds, predict future.

You tell me how to do it.

Aidan said...

That was from Jason, by the way. He typed in my name as a BAD joke.

Wee little Seer. I could kick your ass.

Anon, you'd probably rather have a picture of Kae naked. He has more tough-guy scars.

Aidan said...

I don't know if it's something I could teach you. Seriously I have no idea how I do it.

Reading minds isn't as fun as it sounds anyway.

Maxwell said...

No, no. I want to read minds. I want to tell the future.

I want your brain. I can cut it open, study it.

I give it back when I'm done.

Anonymous said...

How are you going to win this war, anyway?

Aidan said...

Hey Max? That's just kind of weird. You a zombie or something?

Marc said...

So THIS is where you guys have been hiding all day. Cool

I definitely think you should bring Jase up on treason. One count of calling you a "wee little Seer." It'll be fun to see what happens.

Jason said...

Oy, since it was so fun last time.

Marc said...

Yeah. How are you going to win the war, Lord Seer?

Jason said...

Charm and good looks.

Aidan said...

Seven Hells will you two just GO AWAY??

Jason said...

Just the sight of his luscious naked body...

Marc said...

I know! He just has to surf in front of Maliquium and the old bastard will laugh himself to death.

Erica Orloff said...

You sound like a fascinating guy . . . so are you close to your twin? Can you see HIS destiny? And if you see the future is it set in stone or can it be altered?

Aidan said...

Hi Erica,

Kae and I are close. But I can't see him beyond a place a couple of years from now when it all fades to black. That could mean a few things. He might die. I might. Or he might go underground, literally. (The ground kills my Sight.) Or something else I haven't thought of. There's a few people I can't read at all, like my cousins. I haven't solved that mystery yet, but I'm thinking it has to do with the spider tattoos on their backs.

I try not to think about it too much.

To me the future are like a bunch of winding, crossing paths, like a maze or a complicated Celtic Knot. Every path dies off into blackness at some point, some further than others.

Thanks for coming by!

Mira said...

Thanks so much, Aidan (and family) for visiting with us today. It was very fun.

Next time, though, I think you should bring a picture, Aidan. You seem to have some fans who, uh, would like to....learn more about you.

Shadow - can you ask your author to contact me? Aidan has selected you for next week's character of the week.