Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Note

Hi all.

For creativity today, those who are interested could keep working on the group story. It's not done! What happens to Carson and Marzi? Who will betray whom? Will the car turn the tables and sell them for the insurance money? And most important, what happened to the rope (I liked the part with the rope.)

I also wanted to update folks I've been lucky enough to have 2-3 people who are forming a team to manage CIC. I'm delighted, thrilled and honored that they want to be involved on that level. Also, if you're still interested, there's room on the team - let me know.

I'm planning to move the site to group ownership next week, if possible.

I do have one question for everyone though. A couple of people have mentioned that the daily posts move things too fast. If you have a second, could you pro-offer a vote:

a. I prefer daily posts. I like the variety.

b. I prefer every other day. It gives me a chance to 'catch up.'

c. Why do you get to ask all the questions? I have questions too, you know. For example, I heard that in England, they only have one channel. Is this true? If so, my God, why has no one done something about this travesty of injustice? If it's not true, my God, why can't people just be honest with me for once? That's all I ask for. Alittle honesty and fairness in the world. And lots of T.V. channels. Is that too much to ask for, no, I don't think so.

d. (Whatever you want to say.)

Thanks in advance for answering the question!


DESTINY said...


Troubadour said...


Aidan said...


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Vic said...

Oh, that's really helpful to her, Lazaro.

B. Gives me more time for plotting, and I like plotting.

Anonymous said...

"For example, I heard that in England, they only have one channel. Is this true?"

No. Look.

Anonymous said...

That didn't work right. The full link is


Anonymous said...

the fly said:

whoops, this isn't the story!

Anonymous said...


I don't know. I'll choose what Aiden did. Or maybe Fin.


Anonymous said...

I think, let it be flexible. Some times a story can go for two days and sometimes not.

Sometimes Nathan writes every day, sometimes just once or twice a week.

Whatever moves the team!

Go team!

-the fly

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

I like the group stories.

You guys are the bomb!

I come by to read these even if I don't always show up in the stories too.

Fresh Water Mermaids

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...


UK TV by a UK-ite

Real TV = 5 channels

Free TV = 48 but you have to buy the plug-in box

Satallite TV = hundreds - if you buy different packages

Candy said...

i thought there was just one English Channel. (Sorry)

I am happy with whatever happens. It is making me spend more time at the computer away from my writing , which is not good, but it is a lot of fun and encourages the creative juices. When it changes every day I am forced to write every day. If it doesn't change I will be more inclined to miss every now and again. (Do I hear cheers?)
By the way some of you follow a whole list of blogs. How do you do it?! CIC and Nathan are all I could possibly find time for!

Pure fiction said...

Posting questions every day gives real energy to the blog - the only problem is it's hard keeping up.
Maybe it's a time zone thing, but I always seem to log on after the action has happened. I love this week's 'drama'.

In Ireland we have four channels - which is plenty.

Ricky said...

Candy, try using a blog reader like bloglines or google reader.

Aidan said...

I don't participate in the stories, so I guess I'm coming around about every other day. But I'm cool with whatever folks decide.

Laurel said...

We should do B like Troubadour said or he might eat our souls.

Christine H said...


Christine H said...

Candy - that was awesome! English Channel. OMG! I'm laughing so hard now.

Mira said...

Everyone, thanks for your input!

I'd especially like to thank those who cleared up the "English T.V. Channel" situation for me. Thank God. I was so worried about the English people. Now, I can sleep at night.

Although I still am concerned about the French. I understand they don't have much access to wine, cheese, pastries and sex. That's just terrible. How are they surviving?

In terms of the site, I don't want to exactly put this to a vote, but instead try to include everyone in the solution. I think the best way might be to compromise - some things may take two days, like the group story - while others keep on a daily schedule.

I'll consult with my teammates.

Thanks so much again for taking the time to weigh in on this!