Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting to know you: Have you ever done anything illegal?

After this weekend's concert, I thought we could continue our walk on the wild side.

Have you the law? Stomped on the law? Out and out mutilated the law until it cried 'pretty please, uncle'?

(Note: Please relax. This was a metaphor. No laws were actually harmed in the typing of this post.)

Or do they not have laws in your mind-controlled society? If that's true, or if you've never broken the law - tell us why not!

Either way, confess!

Have you ever done anything illegal?

p.s. This post has been encripted. Any parole officers or alien bounty hunters reading it will see cute little bunnies bouncing in a pretty meadow.

Isn't modern technology awesome?


DESTINY said...

Well, once I jay-walked.

No one caught me, but I've felt guilty ever since.

What a relief to finally get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

I drank. Yeah, I'm underage but it's a stupid law.

There was Courtney... but laws don't really cover wishing someone to death so I think I'm clear on that ... if only I could forgive myself.

Kaelin said...

Does killing six MI6 officers count?

Lazaro said...

Ricky says eating brains is illegal. That's why I hide the bodies.

Nevin said...

Ricky says shape-shifting isn't allowed at the Butterfly Center. I feel so terrible about it now.

Anonymous said...


I've met some people who would never miss their brains. I don't think anyone else would even notice if you ate them. I've no idea if lack of intellect contributes to the flavor in any detrimental way but it seems that you could certainly skirt the law by sticking to those types.

Let me know if you'd like names and addresses of some prime candidates.

I travel without a passport. Let customs try and catch me in the canyons of the ocean floor. Or even better, the Bermuda triangle.


Aidan said...

I snuck into the movies for free by using my Sight to convince the guy at the door that he saw a ticket in my hand.

Does that count?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely, Aidan! Good work.


Kalila said...

Human laws are for humans. *sniff*

I do my best to obey all the legal niceties among immortals, though. Most of us can't harm each other in any lasting way, but millennia-long grudges are a real hassle.

And Sirena, I'll thank you to leave my Ricky alone.

Candy said...

I smoked pot once when I first started going with Brian but I didn't know how to inhale and he got mad. I drank underage and I always Jay-walk, but I never felt guilty about any of these things.
Tomorrow I leave for the US. Brian hasn't a clue! I'm a bit scared - never been on a plane ... Must remember to get another black lipstick...

Anonymous said...

Hi requeen1

Me too! I drank too, even though I'm not supposed to.

It was fun, but I feel sick today.

My mom is really, really mad.

Thanks for taking me home, Candy.


Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

No, I have not done anything illegal, dear.

Although once, I did accidentally steal a pen from the library. I noticed that I had an extra pen, and was quite puzzled until I realized I had placed it in my purse. Naturally, I was very upset about this.

Of course, I returned it at once with my apologies. They were very nice young people, and quite forgiving about my indiscretion.

Have a lovely day, dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Shadow and Ms. Redqueen1,

Please do not drink alcohol before you are of age.

You will find that alcohol will rot your growing brains, dear. You would not like having rotted brains, I can assure you.

Have a lovely day, dears.


Ms. Fettleston

Anonymous said...


No worries. Your Ricky was quite the gentleman and apparently not interested in girls who like to let their tentacles down.

Just curious though. For someone who doesn't love you seem quite jealous. In my experience, the two keep close company. Just between us girls, do you think you might secretly L-O-V-E him? Hmmm?

And he does put up with an awful lot of high maintenance behavior. Do you think he might L-O-V-E you? Maybe our next romance could feature Ricky and Kalila.

Can I get an amen from the congregation?

Cheers dears,

Lazaro said...

Ms Fettleston is right. Rotted brains taste bad. Don't rot your brains!

Aidan said...

I'm up for watching a romance between Kalila and Ricky, Sirena, but that's their deal. While we're on the subject, I'm not currently seeing anyone...

Anonymous said...


I'm fascinated by risk takers such as yourself who sneak into movies without paying. Dead sexy, that.

Sure. Bo has my shell number although he hasn't used it yet. Call me anytime. Just let me know what form you prefer. I know a couple of oceanic hot spots that are lovely this time of year...


Word verification: corpse. Honest to goodness. That one's for you, Lazaro.

Charlene said...

Well there's those few times I was disturbing the peace, some underage drinking with my buddies, and of course the most recent resisting arrest and harboring a wanted fugitive.


Bo said...

Sirena, I tried to contact you, but you must've been out. I can think of a few human laws I'd like to break, and maybe a few laws of nature, too. Are you game?

Ricky said...

Bo, aren't you supposed to be at rehearsal?

I haven't broken any serious laws, just the usual misdemeanor offenses a guy gets up to in college. Youthful indiscretion stuff.

Anonymous said...


I'm all in baby. Let's live dangerously.

Just for the record, though, I'm not into commitment. You don't seem like the type to get his feelings hurt but just in case...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Bo. Your reputation is not without merit. I'm still sweating and I don't even have sweat glands.

Sorry about the hickie. Those tentacle suckers have a mind of their own. Just don't tell Lazaro. I can't have my tentacles getting all scared up because of a zombie with a yen for calamari.

Nevin said...

Reading what everyone else did, I feel so inadequate that the worst thing I did was turn into sparkles.

Oh, wait--there was the time I used magic to make the makeup artist happy and compliant so she'd come to the studio. Ricky said it amounted to kidnapping. Does that count as illegal?

Laurel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurel said...

Hello to the band! So excited about your book. I read the first chapter and can't wait to get my hands on an actual copy.


Kalila said...

Thanks, Laurel. The book is about me!

Ricky said...

Actually, Kalila, I think the book is about me.

Kalila said...

Impossible. Why would anyone write a book about a human talent manager? The book is about me.

Vic said...

The book probably sucks if it's about either one of you.

Illegal, huh? I've robbed a few blood banks in my time. I think that's on the human books as a crime. But it's just grocery shopping.

Mira said...

Hey guys,

Sorry to interrupt your illegal activites, but just a quick announcement that Scruffy chose Fin to be our character of the week this Friday.

Drop by on Friday to learn more about what makes Fin, Fin!

Mira said...

Oh. Sorry. Please resume breaking the law.

Mira said...

And I'm thrilled about the book, too!!

Mazel Tov! You guys are a great team. I think you'll make a wonderful book.

Nevin said...

I like your new avatar, Mira!

Laurel said...


I'm sure you're fascinating. I relish learning more about you. Mostly, though, I'm interested in finding out if you ever teach Ricky good enough manners to get him to stop ogling your chest and derriere.

I'm guessing probably not but it doesn't seem like it bugs you as much as it used to...

Mira said...

Thanks Nevin. :-)

Anonymous said...


You kidnapped someone? That is seriously hot!

Would you like to get together for kelp salad and raw oysters? My treat. (Note: NOT "kelpie" salad. I enjoy kelpies from time to time but that might qualify as cannibalistic for you. I'm sensitive to such things.)

All the best,

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I lost it when Mrs Webber said Mum had gone to heaven and was sitting on a cloud looking down at me.
That was the stones and windows thing - but I had a Social Worker and Police Officer with me at the time. Does it count double if break a law with a police escort?