Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Emote This: Embarrassment

What emotion would be appropriate after wild concerts, illegal actions and a masterpiece of degenerate corruption (our children's story......I'm so proud of us. Really.)

Let's talk about the morning after!

Embarrassment. What embarrass you? What memory have you resigned to the smallest corner of your mind never to be brought out in the light of day? Well - bring it on out! Let's hear it. We promise to be tactful and never use it against you. (except in public.)

So, come on - let's hear some emotion! Embarrassment!


DESTINY said...

Oh....I don't know.

I just don't know....

You promise to keep it a secret? Just between us?

Anonymous said...

Showing up at Poseidon's dinner party wearing the same dress as Athena. It did look better on me, though. She doesn't have the complexion for tortoise shell.


Kaelin said...

One time I beat the crap out of Aidan because he fooled me into thinking he'd drowned.

I might have overreacted. A little bit.

Aidan said...

That's a heartwarming little admission, Kae. Nice.

As for me. I got nothin'. I don't get embarrassed. I get even.

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid, I ran over to my bff's house on New Year's Eve and pounded on the door crying "Happy New Year!" at midnight.
They were all asleep and the whole family answered the door in their pajamas.
I shrunk to about an inch tall, whispered:HNY
and ran home.

(We fairies do tend to get carried away with a good party idea.)

Kalila said...

When Nevin was in the hospital, I told the fairy healer that my band was ver respectable and we only faked our "bad demon" image for publicity.

Imagine my humiliation when Bo wandered in just at that moment, bragging about how many hospital staff he had bedded that afternoon!

I don't think Alston the healer has believed a word I've said since.

Thanks a lot, Bo!

Anonymous said...

Alston should have thanked Bo. Happy employees are more efficient. And less likely to go on strike.

If any of the werewolves are female you might do well to sic Bo on them.

Anonymous said...

It was a very surreal moment for me
when my breasts blew up!


Fin said...

Petunia, I hope you healed.

I have the horrible propensity to get to the family room in my skivvies and see the entire neighborhood. I'm not used to having so many friends so nearby. Almost makes me glad my boobies are so tiny.

Kalila said...

Sirena, Nevin was at a human hospital and Alston had made a special trip to heal him before the hospital staff could kill him by mistake.

Nevin's Lake District fairy clan is very conservative and disapproves of his involvement with a rock band. Alston was risking his reputation by helping us.

Thanks to our sleazy incubus bass player, my reassurances only made me look like a liar. I don't know if I'll be able to get Nevin appropriate help if he needs healing again.

Bo said...

You worry too much, djinna. Alston knows what I am. An incubus has get a meal wherever he can.

And to answer today's question, I don't get embarrassed. Why should I?

Anonymous said...

Good point, Bo. You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Not a thing. Mmm, mmm.

Are all fairies such prisspots, Kalila? I like Nevin despite the annoying fixation with rainbows and unicorns but honestly, don't you find the overwhelming wholesomeness exhausting?


Word verification: ingroa- The incubation period of a pregnancy resulting from cavorting with an incubus.

Kalila said...

It's true Nevin is a gentle soul, but he's an excellent musician and was very helpful to me when I found myself in Europe, thanks to a careless tea trader who thought my lamp would make a nice gift for his wife back home.

After a few hundred years of friendship, you learn to tolerate each others' idiosyncracies. Besides, he's never said "I told you so" about my disastrous love affair with Thor. I suppose I should add that to my list of embarrassing mistakes, but I was new on the Continent and what did I know?

Ricky said...

Sirena, please tell me I don't need to call the lawyer on Bo's behalf to discuss a possible child support claim. I've got enough going on just trying to get our tour organized for later this month.

As for embarrassment, I think I could write the book on that. Before Maelstrom, my clients basically sucked. Then they'd blame me for their lack of bookings and fire me. I was down to my last twenty dollars when I met Kalila.

Maelstrom is a great band, but they embarrass me in just about every other way they can think of. Okay, the time they went Christmas caroling turned out okay, but I suspect it was an accident.

Anonymous said...

Don't look at me. I told you, I've taken measures. Not at all maternal, really.

Bo is very clear about intentions and expectations, BTW. I'll be happy to testify to that effect if the occasion arises.

Speaking of occasions arising, Bo, call me if you hit a dry spell.


Word Verification: houri. I am not making that up.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to picture Lazaro singing Christmas carols. I can't.


Ricky said...


Lazaro kept quiet and played a triangle. I had envisioned a disaster, which is why I said no to their idea of going caroling, but this time I was wrong. Other than Bo kissing my brother's wife, everything went well and the band got some nice publicity.

Except...Vic, what ever happened to those girls you had on the bus? You know, the ones who leaned out the windows and yelled at me?

Vic said...

They were delicious, Ricky. You know how I like Type O. Why do you ask?

Aidan said...

Yeah, y'all don't seem like Christmas Carol types so much.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...
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Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

This so has me reaching - embarrassment is so ordinary. I haven't felt ordinary for... well, like, forever.
But, me and Jack and Chels did once get caught in an 'Ann Summers' Shop'... you know, stuff that you can't believe anyone over 20 would need? When we were in there messing about our old junior school teacher came in, and started looking around - we nearly died of embarrassment! We couldn't get out either 'cos everytime we tried to sneak passed she walked near.
I don't think she knew we were there but ... OMG!!!!


Bo said...

Sounds like there's more to know about you than you let on, Flower.

And, uh...about your wouldn't happen to have her address by any chance, would you?

Nevin said...

Leave Flower alone, Bo. She's sweet and she's my friend.

Hi, Flower!

Anonymous said...


That doesn't mean Flower doesn't have needs. She's a big girl, for all that she shops at Ann Summers.

You seem a decent fellow. Embrace the rock and roll a little more and I believe you'll find being in a band much more tolerable. Right now it seems like your just in it for the music...


Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Yeah, right like we were shopping!
Pocket money doesn't go that far! But like the shop is right there in the middle of the Shopping Centre - so we thought 'How bad could it be'? It was 'Sick' and not the barf variety!
Never knew you could buy lollies you couldn't eat at church!!!


Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Oh yeah right and my ex-teacher I think she lives somewhere on Old Street!!

Charlene said...

The day Eddie and I went into the "adult" shop in the mall, and were caught leaving it by my own parents.


Candy said...

Mine just happened yesterday on the plane. I went to the bathroom and was afraid to lock the door in case I couldn't get it open again. {Getting locked in small bathrooms is one of my phobias, ya know.) Well, some kid came and opened the door,then let out a shriek so everyone on the plane turned and saw me sitting there with my tights around my ankles. Stupid brat took ages to close that door. I wanted to flush myself down into the Atlantic, or wherever plane flushings go.
Please don't tell anyone!

Aidan said...

Aw Candy,

How do you find California?

Candy said...

I just got to San Francisco and am waiting for that lawyer chap to meet me. If he doesn't show up soon it may be even more embarrassing if I have to sleep here in the airport like Tom Hanks. I'm really scared but I'm trying to look tough.

Laurel said...


I had to do that once. In my very real life. All my money was taken by a cab driver in Santiago, Chile and I was in the airport sweating bullets about how I was going to pay the airport tax without a cent to my name when I went to the airport bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready for "bed". I heard two girls speaking English and started talking to them. One of them knew a girl I with whom I attended college (my college had an enrollment of <1000) and I spent the night at her house. She gave me the $30 airport tax to depart Chile the next day after she drove me back to the airport.

On other occasions less dire I have actually spent the night in the airport. Miserable experience.

Best of luck. Call Nevin; he can't turn down a lost cause.

Nevin said...

Don't be too embarrassed to ask for help, Candy. Just summon me if you need me. I promise Bo won't tag along. He's busy with a girl he met at the show tonight.

As for my own embarrassing episode, I made a terrible mistake in an interview and said I was a fairy. I was just being honest.

Imagine how horrified I was to discover that humans now use the word fairy to mean homosexual! I was so distressed that I cried. I wanted to quit the band, I was so embarrassed. Ricky was very kind to me, though. And so was Kalila. Vic yelled at me, but he always does that.

It's so good to have friends.

And just so you know, I think human sex with either gender is weird. I want no part of it.