Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting to know you: In Memorial

In this part of the Universe, we are honoring people who did brave things for us. Is there someone that you honor? Someone special who made a difference to you or to others?

Let us know about them. We will honor them with you.


DESTINY said...

All human greatness that I honor passes.

New heroes arrive to carry on the work. But for all that, I sometimes miss those who have moved on.

I know they have earned accolades and blessings. They are well in their new state of being.

Yet, they have earned the right to be remembered by me. I honor them.

Anonymous said...

I'm the one with the cat from yesterday. She's so cute. She's trying to sit on my computer.

So, how does it work here. I cam here from Nathan's.

Maxwell said...

I never lose anyone.

Too bad. I like to dissect them. Find out what makes them tick.

Christine H said...

Dear Anonymous,
This is a place where you pretend to be one of the characters you are writing about. It gives you a chance to get to know them better. For example, Lord Synedd is my villain. Talking to you yesterday gave me a chance to get inside his head a little more than I do in the story. He tries to be persuasive and draw people in. Deep down, he wants to be liked despite his evilness. So that was fun for me.
Or, you can be yourself if you want! Like I'm doing now.
Or make up a persona just for fun.

shy said...

"Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose."

~From the television show The Wonder Years

Ricky said...

Well, Kalila saved me from Thor. Twice. I'm forever grateful for that, even though it's because of her that he was after me in the first place.

Kalila said...

The second time, Ricky, you saved yourself. Sort of. You're braver than most of your kind.

I'm grateful to you for saving Nevin. I could've accomplished it on my own, but not without risking bad publicity. You're quite clever, as far as humans go.

Ricky said...

Thanks for the compliments, Kalila. I guess that's what they are. I'm just glad we haven't lost anyone yet, other than the tour manager. It's been kind of touch and go.

Kalila said...

I'm pretty sure the tour manager isn't dead. Just kidnapped. There's a difference.

Ricky said...

I consider it a technicality, Kalila.

Marenya said...

Does this mean someone else was kidnapped besides me? I've been quite upset since Saturday, when I found out no one else had been kidnapped.

I wanted a new contract, but my author said I don't have one.

Hello, Ricky. How are you today? Are you enjoying your trip?

Anonymous said...

Christine, thanks. I'll think about a character. Maybe I'll call myself cat-woman. LoL.

Josiah said...

I'd like to honor my younger brother Chenoweth.

My father wanted me to be the editor and manager of our family newspaper, but I couldn't sit in that office day after day interviewing and writing about events and those involved in them instead of participating myself.

Funny - now that I think about it, Chenoweth has that same trait, too.

In the beginning he didn't mind staying home and running the paper. But when Lincoln declared war on us he said writing was hollow way to show his patriotism.

In a letter he told me, "Actions are the true indicator of our beliefs and values, this is why I must join the 1st North Carolina Cavalry Regiment, C Company".

We worried about the outcome of that decision. In the end he lost a leg but gained amazing insight into men and unity. Then he came home - and through his editorials and connections - worked to heal our state and country.

He's as much of a pioneer as I am.

Marenya said...

Hello, Josiah. It's a pleasure to hear from you again. I still think you were very daring to offer to go into that tunnel when no one knew where it went or what could be inside it.

Your brother is a very honorable man. I can tell you are justly proud of him.

I would like to honor my father. He served bravely in the War, but was killed by a nightstalker afterwards. He was rescuing a child the lion had carried off. The child lived, but he did not.

(In those days, after Synedd was driven away, the nightstalkers were more numerous and dangerous than they are now.)

His name was Firn Hycliff. He was a King's Ranger.

Marenya said...
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Anonymous said...


I had a teacher in 4th grade. He was cool.

He showed me stuff.

He didn't die though. But I liked him.


Scruffy said...

Woof, woof

Bark, bark

Pink said...


Ricky said...

Hi, Marenya. I didn't know your father died. I'm sorry. Mine passed away too, although it was nothing very heroic.

Our tour is going okay, sort of. The band is getting up to their usual antics, but I've been able to keep them out of any real trouble so far. It's early, though. Anything could happen.

As for kidnapping, I really don't know that's what happened to Thomas. I just know I hired a tour manager for the band's last tour, and he vanished from a club one night. The band swears he isn't dead, only kidnapped, and I suppose they know their enemies better than I do.

Aidan said...

My mother died for me, to give me enough time to escape Maliquium. He tortured her.

And my dad's all right I guess.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Will - he deals with everything - I haven't managed to put him off yet - believe me I tried.


Marenya said...

Oh, Aidan!

Anonymous said...

The dead are dead - see nothing, feel nothing, do nothing.
Those who live with disabilities, after they have sacrificed their health for others, are they honoured - or shunned, pitied and feared?


Aidan said...

Thanks, Marenya.

Aidan said...

I was kidnapped once, Marenya. Maliquium held me in a hole in an underground cave for over a year.

It pretty well sucked.

Candy said...

i got lost coming here today. I saw things about people who had died and it made me sad. People can be so cruel. I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

There has been a ghost in my house for eight days or so.

It isn't anything scary really.

It is male and it startles me because it sounds like my husband on the stair. Sometimes, it sound like someone is in the kitchen. Or someone knocking on the back sliding glass door or walking over the loose slate on the front path.

Recently, our two dogs died. But this sounds like a two footed, taller being, a man I think.

Christine H said...

Owen, I agree with you about disability. Whenever I hear the phrase "ultimate sacrifice" I think that it applies to that case, not to dying. For the dead the struggle is over already.

However, your phrase "shunned, pitied or feared" raises some objections in me. I feel very frustrated. If I show any expression of sympathy at all, it is scorned as "pity." If I don't, I am accused of being uncaring. Holding a door open can prompt rude or impatient looks; not holding a door - the same.

Trying to be kind to someone with a mental disability by befriending them once interfered greatly with my life and even my marriage (because of middle-of-the night phone calls, suicide attempts, etc.), and even ended up putting me in the middle of *her* marriage between her and her husband, because she would call and ask me to come over at inappropriate times. Finally I had to extricate myself completely for my own mental health. I hate to say it, but I would hesitate to do that again.

A Gulf War veteran I knew slightly, committed a brutal crime about two weeks after I went to the movies with him on a friendly date.

So what is a person to do? I feel deeply for those who are disabled - particularly in the service of our country. I feel *that* is the ultimate sacrifice. But the difficulties are real, and ordinary mortals can't be blamed if we don't always know the right thing to do. And sometimes, there isn't a right thing, either, as in the case of the very mentally ill woman I knew. I still pray for her.