Saturday, July 18, 2009

Group Limerick

Let's have some creative fun today. Let's write a limerick together.
And for no particular reason, let's write limerick about this guy. Um, or gal. And here's the first line:

There once a very odd lemur

For those who may not be familiar with the limerick, a limerick follows a five-line format. AABBA, with all the As rhyming and the Bs rhyming. Then a new stanza begins.

A very important point here: we at CIC only follow standard formats when our characters feel like it. So please consider all formats to be in the nature of a suggestion, rather than a rule.

That said, we are positive that all of our characters have a limerick within them, just waiting to get out.

Well, here's our chance. Let it out. Let that limerick fly free in the beautiful sky. Fly, little limerick, fly.

Note: Group projects are everybody posts.


Mira said...

Okay, so AABBA format, just a suggestion.

There once was a very odd lemur

DESTINY said...

I remember that lemur, that was funny.

I like limericks.

So, the second line.

"He had something wrong with his femur.

Anonymous said...

But he took his canoe

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

paddled his way to the zoo

Anonymous said...

And said: what is it I see here?

Ginger said...

But was capsized by a steamer.

Candy said...

Gosh Guys, that's terrible. Let me have a bash.

There once was a very odd lemur
whose exta big eyes should have seen more
But instead he saw less
which caused such distress
He bought glasses and became a consumer.

Oops, just as bad!

Ginger said...

Hmmm, how about this?

There once was a very odd lemur
Who had something wrong with his femur
But he took his canoe
And paddled his way to the zoo
Because he was also a dreamer

He hoped to obtain through his strife
A beautiful, ring-tailed wife
He hoped his poor leg
Wouldn't force him to beg
For someone to love him for life

Anonymous said...

Ginger has it!

Flower said...


There once was a very odd lemur,
Shunned because he was such a schemer,
Strife and anguish he brought,
With his lack of forethought,
That his troop really needed a breather.

Anonymous said...

He whistled in his sleep
and in daylight would peep
twas his music to make
whilst he bake-ed a cake
twas forty layer steep

Aidan said...

Hi everybody. Just got up. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

He slept for a day
in a sack by the bay
and awoke to a whale
who was dodging the hail
and decided to bray

David Jace said...

There once was a very odd lemur,
Who never took coffee with his creamer,
Then in a cafe in Krug,
He looked at his mug,
And said "For this, I could buy a beamer!"

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

So one day this really odd lemur
ran happily off with a streamer.
As he danced down the street
with the lightest of feet
his physique became noticeably leaner.

Mira said...

Sorry no new post today - too much studying - yech.

I shall take a break to let my limerick fly. Although I can't see topping these - very funny:

There once was a very odd lemur
Who did not like his name, which was Seymour
He said a pox on my name
I'll change the rules of this game
And Seymour became the lemur Fleur.

As in Flower? Became a girl? Get it? Ha.

Okay, it's weak but I'm studying.

Gabby said...

There once was a very odd lemur
Who grew up to be quite a good dreamer
In spite of his looks
He wrote very good books
from nightmares which turned out to be screamers

Anonymous said...

I am not a limerickist.

Anonymous said...

There once was a lemur named Alfred
Though he looked most alive he was quite dead
It's the botox, he cried
though it seemeth I died
I am more than myself into blingstead

Anonymous said...


Mira said...