Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Forum Game: Fortune Cookie

Pursuant to our conversation from Tuesday, let's tell fortunes!

Here's a fortune cookie with a pristine slip of paper inside. You write the fortune! It can be for a specific person or for whatever random person happens to find this cookie.

Have fun! Characters only, please.


Ricky said...

The one I should've gotten when I met Kalila was "Be careful what you wish for."

Nevin said...

I'd like to make fortune cookie fortunes that simply said, "Have a nice day."

Bo said...

I'd print up fortunes with my phone number. Come to think of it, that's not a bad idea. Ricky, any ideas how one would go about it?

Ricky said...

Uh, no. Sorry, Bo.

Olivia Marconi said...

For anyone listening, I'd like to share this fortune (one I've actually found in a cookie): "Allow yourself time - you will reach success." Amen to that.

My favorite one (that I have taped on my wall) is "It could be better, but its good enough" (not exactly a fortune, but a hilarious sentiment... if only because of the typo - I guess it really is "good enough").


Anonymous said...


I'd like one that was money.


Anonymous said...

It says: You will read a fortune cookie.

Kalila said...

"You will acquire great riches."

Is that what you're looking for, Shadow?

Ricky said...

Don't accept it, Shadow! Kalila's fortunes come with a catch.

Gabe said...

"Quit screwing up. ~God"


See, I have a sense of humor!

~Gabe, On Common Ground

Aidan said...

I like to add "in bed" to every fortune I get.

Kaelin said...

I basically live with a fortune cookie. It's not all that great.

Aidan said...

You're just pissed cuz you lost at poker last night, Kae.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kalila,

Yes. Can I have that one?

Hi Kaelin and Aidan

You're funny.


Nevin said...

I like the cookies better than the fortunes. The fortunes are often very silly.

Bo said...

Aidan, my fortunes come with "in bed" already written there. You have to add it? Want my cookie source?

Aidan said...

Dude, Bo, I'm joking. I'm sure you're not.

Thanks, Shadow. Kaelin is a sore loser though. He beat me up after.

Kaelin said...

Cheaters get beat up. That's the house rules.

Aidan said...

Well it's pretty hard NOT to cheat with you practically projecting your cards at me with your mind. Sheesh.

Besides, I telepathed my hand accidentally in the third round. Jason cleaned up as I recall. So we're even.

Luke said...

Gabe, you wouldn't know a sense of humor if it held you by your legs and pulled your wings off.

Problem is, cookies aren't usually clairvoyant. So how about something like:

dozen eggs
chicken nuggets

(a grocery list, ya know? get it?)

~Luke, On Common Ground

Nezbit said...

Bo, your fortunes are restricted to beds? How very tame.

These are the fortunes I would give out:

You will suffer the most exquisitly torturous pleasures known to man.

Your soul is in danger. Your body is mine.

~Nezbit, On Common Ground

Candy said...

I'd put "Something wonderful will happen to you in the next few days." That leaves it very open but each morning it would be exciting just to wake up.

Candy said...

I'd put "Something wonderful will happen to you in the next few days." That leaves it very open but each morning it would be exciting just to wake up.

Virtue Almersy said...

How about a fortune you can do something about?

"Visit the bank. You will come into great riches."

Later, chumps, I've got some banking to do!!

Nixie said...

"Denying your connection to nature is like trying to rid your body of water."

After all, water is one of the most basic elements of our bodies, and without nature, man would be nothing.

~Nixie, Nixie

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a fortune cookie. Do you eat it? And swallow the fortune?

Gabby said...

That was me, Gabby.

Vic said...

I don't go near cookies, myself. They're disgusting.

Why can't they put fortunes in blood transfusion bags? That would be useful.