Thursday, June 18, 2009

You and Your World: Money

Let's talk about our money today!

If you don't have dollars in your country or your world, what type of money do you use?

Are you rich or poor? Where does your money come from, and what do you spend it on? Do you give or get alms?

Money has been said to be the root of all evil. Do you believe it? Can one ever have too much?

Tell us what you think about money!


Ginger said...

Everything depends on having money, doesn't it? I'm telling you, with all this bad weather we've been having and the economy the way it is, I'm wondering how long I can stay open.

I feel a little guilty trying to pry money out of the tourists for afternoon tea, but I believe I'm giving them a worthwhile experience and good food in return.

No one's complained yet!

Kaelin said...

We have money. We inherited it from our dad.

Aidan said...

Master of understatement once again, Kae.

We are rich. Our family has a jet, which I guess is technically mine since I'm my dad's first son. We have six houses, some I've never been to. We have a lot of money.

We don't flaunt it much though. It's best not to draw too much attention in our line of work.

Don't feel guilty, Ginger. I'm sure they love your tea and food. I'd love to come try it sometime.

Kalila said...

Human money is nearly worthless, Ginger, so don't worry too much about it.

I have a lot of those dollar things due to wise investments. It's easy to invest for the long term when you've been around for a couple millenia. I have no real need for money, though. I only have it because it's less tiring than using my own energy to conjur things. Money is also a good way to placate humans.

Ricky said...

I used to have a trust fund that my dad set up for me before he died. I used it to start my talent management business. Okay, I also partied a little, but I was young, just out of college, and I thought everything was going to be easy.

I was so wrong.

I was broke when I met Kalila, except for a few stock market investments, which are now worthless. Luckily Kalila pays me a salary, which is unusual in my line of work. She also paid off my credit cards, gave me a nice Christmas bonus, and bought me Lexus after her ex-boyfriend blew up my Tahoe.

I've grown my business, kept my finances straight, and am doing pretty well now. I hope to one day not have to work so hard for my money. Then I can just enjoy my bands and their music, which is why I got into this business in the first place.

Kalila said...

Do you cater events, Ginger? I'll tell Ricky to hire you. We pay well.

Candy said...

That's why I'm stuck in this situation, alone in this big, spooky hotel. Money. My aunt's money. It's the only thing that matters to me. In London I earned money as a barmaid but it all went for rent and what little food we could manage. Brian earned a bit, but he depended on me. I'm going back rich. I hope. Oh,bollocks, I wish aunt wasn't dead though! I wish I were still in my room at Rosehill with her downstairs playing her music. Maybe money isn't everything. Oh, I don't know anything anymore!!

Mitsu said...

Ohayo gozaimasu! Back when I was still living in Japan I never had many yen. My mother and I lived on whatever we could find. Then my mother got sick, and I had to support us on my own.

My spouse's family however is quite rich. It made me quite uncomfortable actually. I felt so out of place among them. Of course I only knew them for a day before I died. I believe they had too much money. It made them insane, or as they liked to say "ecentric."

In the spirit world we do not have money. If you need something, and no one among your dead relatives can help you, you simple barter goods or services. I like it better that way. It makes everyone feel like they are on the same level.

Anonymous said...


I don't have any money. My mom and dad pay for everything.

We live okay, I guess.


Hi Candy


Hi Aidan


shy said...

'Only when the last tree has died and the last river been poisoned and the last fish been caught will we realise we cannot eat money. '

~Cree Indian Proverb

Anonymous said...

I heard they were giving away money here.

I'll take some.

Ginger said...

Hello, Kalila,

I don't think that your fans would really care for tea and scones. But thank you for the suggestion! I think I have my hands full just running this place right now. I'm still trying to figure everything out.

One of the construction workers in the neighborhood has been hanging around here. He's kind of cute. His name is Ray.

He asked me what a "cucumber sandwich" was. I could tell he thought it was a whole cucumber on a hoagie roll, like a giant hot dog!

That made my day!

Anonymous said...


All novels need an editor.

Should I hire one to help its chances for getting an agent or publisher?

$5,000. ??? is the price I was quoted by a very well regarded independent editor.

Yikes. I could go bag groceries for a year.

Anyone here have advice or guidance for a VERY poor writer?

Ginger said...

My spouse was obsessed with money and status. It made him a bit "eccentric" too, I think.

I don't think it matters how much money you have. I think it's the attitude you take towards it. Someone could be very wealthy and do a lot of good for the world. A poor person could be miserable worrying over every cent.

Christine H said...

Absolutely DO NOT pay $5,000 to an editor. That is a total rip-off, especially for someone just starting out.
There are tons of places on the Internet to get free writing advice. I frequent Flogging the Quill, where people put up their first pages for review, and he has a new book out, too, which is $19.95 on Amazon and looks excellent.
There are so many books and websites and such. You can get a lot of help for free or low cost.
By comparison to your quote of $5000, Ray Rhamey, the editor who does Flogging the Quill, only charges $50 to critique your first chapter. Other places might charge $500 for a full manuscript.
Do NOT pay $5,000!!!!
I know how you feel though. It's like I can't get any money to improve my writing until I'm published, but I can't get published until I improve my writing.
Christine - Ginger, Faldur, etc.'s author

Anonymous said...


That's nuts, no way.

Christine's advice is good.

DESTINY said...

I do not use money. I have no need for such frivolous things.

When I want something, I simply go to the store and take it. It now belongs to me.

It is it's Destiny.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the editing advice.

The editor is Very Well Known, has previously edited some very famous books. In many ways, he is a dream editor. He really knows his stuff.

But those famous books were published by publishers who provided his service to the authors. They didn't pay for it.

Now he works for a publisher of non-fiction and,so there is no conflict of interest,
separate from that, edits fiction as a gun for hire.

I was feeling really bad because I don't have $5,000.

I also don't know what I'm doing out there in the trying to get an agent or get published world. So all advice and guidance you guys give me is really great.

Thank you.

Gabby said...

Money? It means nothing out here, a million miles from nowhere. Back in the city I did anything I could for it; stole, mugged, cheated and was even a runner at times. but I always got a beating or was worked over with the cigarette butts when I got home whatever I brought with me.

All money gave me was hatred and pain.
Now all I fight for is my leadership. Much better!

Lazaro said...

You don't need money if you've got brains!

Ricky said...

I don't even want to know the context in which you meant that, Lazaro.

Anonymous said...

the opposite may also be true...

you don't need brains if you have money

Anonymous said...

Well, looking at flogging the quill
(fun site!), I saw that to have the same editing done there would cost me $3,250.

Christine H said...

Dear Anonymous,

I had to search hard at FTQ to find the pricing you were talking about. I see it's based on word count.

I don't think most people pay for that kind of comprehensive editing. Truly. I don't know anyone who has, and two of my online friends got agents in the past few months. Both are housewives writing fantasy, like myself. Once they were accepted, the agents gave them a bunch of suggestions for revisions. So you don't absolutely have to have an editor look at your work before submitting it.

Also, I want to correct what I said before: $5,000 for a full manuscript service is not a rip-off for those who are willing and able to pay for the services of a superstar editor. But it is a way for that editor to limit the number of and type of people who submit to him/her, most of whom are probably already published but looking to take their work to the next level.

Christine H said...

P.S to learn about publishing and finding an agent, check out Nathan Bransford's blog:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Christine!

It's a lot to think about.

Yeah, a superstar editor...

He really is a superstar. And,also he doesn't take just anyone. So, when he said these very positive things about my novel and writing, wow, that was nice. (I was actually afraid he might turn it down.)
(I am still so paranoid that I am hoping it wasn't part of the sell.)

Anyway, hoping this isn't off-track too much for the money topic.It's just that the writers here feel like my peeps!(even the ghouls)

Pelwyn said...

I certainly never imagined myself conversing in a friendly manner with spirits, demons, and vampires either.

Regarding wealth, my father is a lord protector, but his wealth is a tithe of the farmers' yearly produce. Therefore, it is in his interest to manage the land and community well.

Our flocks and land are our real wealth. We worry about them more than coinage.

bunnygirl said...

Anoymous, please feel free to leave contact information so that folks around here who have advice and ideas can share them with you.

Everyone, would there be some interest in having an Author Chat day, with topics such as editing, agents, etc? No need to answer here. Just think about it and I'll put the question in a separate post so we can discuss in a new topic thread.

Kalila said...

Pelwyn, I've been around for a very long time and much of human society used to regard wealth as you do. It's much more sensible than worrying about pieces of paper or numbers in a computer.

Ginger said...


For those of us who can't live in a lamp, money is very essential. Those numbers in the computer and pieces of paper determine whether I have a place to live or not, food, clothing, transportation, the ability to see a doctor when I'm sick... everything.

I know you don't have to worry about those things, being a djinn, but we mere mortals have more immediate concerns. Especially since I can't grow my own tea leaves in New Jersey!

Ginger said...

P.S. I'm sorry I lost my cool, there, Kalila. It's just that the bank statement came today and it wasn't quite what I thought it would be.

I'm going to have some Prince of Wales tea with a stiff dollop of whiskey in it. And half a dozen shortbreads.

Kalila said...

Ginger, if you give me the bank information, I'll fix the computer for you so the zeroes are in the right places.

That's what I did with Ricky's credit card. It made him very happy.

Ricky said...

Kalila, you did what?

I thought you paid that bill by honorable means.

Kalila said...

There's nothing honorable about imaginary money and usorious interest rates, Ricky.

Ginger said...

Ricky, at least she's on your side!

Ricky said...

Ginger, I don't know if she's so much on my side as jealous of anything that distracts me from her or the band.

Kalila said...

Ricky, that's a very unfair thing to say.

Now, quit hanging around here flirting with Ginger and take me guitar shopping like you promised.

Goran Njiric said...

Money. To be honest, I've never had to be too concerned about money.

Since Burroughs station is under the direct supervision of the FGSS, I've only really had to worry about gendarmería scrip. Since I've held some important intel on them for most of my life, I've never had to do any actual work. They seemed content to pay me to do nothing, as well.

I had a job as an interior decorator for a while. I know a lot of cool tricks on how to make a place look bizarre and impressive, but I can make it look as bland as people want, too.

I could say that I wouldn't have taken the money if I knew what it would lead to, but let's face it. It's man's goal in life to get by without doing anything resembling work, right?

Ginger said...

Was Ricky flirting with me? I had no idea.

I have been out of the loop for so long, I don't think I even know how to flirt, let alone date, any more.

Nevin said...

Ginger, Kalila doesn't like Ricky to spend much time talking to women. I think sometimes she worries he'll get tired of being with an immortal and go back to dating humans.

Don't mention I said this, though. She would be angry if she knew.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

To the writer who's courting this superstar editor:

I've been in this line of work for five years (writing and editing a magazine) and you're getting fed a line by this editor. Yes, he may subcontract to publishing houses, but there are no "superstars." If he edited a lot of famous writers' books, meaning GOOD authors, then he probably had to do very little to them.

there are several sites to get writing advice: (for critique exchange)
Make contacts. Find writers online and in person. Create a critique group of people who will tell you what they really think.

I'm in a group with someone who pays an editor. She never hears anything we don't tell her. In other words, she spends money on the same advice we give her for free.

Mira said...

I completely agree with SS@S. '

There are so many resources out there that are free. It just doesn't make sense to shell out that kind of money.

Btw - welcome to the site. I hope you'll pick a character and join in. There are some very strong writers here, and you can develop your skills through interacting with them.

Best of luck to you!