Saturday, June 20, 2009

A forum game: Come as a Famous Person

Let's try something new today, just for fun.

Authors and characters alike. Pick your favorite famous person, fictional or real, and come as them. Then introduce yourself. If you'd like, answer one of the following questions.

Take your pick:

Question #1: Do you prefer a stormy night with cuddling or a romantic dinner at a nice restaurant with ambiance?

Question #2: Is the glass half-full or half-empty?

For today, let's pretend we're someone famous!


Goofy said...

The glass is empty.

I drank it.


Helen Keller said...

From the way I look at things, the glass is definitely always half-full.

Life holds many blessings.

Karl Marx said...

I prefer to cuddle at home in the dark. Why feed the capitalist business monster through frequenting privately owned resturants?

Wake up, people!

Isadora Duncan said...

Ah yes, romantic dinner, followed by dancing..

life is sweet

the cup overflow-eth

Kate Hepburn said...

I like a really big, man-sized big juicy steak, very good, very intelligent company

and a flight over the continent following.

There is always more to savor!

e e cummings said...

what glass is this
a few inches


line of demarcation, and i


1/2 empty or 1/2


Pelwyn said...

At the risk of sounding vain, I will be bold to answer this as myself. I am rather famous in my own country now that I have been chosen by Mel.

I can't say that I prefer stormy nights to clear ones, but we can scarce snatch a private moment these days, so I would prefer the - what did you call it? - cuddling.

Grace Kelly said...

Emancipation of women has made them lose their mystery.

I don't like yelling and fighting, and I can't quarrel.

The glass is more than half full for me. I'm eternally grateful for that. But it pains me when other women resent me for it. I wouldn't wish any less for them.

Dharma said...

Fear closes the night, rain pounding on rusted folds of corrugations overhead. Lightning blinds lidded eyes then nuclear thunder deafens. Touching my partner brings only sweat and heat, never solace. A tree may fall, a landslide suffocate in this deadly place. Only dawn can bring relief. Amanecer. My glass is half full of drowned flies.


I hold a half empty glass of water most dear. As being both half-full and half-empty I did espy a beam of light that didst behave quite strangely.
Verilly, it couldst be said that some of my finest work grew from this moment of idleness and sloth - in lounging beside the glass I didst not return to it's place aright the day before. Others may say that twas my telescope that first made me bethink this way but I say nay - and I should know.

I deemed the light to be refracting into shards of coloured light. I devoted hours to further study until my hypothesis wast complete.

Tis no falsehood when I say the glass in neither half full nor half empty but full of unexpected possibilities if we but turn our our minds to it.

Yours in imagination


Darth Vader said...


A restaurant. They had better not spill the milk.

Why should you care? The glass belongs to me.


Chicken Little said...

Ah, I'm a fictional character, right? Why? Why is the glass half empty? Did they take away half of the milk? Is it aliens? I saw a movie once where aliens came and ate everything. Only NOONE EVER SAW THEM. Is it dinosaurs? I saw a movie once where the dinosaurs were coming and the glass got ALL SHAKY. Is that the milk came alive and walked away and now it's coming to EAT US???? I never saw a movie like that, but I bet there is one.

Oh no, Oh no!! I don't want to be eaten by aliens, dinosaurs and milk! Oh, no!

The milk is coming, the milk is coming!!!!!

Harry Potter said...

Is the glass half empty? I think I know a spell for that.

Aloha Demoran!!

There. Nice and full.

Erwin Schrodinger said...

Until you open the box, the glass is both half-empty and half-full. It is only when you open it that--

What? They're both the same?

Fine. Until you open the box, the cat is...

Aidan said...

I've never thought of being someone else. Really, I've got everyone else's thoughts in my head all day long, so I guess in a way I AM everyone else.

Dunno who my hero is, beside Kae.

Half-full, I guess.

Hey Shadow.

Mira said...

Is it just me, or were some of these really impressive?


Christine H said...
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Christine H said...
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