Sunday, June 28, 2009

Open Dicussion

Authors and Characters alike can feel free to discuss whatever is on their minds.

Possible topic for conversation:

Michael Jackson. For those characters who have not heard of Michael, he was a musician who was both very talented, and very troubled. He recently passed away.

Characters, how do you feel about authors that are um....not all together. Authors, what do you think about creativity vs. emotional health?

Or if that doesn't interest you, talk about what does!


DESTINY said...

Poor Michael.

I have nothing more to add.

Poor Michael.

Abandoned said...

My author ignores me - she says she's thinking about me and working out how I can grow and develop - she says it's hard to make time.
It's not fair.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I'm fortunate that I live in a very creative household with lots of art and reading and writing and live music going on all the time, so I'm surrounded by it. I have to create to keep sane. Just ask my family what I'm like when I'm not writing! Like now, for instance. Craaaab-Y)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone here belongs to writers' groups online?
It seems that someone mentioned this a while ago.
I would be interested in their experiences and if any of these groups are open to join.

Anonymous said...

I think creativity is very healthy.

It's living for the fifteen minutes of fame or for the recognition that sucks.

The business is very tough.
Like climbing up ice.

The creating is like breathing.
Like a warm water sliding into a bigger pool.

bunnygirl said...

Of the many published and unpublished people I've met in person and online, the ones who seem happiest are the ones who write for the love of it and not for the external validation. The ones who need someone else to make them feel legitimate tend to become bitter and unpleasant in short order.

Ricky said...

Analyzing Michael Jackson as a musician and performer, it's obvious that after Thriller he became more interested in chasing fame than in having a good time with his music.

I've seen it with musicians and bands at all levels. Some start out motivated by commercial success and others get sucked into the whole fame and fortune thing later on, but when they quit having fun, it shows up in their work. Their music isn't as creative and enjoyable.

I try and tell this to some of the guys I manage in my line of work, but the ones who need to hear never listen.

Kalila said...

I listen to you, Ricky.

Ricky said...

That's news to me, but thanks.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I'd disagree with wanting and craving some validation ruining creativity and fun. Being read is the completion of my creative cycle. I've made and sold a lot of art in my life, and the validation is great. My son is a drummer, and he plays much better with someone watching him than not. (He also loves to perform.)

I'd still write without external validation, of course, but there's a satisfaction that only comes from someone else bringing their own perceptions to my art. And I like reaching people--I keep readers in mind all the time I'm writing and my skills took huge strides when I did that.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Online groups: I'd recommend if you're into SF/F. Other than that, try to find some betas and make friends. I have a very good friend online and we're also betas for each other.

I also have a face critique group as well, highly recommend that!

bunnygirl said...

What I mean is the order of priorities. If you first want to be famous and only second want to write, play music, act, or whatever, it'll be obvious. It happens often with successful people who become so enamored with their own success that they won't take risks.

When someone is unpublished and publication is their only yardstick of success, they often become bitter haters, resenting other people's success, or else they turn inward and beat themselves up as if they're not worthy human beings any more.

And writing is quite different from performing. I did ballet until my teens and was a solo oboist in high school, and it's very different to be out there under the lights. I enjoyed rehearsing just for the sake of what I was doing, but there's no denying the extra charge of being on stage with people watching. That's not the reason to perform, though. You can tell who's having a good time up there and who's doing it just for the applause.

Anyway, I'm sorry I brought this up since people invariably misunderstand and it's tiresome to try to explain. I'm always happy to get my stories published and I'm looking forward to my novel coming out next year, but that's not why I wrote any of it. If publishing starts killing my bliss, I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

sex scenes =What do you mean by beta? Excuse my ignorance.

There is a wonderful charge from having any performance validated: finishing a marathon, being on stage. Just a few kind words about my writing has me purring all day!

Training, rehearsing, studying, writing are all enhanced by having a goal even though the preparation is the long term enjoyment. Gosh, I'm sounding like a sex manual!

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I understand what you meant, bunnygirl, and we all know those types of people, I think! I just like to point out that validation is not an enemy. And I think art doesn't have to be always about taking risks. If people are buying it, then it's worth something to someone!

Anyone who thinks they're going to get famous writing is nuts. I have friends who are best selling authors, who make a GOOD living doing it, and no one knows them at the grocery store. Heh.

Beta is like "beta testing" in software. It's a reader, generally of the entire work when it's fairly polished--at least that's how I use my betas. I used my critters for much more rough stuff.

Mira said...

No time. Boy, I got so busy all of a sudden.

Anon re. on-line writing groups. I don't have any names for you, but try googling 'on-line writing groups.' I did, and saw some promising options.

This is a really interesting discussion. I'll try to join in later tonight.

Anonymous said...

My husband is an amazing intellect. He just read my novel and I was just beside myself until he finished. And then I was thrilled. He loved it.

I also sent it by an editor I know.(Not one that publishes this sort of writing, but a pro editor anyway.)
He also thought it was good.

I cannot tell you how thrilling that these mature, sophisticated responses were for me.

That said, I have tons of work still ahead in polishing. It seems never-ending.

I would love to have this published. But having it read and enjoyed is heavenly -even by two men.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson's music, his dancing, his performances were awesome.

It seems the other stuff dissolved when he died.

Art lives on.

And craziness disburses, thank God.

Christine H said...

You guys basically *are* my writer's group... along with a couple of online friends.

I feel like I can only write when all my work is done. Which of course is... never!

I know, I know... I DO have some cheese to go with that whine. Stilton or cheddar... take your pick.