Thursday, June 4, 2009

Character of the Week: Ms. Fettleston!

Please let me introduce you to this week's Character of the Week, our Ms. Fettleston. Ms. Fettleston, please let us know more about you:


Thank you Ms. Mira. I am delighted to have an opportunity to chat with all of you young folk. As for me, really, I'm afraid I am not very interesting. But I was quite flattered when that sweet young Candy asked me to speak, and I shall do my best to answer any questions, dear.

I live alone, and I am older, as you know, dear. I have retired from my profession. I was a librarian, and I quite enjoyed my work. I do miss the bustle of the library at times. I was very proud of my section, and I was gratified to receive quite a few commendations from my supervisors. I keep those commendations on a shelf in my den, dear.

What else shall I tell you? I suppose, being young, you would like to know about love in my life. Well, I did have one rather special friend. He was a lively and handsome young man, always full of fun. So charming. Sadly, we argued over something really quite trivial. However, it seemed so important to us at the time! It was quite a bitter argument, and we did not speak for several months. By that time, my young man had found another. We did remain in touch, occasionally. He had three lovely young children, and I send them cards at Christmas.

My goodness, I'm afraid that I do feel a little sad thinking of this, my dear. However, it would be an unusual life that had no regrets, wouldn't it? And I do have many happy memories, as well.

I have been given many blessings, my dear. All things considered, I have had a long and happy life. I have had an opportunity to contribute my little share to the world. I have much to keep my busy: My knitting and hobbies, my garden, my volunteer work at the hospital, and of course, my activities in my Church. The Good Lord has given me many gifts, including such wonderful friends in my life. I am gratified to include you lovely people among them.

Now. Ms. Mira asked me to ask a question to start the discussion off. Well, really, I think that is more than enough about me. Perhaps you can tell me about all of you. I find being around such vibrant young folk to be quite invigorating. I would love to know what your plans are for your life, dears. Perhaps you could tell me all about them.


DESTINY said...

Ms. Fettleston, you have grown into your destiny very nicely.

Christine H said...

Destiny, I am very upset with you. This dog is destined to wake me up early every morning so that I am sluggish the rest of the day. This morning it was 4:30 when he started whining. Oh where oh where is the coffee?

Marenya said...

Hello, Mrs. Fettleston. I am glad to make your acquaintance.

I am a hawin, which is a female Hanorja. Some say our people are related to men and some think we are related to elves. All we know is that our ancestors came over the mountains and here we live now, raising sheep and crops and living our lives peacefully, hidden as much as possible from the wider world.

My father was a King's Ranger. He was killed by a lion, and after that my mother and I went to live with her cousin Lady Tarnbel. She had a daughter my age named Pelwyn and five sons. So, I grew up in a castle with a passel of cousins. Lady Tarnbel died a few years ago, and my mother runs the household for my uncle. He's a stern war veteran and a Delfenward - a regional lord protector.

The King gave him his wardlands to govern. He doesn't own them - the farmers do - but he is responsible for maintaining the roads, administering justice, providing for the poor, and so on. In return he gets a tithe of the annual harvest, most of which is re-invested in the community. It's a very handy system, as any complaints can be taken directly to the King. All authority lies ultimately with him and so everyone tries their best to deal fairly with on another. Most of the time, anyway.

But there is a revolution brewing, and we are afraid of our castle and land being attacked. And someone seems to be after Pelwyn, which is why I took her place.

I don't really have any plans, other than to stay by Pelwyn's side as long as she needs me. She will be Queen one day, and is as dear as a sister to me. I imagine I'll be helping raise her and Mel's children in the palace, just as my mother helped Lady Tarnbel raise hers. It's not a bad life, and much better than I would have expected otherwise.

Sometimes I imagine that Faldur... no, that's foolishness. I'm ashamed for even mentioning him.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Thank you, Mr. Destiny. That is so kind of you to say.

Ms. Christine H., dogs are wonderful creatures, but they are just like young children, aren't they? What kind of dog is he, dear? Is he a large one? I find those rather frightening actually.

Ms. Maryena, your friend is very lucky to have such loyalty at her side, dear. And Faldur is your young man? How exciting!

Candy said...

Hi Ms. Fettlestone. It's great to have you here! I would like to know about your early life? Where were you born? Do you have siblings? What were your dreams? You always seem so calm and nice. were you always that way? I hope you don't think me rude but you're always so nice I wonder if you were born that way or were once at all rebellious, like me?
Now I've got to go. Great Aunt has a surprise for me.
Oh yes, I got here. That weird guy wasn't abducting me at all. But you'd never guess where I am or what Aunt Alex is like . Wow, I still can't believe it!
I 'll talk again in a few hours. 'bye now!

Aidan said...

Hey Mrs F!

Um, about me? Not much to tell. I'm the Seer for Sentinel and everyone's made it pretty clear that they wish it was someone else. I'm a fair shot with a bow.

Oh, Sentinel are all rebelling demons. I'd like to be certain and everything, like I have to pretend to be when I'm at Council. But really, even with seeing the future, I have no idea what's going to happen with this war.

Of course, Uncle Julian would probably say I'm in denial or something.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Good morning, Ms. Candy.

My goodness, so many questions. Thank you for taking such an interest, my dear. Why yes, I had two younger sisters and a brother, who have both since passed on. My mother was rather wild when we were young, so I did my best to take care of my siblings. I'm afraid that may have made me rather staid and responsible, Ms. Candy.

Of course, dear, I have had my moments. I remember once, I may have been abit older than you, my friends talked me into going to a night club. It was rather thrilling, although I did not choose to do that again. And I smoked a cigarette once, dear, which I do not recommend. Cigarettes are quite bad for your health, and are quite unpleasant tasting in addition.

Oh, look at me, going on. I do quite admire your spirit, young Candy. And how exciting to find out your surprise!

Ms. Fettleston said...

Mr. Aidan, oh, no, dear. I am sure that you are a wonderful Seer. If the others don't appreciate you, I have no doubt you shall prove them wrong.

How is your shoulder, Mr. Aidan? I remember that you recently injured it in your recent battle. I do hope you are feeling better.

I always find it so surprising that you are a demon, my dear. You are such a nice young man.

I hope that you will not be offended by this, Mr. Aidan, but should you ever be interested in accompanying me to Church, I would be delighted.

Marenya said...

Dear Mrs. Fettleston,
Faldur is not my young man. He isn't anyone's young man, as he has decided his profession is to dangerous for marriage. He's so determined to die on duty, I almost wish he'd hurry up and do it.
Men can be so stubborn, can't they? But I suppose you know that already. I think I may be very much like you when I am older. I hope so!

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Maryena, what a nic compliment, dear. I thank you. Although, I remember you from our picnic in the cave, and you are quite lovely, really. I do think you will find love in your life, if you want it, my dear.

Now, I am not an expert in love, dear, but I have come to understand that most men are not either. It may be that you need to help Mr. Faldur here. Sometimes a man needs a woman's guidance, don't you think, dear?

Christine H said...

Dear Mrs. Fettleston,

Our dog is a very sweet little beagle dachshund mix. They call them "doxles." Isn't that a silly name? He is small enough that I can pick him up if I need to. I think you'd like him. He isn't scary at all, and loves to fetch balls. I think he whines because he's hungry. He was a stray and is very thin, but I'm trying to fatten him up.

They named him Zeke at the animal shelter. A nice Biblical name, don't you think?

I love your teapot. I have a small collection of them myself.

You can call me Christine if you like. "Ms. Christine H" is so awkward. Or Mrs. Christine.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Certainly I shall call you Christine. Although please forgive me if I forget. I am rather old-fashioned.

How truly wonderful of you to give this stray a home! He is very lucky. He sounds just delightful. I imagine once he trusts that he has found a loving home, he will stop waking you up quite so early.

How lovely that you collect tea sets. That teapot was a gift from my Aunt Bertha. I treasure it.

David Jace said...

It's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Fettleston. You sound as though you've a very pleasant life.

My plans for the future? I don't have time to think about the future, there's too much to do in the now. I suppose my immediate future, at least, will be much as my past has been for the last ten years: I'll walk the deserted streets and alleyways in the darkness, glancing at the moon and wondering if Shakespeare had any clue what he was talking about, whether or not love is as inconstant. And when, echoing in the darkness, I hear the call to service, I'll welcome the feeling of the armor and go looking for justice and hope I'm not too late to save them. When the victims are safe and the lawbreakers secured, I'll watch my armor fade into the wind-blown dust and head for home.

I suppose when it is all said and done, my plans are to survive.

Derek Daniels, The Nanite Chaser

Troubadour said...

My Dear Ms. Fettleston,

It seems as if you have led a rewarding life, but now you must be nearing your end. Perhaps we will meet than, in the moment after your soul leaves your body. I may be there to give you a great big hug.

Ms. Fettleston said...

What a pleasure to meet you Mr. Daniels. You are a hero! What a thrilling adventure, to put on armor and help those in need.

Although I understand that for the truly brave, sacrifices are sometimes required. You do sound as though you are rather alone.

I hope that you find the love you are looking for, dear. There is much love to be found, surely for one as brave and dashing as you. Although I did not find the romance of love myself, dear, I have had much love in my life from my friends, from the children, and, of course, from my Dear Lord.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Mr. Troubador, for a moment there, you frightened me! How naughty of you. But then I remembered that I trust in the protection of my Lord and Savior. He will guide and shelter me.

I would also like to invite you to Church, my dear. It is never too late to find peace, Mr. Troubador.

Aidan said...

My arm is totally fine, Mrs. F. In fact, Marc just beat the cr-- um, did a training session with me. Hand to hand combat and wrestling. It didn't hurt a bit.

Thanks for the invite Mrs F. I studied art history before all this and some of the best art is in Churches. I've been in them so it's not like the cross repels me or anything. I had to pretend to be C of E when I was at Cambridge. I've even had communion.

I don't think I'd get converted though. The only god I know is Maliquium, and he's enough to deal with. But I'm happy to go if you want the company.

I'm a demon all right, but sometimes Jason mutters under his breath that I'm a bloody anomaly. Kae wishes I would be tougher. Marc does his best to train me to fight. But my father was never more proud of me than the day I manipulated the Council to let me on and to imprison my mother rather than kill her.

Of course she died anyway, so maybe they got the better deal.

Aidan said...

I call you a lot worse things than bloody anomoly, Aidan, but I won't repeat them here, in polite company.

Jason said...

Ho, that was me. Hit the wrong name--Jason

David Jace said...

*snicker* Having issues keeping track of the multiple personalities?

This is post is absolutely me. :D


(And I'm not laughing at you, just near you in a time-posted way. ;) )

Ms. Fettleston said...

Mr. Aidan, as always, I am so sorry to hear about your mother. You as well, Mr. Jason.

Well, dear, I have many good friends in the congregation, so you don't need to accompany me for that reason. How sweet of you to offer. However, would find many people who would be willing to assist you with your demon nature, Mr. Aidan. If you ever wish to go, do let me know.

I will say it is enjoyable to see you and your brothers together. Perhaps Church could provide you with some shelter from them, Mr. Aidan.

I am making alittle joke there, of course, dear.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Yes, Mr. Jace, it can happen to the best of us.

I remember once I posted as a man! How embarrassing.

Why, I'm still blushing.

Aidan said...

Heh, good one, Mrs F.

Seriously, though, Marc and Jason never let me out of their sight. They're sworn to protect me by a proper Covenant, so if I die, they die, too.

Jase, Jason sucks with computers, so I'm not surprised he chose my name from the drop down menu. He says the battery in the mouse is dying, but Marc is over there laughing at him, so I'm guessing it was Jason's mistake.

Now Jason's thrown the mouse at Marc and Marc's pitching back pens and stuff. We've been stuck in here too long, obviously. I better go before Uncle Julian comes in.

Christine H said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sex scenes at starbucks said...

Hi, I'm Aidan's author.

Definitely no offense taken. I tend to write and publish dark fiction, so I accepted a long time ago that some people don't accept it. It's meant to go against the grain in some ways, so I'm glad you spoke up! I'm also glad you like the characters; they're super fun to write.

Incidentally, I'm a devout Episcopalian; I believe it's the real Body when I take it.

But this is fiction and these demons aren't based in any kind of Christian theology. Christianity actually doesn't own the concept of "demon", and definitely not these made-up demons. They are "demons" because the underlying theme in the series has to do with the characters' fundamental evil nature and how/can/should they overcome it.

Aidan actually never takes communion in the books. Christ is never mentioned. That's all backstory for the purposes of our game here. But the character did attend Cambridge and likely would have attended church at some point, in the course of studying art and/or just because going to church is what lots of students do. He didn't know he was of demon-blood at that time, though I doubt it would mean much to him. He's a bit of a rule-flouter, our Aidan. :)

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Ah, you didn't have to take it down. I'm cool with it.

Christine H said...

I didn't want to be accused of over-reacting. And I realized, on further reflection, that the type of demon Aidan was, was not the type in the Bible. It did give me pause, however.

Thanks for your gracious post, though!

I think Marenya could definitely have a crush on Aidan, if it weren't for the demon thing. She's not sure how to react to him.

Christine H said...

P.S. She also has a crush on Ricky, but don't tell Kalila. She hasn't met this many men before in her whole life, and is feeling more than a little lovelorn since Faldur made it clear that he's not going to fall in love with anyone, anytime, period.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

Well, Aidan's not your regular kind of demon and he's a terrible flirt, so good luck Marenya!

Aidan said...

You know it's pretty rude to talk about us like we're not even here.

My cousins do that all the time. It's irritating.

Marc said...

That's cuz you're so distracted all the time, mate. If I had 10p for every time you said "Huh?" I'd be a rich man. Demon. Whatever.

Kaelin said...

You're already rich, Marc.

Kaelin said...

Hello, Mrs Fettleston,
How are you today?

Christine H said...

I apologize, Aidan. I didn't know you were still here. It's hard to tell when people are still on or not.

Marenya said...

Hello, Aidan! Please ignore my author. I'm so embarrassed! She jumps to conclusions. I don't have a "crush" on anyone. Gryphons! It's irritating enough when men assume an unattached female is throwing herself at every unattached male, but for another woman to do it?

Aidan said...

I'm sort of flattered, actually.

Marc said...

He's bright red, Marenya. You've got him good and properly embarrassed now. Well done!

Mira said...

Oh wow. Excitement and controversy. Shoot, I had to leave for awhile and I missed it.

Well, it looks like it is all worked out. That's nice. :-)

Let me just say, though, since I know Ms. Fettleston well, that she and I have different beliefs and share different faiths.

All faiths or lack thereof are welcome here. Of course, it's a writing site.

And,of course, characters may have reactions to that. They should. It's part of what the site is for.

Next time there's some controversy, though, could you all wait for me? I love that kind of stuff.

David Jace said...

You seem like a nice lady, so I will talk to you. My plans for the future are basically to kick back and enjoy some life!

I haven't had a vacation in over 800 years, so now that I'm through with the guardian angel schtick, I plan to make the best of it.

Other than putting up with the half-breed hell-baby and watching out for my ex-best friend Micheal, I can spend all my time reading classic literature with a good smoke and enjoy being with Grace now that she's safe from that ridiculous fate.

I suppose you'd say life looks even better from down here than it did from "up there."

Gabe, On Common Ground

Ms. Fettleston said...

Oh my. Do we have a budding romance here? How wonderful! I think Mr. Aidan and Ms. Marenya would make a lovely couple.

Oh, I have goose bumps. How thrilling.

Mr. Gabe! You've been a guardian angel? That is just fascinating. I would dearly love to learn more about your adventures. And after 800 years, I should say it is time for a vacation, dear! I do hope you enjoy it.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Good morning, Ms. Mira.

Yes, dear. Since you did bring it up, I do worry about your soul, at times. Please don't take that personally, my dear. If you would like to attend Church with me this Sunday, you are very welcome, dear.

Perhaps you, I and Mr. Aidan can attend together.

Good afternoon, Mr. Kaelin. I am quite well, and thoroughly enjoying our little discussion.

David Jace said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mira said...

Oh, I should say, I didn't see the deleted post (darn!) so my comments are shooting a bit in the dark.

Ms. Fettleston, thank you. I would join you if Aidan went. I'd like to see that.

David Jace said...

Well, Ma'am, it isn't all it's cracked up to be. Lots of rules and red tape and restrictions. I'll tell you this, though, I never thought I'd be roommates with a demon! At least I still have Grace. She's worth everything.

Gabe, On Common Ground

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Fettleston

Hi Aidan.

Glad your shoulders better.

Hi Candy.


David Jace said...

"I've been having fun! This week, through some click-throughs, I discovered a blog that I quickly joined and have been actively participating in. Come In Character, run by BunnyGirl and Mira,..."

Ms. Fettleston said...

Mr. Gabe, that is quite interesting, yet not exactly how I pictured it. It will be just fascinating to learn more about you. And such a polite young man, too.

Good afternoon, Mr. Shadow. Lovely to see you.

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof, woof!!

Candy said...

Hi Shadow! How's it going, my friend?

And Ms. Fettlestone, I would like to ask what you wore when you were twenty? Y'know. when I arrived at this magnificent villa ( at least that's what I call it, high on a hill about twenty miles outside of san Francisco) my great Aunt ( who looks like a beautiful old ghost) and Mike ( and you know what he looks like!} both discussed me as though I am the weird one! She apologized later and then got mad when I said something about Mike. Said he has cerebral palsy, is a great friend, the brainiest person she's ever known and a successful lawyer.I still think he's spooky but sure won't say anything to Aunt. She said she never mentioned it because she never notices it anymore.
This is an amazing place. Roses, goldfish and there is always opera floating in the air. A Secret stairway leads to my very own room and there's even a bell tower with a bell I rang once.
And the surprise she gave me yesterday was awesome! But she's supposed to die - and, hopefully, soon.
Sorry to go on so...What's the most beautiful place you've ever been? A place that touched your heart?

Anonymous said...

Hi Candy

Hi Candy


Anonymous said...

Hi Gabe

You're a guardian angel?

What do you do? Will you be mine?

Do you know Candy?

Hi Jace

I like it here too.


Ms. Fettleston said...

Good afternoon Scruffy. If you would just quietly sit in the corner, dear, I shall give you a treat and a bowl of water.

Mr. Jace, I am so pleased that you are enjoying our little site.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Candy,

What an exciting adventure you are on! Roses, goldfish and opera? How mysterious. But dear, why do you wish your Aunt will die soon? Is she not kind to you?

What did I wear when I was 20? My goodness dear, I'm not sure if I can remember. I suppose I wore dresses. I have never been in favor of trousers on women. I believe a skirt is so much more flattering, especially when one is walking away, dear. Unless one is naturally gifted, which, to be honest, Ms. Candy, so few of us women are. I do understand that trousers are all the rage now, though.

The most beautiful place that touched my heart? What a lovely question. Perhaps Ms. Mira will ask that question of all of us, dear. For me, my Church, of course. I feel truly uplifted and blessed there. I never feel alone when I am in Church, surrounded by the love of my Lord.

So lovely to chat with you, Ms. Candy.

David Jace said...


First, I'm not a Guardian Angel anymore. You could say I involuntarily quit, but you could also say I told them to go to he-
Anyways, Guardian Angels don't choose assignments anyway, when it is time for our charge to die, we get a short break and are then assigned to a new charge. It's very non-personal; Ford would love it. I guess I just got lucky.

Be careful though, shadows are the medium through which demons move.

Gabe, On Common Ground

Candy said...

Ms. Fettleston, I don't want to be a pest but I don't often get a chance to talk to you. I would love to know what you looked like when you were my age (20) and what has changed with the years, and stayed the same.

What do you watch on tv? Does anything make you really angry? Do you ever feel like slapping someone?
You are always so nice. Surely something upsets your equalibrium?(spelling is not my forte}

You know I'm very fond of you but fear you will not understand my problems if you have never been either very happy or very angry.

Hugs, and did you bring any of your muffins?

Katherine Cheshireson said...

Hello outside world! I guess I'm kind of new at this, Hatter just figured out how to hack out of the society. (This is actually one of my first times to write something on the internet. My computer use used to just be limited to reading books.)

It's lovely to met Ms. Fettleston.

I guess it's best to start by introducing myself. My name is Kathrine Cheshireson, and no that's not my real name. I believe my original name was Amber Politski. (That was two years ago, before I gave up my old life.) I was later referred to by the name Cheshire Cat. (Silly I know, but it was the best way for our group to name ourselves when we had to recreate our identities. After all, it was the Librarian (the computer used to store all literary works in our strange little society) that gave us access to all the records, and no one reads the classics anymore.) Of course just recently my group of friends finally managed to escape, but Hatter (originally called Mad Hatter, and that is how I will forever remember her.) and I stayed to continue the fight and help more "diseased" people like us.

As for my plans for the future, I hope to one day destroy my society. I know that sounds a bit (okay a lot) anarchist, but eh, one must destroy evil when ones sees it right? Also if I get this place to fall I might one day see my friends, Don, Angel, and Goose, again (Originally named Don Juan, Fallen Angel, and Mother Goose) and make sure that Don stopped flirting with anything with a pulse. (He has Angel now, he doesn't NEED anyone else.)

Anyways, Hatter is yelling at me to get off the computer now, before the Enforcers come. So it was lovely meeting you, and perhaps I'll be able to get back on again soon.

Mira said...

David - thanks for the shout out on your blog. I love that you've joined us and are having fun here!

Welcome, Katherine, too. So much fun to have new people.

Nevin said...

Hi, Ms. Fettleston! I missed visiting with you while we were on tour. It's so nice to see you again. I hope you'll have us over for tea again sometime soon.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Candy. My goodness, so many questions. I am quite flattered by your interest. But really, dear, I am always happy to talk to you. We do meet here, you know, and I would be delighted if you came over for tea occasionally.

It is so hard for the young and the old to completely understand each other, isn't it? And we are very different people, I believe. I so admire your spunk, Ms. Candy. I can't always promise to understand you, my dear, but you will always have my fondest regard.

When I was 20, I was considered rather handsome. But I was reserved, so the young men didn't always pursue me. I wish now I had more of your spirit, Ms. Candy. I might have allowed myself to have more fun when I was young.

In terms of what has changed in my looks, well I am older, you know. I'm afraid growing older is a bit harder on the women, dear. But one comes to terms with such things. Don't worry Ms. Candy, old age may take it's toll on us physically, but there are some wonderful compensations.

I'm afraid I don't watch television, dear. I prefer a good book. I have a secret passion for myteries. They can be very thrilling.

I did become angry quite frequently when I was younger. It often seems so silly now, how upset I used to get. Things not in their proper place; people who do not do as they should. There is much room for improvement in this world, dear, and I used to become quite angry at it.

However, as the years go by, you do mellow, though. You'll find out yourself, dear. But not for a good long while. I am sure you have a wonderful, exciting life ahead of you.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Hello, Mr. Nevin. It is so wonderful to have you back. It was very quiet without your band.

I would love to have everyone over for tea soon. What a lovely idea.

Ms. Cheshireson, what a very exciting life that you lead. So much intrigue. And trying to destroy society! How daring! But are you quite sure, dear? I realize that society can be tiring at times, but it does serve it's purpose, you know. Chaos would be rather uncomfortable.

Welcome to the site, my dear.

David Jace said...

H- Hello? Ms. Fettleston?

My name is Faye. I'm here at the lake visiting my Daddy for the summer. But there aren't many kids around to play with. So I play with Nixie! She's my friend in the stream. Even though Daddy says she isn't real. I drew a picture of her, though!

I think I did a good job on her wings. They were tough!

You were a librarian? There's a librarian at my school back near Mommy's house. She's really nice. She reads to us every Tuesday! Or is it Library Wednesday and art on Tuesday? She reads to us every week!

Anyways, nice to meet you! Bye!!

Faye, from Nixie

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Well, I don't have any life plans but I don't have any other ones either.
I went home-schooling with the Sam, Jam and Egg - I went there... didn't 'school' though. Sam and Jam never shut up... my ears bled.


Candy said...

But, Mrs. Fettleston. you didn't answer my question about your looks. What color was your hair? Long or short? Did you have any special feature - like a big nose, buck teeth. sharp chin, beautiful blue eyes? and can you remember some exact clothes you wore? what colour etc? You see I have a motive for all this.
I went up in the hills for a walk and when I came home everything I needed for painting was on my private balcony!Easel. tubes of water colour,brushes and paper. Apart from all the beauty around "Rosehill" I want to paint you and some of my other friends here. Especially Shadow, then he won't worry about not seeing himself in the mirror.
By the way, my return ticket to London is for a month from my arrival, so Aunt must die before then so I get the money. I mustn't forget why I'm here.

Katherine Cheshireson said...

Ms. Fettleston, I guess destroying society was a bit of a harsh phrase to use. I only mean to merge it with the outside world. I would never want pure chaos, especially since here the world collapses into... insanity, I guess you could say, whenever people think the "disease" is a back.

However if it does come to chaos, I claim no blame. It's not my fault they decided to block themselves off from change. After all change must come. If one tries to block it then change can go on a rampage.

It's lovely to meet you Faye. (Your name is so pretty!) One day I'd love to see your drawing. I agree that wings can be tricky to draw. What do they look like? are they clear and dragonfly like? or are they bat like? or what? By the way, I'm sure that you actually saw Nixie. Parents are just stupid sometimes and don't believe their kids.

(I'm afraid I have to go now, Blogger keeps eating my posts. This is the third time I've typed this message.)

David Jace said...

oh, thank you Ms. Katherine! I like my name, too. My full name is Faye Lilly McDermott.

Her wings look like falling rain, so they are Rreeaalllyyy hard to draw! I know parents don't understand everything, but my Daddy is the bestest. Nixie told me he used to be her friend a long time ago when he was little like me! But that he grew up and left her alone.

Faye, Nixie

Ms. Fettleston said...

Hello Faye. I am delighted to make your aquaintance. It sounds as though you have a very special friend. I am very proud of you that you were able to draw her wings. Good for you, dear!

Ms. Cheshireson, you do sound like a determined young lady. Collapsing into insanity seems as though it would be rather unpleasant; I can see why you are looking for an alternative. Perhaps a change is needed, dear. Do be careful though, it does sound dangerous.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Candy, it would be an honor for you to paint my portrait, dear. I am so flattered that you would ask. Besides, I would so dearly love to see your paintings.

Let's see. I do like the color blue, dear. And I frequently wear a shawl. It does get chilly when one is walking.

I have soft white hair, and brown eyes. My young man, the one that I mentioned, said they were hazel and that they sparkled. Young men do say such things, don't they? But they have always looked plain brown to me. I am rather slender, dear, I inherited that from my mother.

My nose is...well, rather ordinary really. It has gotten bigger as I aged, that does happen, dear, but it is not too big. It is so odd to be looking in the mirror trying to describe myself, dear. Such an unusual thing for me to do.

My cheeks are rather high, I suppose. My forehead is a bit too high as well. I do like my hands, Ms. Candy. They are smooth and still limber, at my age. That is a blessing, since I use them so for my knitting and my garden.

Oh goodness. I hope this gives you a picture, Ms. Candy. I am quite embarrassed going on about myself like this. I can assure you that were you to look in my mirror, you would see me blushing.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Candy, that really was silly of me. I didn't need to go on like that. Why don't you come over for tea soon? Then you can meet me. That is much better than describing myself here.

If you would like to see me as a young girl, I can see if I can dig up an old picture.

I feel as though you would like to be my friend, Ms. Candy. I would like that very much as well.

We can discuss your Aunt. I understand that you would like the money, dear, but one only gets a certain number of Aunts in one's lifetime. Perhaps you will grow to love her for more than her money, dear.

Christine H said...

Dear Mrs. Fettleston,
You remind me of Miss Marple. I do love her stories so! Do you like reading Agatha Christie?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Christine, why yes, I love Ms. Marple. She is one of my favorite detectives. I adore all of Ms. Christies' books. They are very puzzling; I so rarely figure them out before the end.

How flattering that you would think I compare to one of her characters. But I don't believe I am nearly as smart as Ms. Marple. She is very clever.

Thank you, my dear.

Marenya said...

Mrs. Fettleston,
I was wondering if you would mind telling us a little bit more about your young man. Was he very handsome? What was it exactly that you quarrelled about? Do you think that if you had gone to him and... tried to change his mind... he might have? Even if it wasn't your fault?

Do you think he really loved you? He couldn't have, could he, if he found someone else so soon?

Hello, Aidan, if you're still here. And Candy, and Shadow, and Nevin and Jason and Faye and Flower and everyone else. I don't mean to ignore you.

Faldur said...

Aidan, you're engaged to be married, isn't that right?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Ms. Mareyna, that is a sad thought, that he didn't really love me. However, I don't believe that, my dear. There was another woman that was my, well, competition, you know.

She was the source of the quarrel, of course. This was not the first time we had quarreled over this. I'm afraid I was rather jealous. He was quite handsome you know, and I could not quite understand what he saw in me.

Perhaps, on some level, I was more comfortable being on my own, dear. After many years, one does look at other reasons why things didn't quite work out.

But I do believe that he loved me. I believe that now, dear. And I know that I did truly love him as well.

Ms. Flower, I am so sorry I did not greet you, dear. I do worry about you alittle. You seem so lost somehow. Perhaps you would like to come over for tea sometime?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Well, it has been just lovely to chat with you today, my dears.

I am rather tired. I had a very nice time today, but this did take a bit more energy than I am used to. I believe I shall eat my supper now, and then turn in for the evening.

I would like to thank Ms. Candy so much for selecting me today. And for all of you young folk for coming and keeping me company.

Have a lovely evening. I am sure we shall speak again soon.

Mira said...

I would like to take a moment to thank Ms. Fettleston for a lively character of the week discussion.

Next week's character of the week is not yet confirmed; I'll announce it as soon as I know.


Mira said...

Oh. I would also like to take a second to discuss what happened here today. Despite my joke about controversy, I realized later that I want to ask people to e-mail me or Ann directly if they have a concern about something at the site. Please don't address it on the site itself.

I am not talking about conflict between characters, that is natural, but concerns about the site, please speak to us.

This points to the need for guidelines, which I have been saying I would draft for a long time, but haven't. I think a site like this really needs them.

Not having them leads to situations like today, where people are not sure how they feel about what is happening here, and can create awkward situations. I'm speaking to Ann about creating them, and sharing them with the site to see what everyone thinks.

In the meantime, please, everyone, let's remember that what happens here, for the most part, is fictional. Freedom of expression is paramount - within the guidelines of a non-adult site.

Thanks in advance for everyone's cooperation

Mira said...

Oh, you know, one last thing.

I want to address this, but I also want to acknowledge that everything today was addressed and resolved amicably, which I really appreciate.

I'm actually grateful for the opportunity to address the larger issues; this was bound to come up sometime.

So, please don't feel like I'm pointed the finger at anyone; today's conflict was handled very well