Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Group Story: Fantasy

Isn't it time we had a nice fantasy story? Bold princes, magical swords, elves, and evil witches? And prophecies! Of course we must have prophecies!


Declan Blake, the Chosen One, stood at the edge of the forest. In one pocket was a magic talisman. In his other pocket was his breakfast, a bit of stale bread. Sadly, the magic talisman was no good at turning stale bread into a proper meal, so he would have to go hungry into the Forest of the Talking Trees.

At least he wasn't without a plan for how he would achieve his quest to save the kingdom from the evil that had befallen it. Nor was he alone...


DESTINY said...

Destiny is not able to participate since Destiny knows the outcome of all stories.

Destiny is frustrated. Destiny likes a good group story as much as anyone.

Destiny is now referring to himself in the 3rd person.

It is his Destiny.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't alone? Who was with him?

Rick Daley said...

Declan turned to face his Elven guide, Tallana.

"You don't have to come any further," he told her.

"Your fate affects us all. My people are as eager as yours to see the land freed from the grasp of Kalarnitag."

Christine H said...

He took her slim, turquoise hand in his strong, brown one and together they walked forward into the shifting shadows.

Why are you here? the trees whispered. Leave us! Leave us! Their branches swayed threateningly, although there was no wind.

Tallana began to sing in a soft, lilting voice. The branches stopped moving and the forest became quiet again.

Then the rumbling of Declan's stomach broke the silence. Tallana laughed. Her song changed, and a walnut tree shivered, dropping a cascade of nuts at their feet.

They scooped up the nuts and filled their pockets. Declan broke the shells with the flat of his sword and ate hungrily.

Suddenly Tallana froze, staring into the dimness. A huge, dark shape was lumbering towards them...

Christine H said...

P.S. Mira - I LOVE that forest picture. I want it for my desktop. Can you email me the link?

Mira said...

(Christine - I didn't download that one - Ann did. She'll be back soon, and can let you know where she got it from. Is it pretty, isn't it?)

Anonymous said...

It was a beast!! A terrible, horrible, awful beast!!!

And it smelled bad, too!

Anonymous said...
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Mira said...

Let's keep it relatively clean please. Family site.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Bad Kalarnitag. Bad. Bad. Bad!" scolded Tallana.

Kalarnitag grinned wickedly. He LIKED getting Tallana's attention.

Anonymous said...

(oh sorry)

Mira said...

No problem. Glad you're having fun.


Anonymous said...

He had done a BAD thing. A BAD, BAD thing. But now it was time to move on, and BITE someone.

Anonymous said...


So, is the Beast going to bite someone?

Hope it's not me.

Or Candy.


Mira said...

Hmmm, so have these group stories run their course?

Would folks like to do something else for awhile?

Mira said...

Well, we've been doing alot of these.

I'll post something alittle different tomorrow.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to pick it up, please feel free.

Candy said...

Sorry, I've had a busy morning.

The beast looked hungry. Anything would do to salve his craving and Declan quickly drew the crust of bread from the depths of his vest and threw it into the slavering jaws. Munch, Munch. The beast gave a much friendlier roar, then plodded forward, offering his forehead for a scratching.
Tatyana laughed. "Look, he wants to help! I shall ride him. Perhaps we can both fit on his back. Dear Beast, you see he's not mean at all! Let's go and clean up this contested piece of land and give it back to the Unicorns to whom it rightfully belongs."

Mira said...

Candy - thank you!

I think maybe people would like a rest from the group stories. Why don't we take a couple of weeks and do something else.

Then, we'll come back to the stories, refreshed and ready to write!

Laurel said...


I don't know how many posters are mothers but the drop off in group story participation seems to coincide with the commencement of summer vacation.

Summer vacation is killing me. I'll never make it. Help.

Mira said...


I feel for you. Really. Personally, I recommend going insane. I think it really helps with the whole parenting thing. Makes it much more fun.

I'm just trying to get a sense of the pulse of the site.

And it's not a big deal. If people would like some variety, that's cool. We've done alot of group stories, and we can return to them. Ann laid out a nice one, and maybe we'll repost in a few weeks.

Or maybe we'll do another one - the harrowing adventures of a parent.

Or would that be TOO scary......?

Christine H said...

Laurel, school doesn't get out here for 2 more weeks! My son's last day is the 19th.

To me, that's cruel and unusual punishment.