Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting to Know You: Fashion

Let's talk about what we like to wear!

Are you a fashion diva? The King of Cool? Do you follow the styles of your time and place, or do you boldly go forth and set fashion rules for others to follow? Or perhaps you don't care at all and just wear whatever is to hand?

Tell us about your look!


Vic said...

I have a black cape for formal and traditional occasions, but it's really not my style. I like my black leather trench coat best.

Bo said...

I wish I didn't have to wear any clothes.

Kalila said...

I wear denim or leather for my shows. And boots. I love boots.

Ricky said...

Kalila, you hardly wear anything at all most of the time.

Kalila said...

Is that a problem?

Ricky said...

I guess it depends on what you consider a problem, Kalila. But given how you complain when men stare at you, it does make me wonder sometimes.

Faldur said...

I usually wear my uniform. Brown wool, black boots, green hooded cloak.

I, too, Kalila, am fond of boots.

I am looking forward to your Character of the Day on Friday.

Faldur said...

Ricky, I have given up trying to understand women. They make no sense at all most of the time.

Perhaps Kalila is just warm.

Faldur said...

But that would make sense, so, probably not.

Ginger said...

I don't normally look like my avatar. This was just something I found on a website with apron patterns.

I usually wear some kind of flowered dress - my brother calls them "Granny dresses" - for the tea room, and a white apron.

We've had so much cold, rainy weather lately, though, that this morning I'm wearing jeans and a big, soft sweatshirt with "Cape May, NJ" embroidered on it.

I hope Bo doesn't find that sexy.

Marenya said...

Bo finds everything sexy, Ginger.

I normally wear plain gowns for work around the castle, and aprons. Right now I'm in Pelwyn's clothes, but they're very dirty and I've lost the blue cloak I embroidered for her.

I haven't seen myself in a mirror for weeks. I have no idea what I look like. I don't think I want to know.

What I wouldn't give for hot water and a comb!

Marenya said...
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Marenya said...

By the by, what is "denim?"

Faldur said...

Marenya, I believe it is a kind of burlap that the commoners value for its durability, which is usually dyed blue and made into pants called "jeans."

America is a poor country, I understand. The people walk around in torn clothing, which is usually either too tight or falling off of them. I don't think we should mention it again; it would be rude.

Marenya said...

Heavens! Poor Kalila. Ricky should buy her some gowns, instead of making her perform in rags.

You can have some of mine, Kalila. I have some beautiful ones at home which I rarely wear.

Kalila said...

Actually, Faldur, America is very strange in that it is a wealthy, class-based country in which nearly everyone tries to pretend that they believe all humans are equal.

I've found that the fashions and fabrics of the poor are often made made by special designers just for rich people, who can then pretend a sort of solidarity with the poor by wearing denim jeans and cotton t-shirts. The difference in price is amazing, though. The rich man and the poor man can wear the same essential outfit, made of very similar fabrics, but the rich man paid far more for his.

And then (this is the most amusing part) after going to such trouble to show how "equal" he is by wearing jeans, the rich man adopts a conceited air toward the poor man!

It's very funny. You really should come and see it sometime. Humans provide me with endless amusement.

Ricky said...

Well, Kalila. I'm glad we can provide you with such fine entertainment.

I favor a look that is typically called "business casual." I never know who I'll meet with in the course of a day, so I've found that khaki slacks and a polo shirt or oxford are good for daytime wear. I need to look professional, but not like a lawyer or something.

How I dress at night depends on which clubs I'll be going to. Most of the clubs Maelstrom plays at are pretty casual, so jeans and a t-shirt are fine. I keep a jacket in my car, though, just in case someone important shows up and I need to make a good impression. I have to always think about my business, and promoting myself is as important as promoting my bands.

Kalila said...

Your offer is very kind, Marenya, but I would trip and fall while performing if I wore a gown.

I also have to consider my image. Rock music is as much about having an appealing "look" as it is about the music. For some reason, Americans like their musicians to look like impoverished street thugs.

Marenya said...


America is quite different from Belhanor, then.

I'm sorry you can't use the gowns, Kalila.

I don't think I'll be needing them.

Aidan said...

Jeans and a t-shirt.

Jason said...

When you remember to GET dressed. Like right now, he's in underwear and flipflops and I don't think he even realizes. Like we want to look at your bird legs.

Good thing we don't have neighbors.

Marc said...

Jase and I just wear jeans and t-shirts, maybe another shirt if we're hiding a gun. We dress Aidan any way we like. For council meetings we lay things out for him. He'd go in board shorts if we let him. I mean, the last time I saw Cassidy he wore jeans hanging together by threads.

Kaelin dresses hip. It's from when he was undercover and going to clubs all the time, I think.

Aidan said...

Casiddy. Remember that dress she wore to Ryanne's coming out? You could practically see right through it.

I really liked that dress.

Aidan said...

Hey, and at least I WORE underwear today. You guys are always bugging me about it.

Aidan said...

Ok, I can't stay quiet any more. I'm Lucy, and I'm Aidan and Kaelin's sister.

I live with these four guys (five if you count Uncle Julian) and on a good day they all go swimming so at least they've rinsed off. They hardly ever do laundry and you should see their rooms! Kaelin picks up, but you can barely walk in the rest of them.

Here at home they wear board shorts all the time. I hate to think what would happen if a Councilor dropped by unannounced.

Aidan said...

Lucy, you can type in your own name.

Aidan said...

Hey Bo, I think we should hang out sometime. I hate dressing up too.

Faldur said...

What do you mean by that comment? Of course you will need your gowns when you come home.

Marenya said...

Aren't you the one who's always saying we should face the truth, Faldur? Things don't look good.

These hallucinations have been so wonderful, especially the picnic.I wish you all really were here and that I could talk to you.

But it's time for me to go deep. I've stayed alert far too long. I need to conserve my strength for when Faldur comes. If he comes.

Good night, everyone. Aden Fath.

Faldur said...

I'll come. I promise.

I'll wake you.

I swear it!

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...


I've never really been 'all that' about clothes - now, I care even less.

Uncle Will and I wear navy - can't do black - jeans, tee-shirts, heavy sweatshirts or weirdly shaped jumpers; it makes doing the washing very easy.
We also need very big jackets - all it does here, in the highlands, is blow gales or rain. So, I may be exaggerating - but I always feel cold.


Yep - Flower - that's it.
Mum was pregnant, and on her own by that time, so I guess no-one was there to tell her it was a bad idea.
On a bad day she used to call me Flo'... to wind me up... if she could do that now and I wouldn't mind at all.

Anonymous said...


I don't know.

I wear what my mom buys.

Jeans and a t-shirt.

I don't care so much.


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone

I had to go out of town. My mom took me.

Hi Aidan. Where did you go?


shy said...

'Never wear anything that panics the cat.'

~P.J. O'Rourke

Pelwyn said...

My name means "white flower" in our language, Flower!

Ginger said...

At least you don't have a dog's name, Flower. My brother used to call me like this when we were kids:
"Here Ginger, here girl! Come on!"

Once he gave me a box of Milk-Bones for my birthday.

WV: thetrymi: (the-try-me) - Bo's approach to women. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist!)

Bo said...

I think you look very sexy in your apron, Ginger. Let me know if you ever need any help taking it off.

I'm sorry your brother made fun of you. I have a sister and we've always gotten along pretty well.

Ricky said...

My brother made fun of me too, Ginger. He still does.

Ginger said...

Why would he make fun of you, Ricky? You seem pretty successful and down-to-earth.

Bo, if my apron gets knotted, I'll just use scissors, honey. But thank you anyways.

(There is no way I'm letting that body near this body, because I haven't had anybody in over two years. I don't trust myself any further than I can throw you!)

Ginger said...

By the way, isn't Candy's real name Daisy?

You're in very good company, Flower! Perhaps you all should start a club.

Perhaps I could be in it, too. Ginger is a plant.

Ginger said...

Hey, guess what! Ginger has white flowers, too! I can be in the club.

I know I'm being silly, but for some reason this makes me happy.

Perhaps I really do need to get out more.

Nevin said...

I think flowers are lovely. We have a lot of people here with very nice names.

I like colorful clothes and things that sparkle, but Vic says my clothes are "nelly" or something like that, and Kalila has asked me to wear dark colors for our shows.

Dark colors make me sad.

I see we have people here who like t-shirts. I have a favorite one that says "Save the Rainforest."

Gabby said...

Every dude here wears the same thing. Jeans and a blue cotton shirt, black socks and white sneakers. They shaved our heads when we first got here and now mine is like a tight black lawn. That's good. I never got to comb it. The guards get real pissed if we aren't wearing everything right but sometimes I leave off my socks and they don't notice. White guys can't do that!

Nevin said...

I think it would be terrible to have to wear the same thing as everyone else, Gabby. You must get depressed.

Candy said...

You're not supposed to remember that awful name of mine! Not so bad if I think of a flower, it was always a cow's name to me.
Let's see, I'm wearing : A purple mini (very) dress over black tights, a black vest and leather collar with steel studs around my neck. I have three earrings in my right ear and four in my left, a stud in my right nostril, through my bottom lip and in the back of my tongue. I did have a ring through my nose but left that on the table by our bed. Oh yes I have a stud through my right eyebrow too. I have rings on my fingers and on two toes. Black lipstick, around my eyes and on my finger and toe nails. White makeup and short, upright purple hair.Also a couple of tattoos but they don't show.

Blimey, when I read all that it does seem a lot! No wonder they looked at me in the lobby when I came in. Well, that's good. What I want. Isn't it? Aunt never said a thing about it.

Goran Njiric said...

I wish I could have managed to live in a time when jeans were considered practical, everyday wear. Back then, at least you could find things made out of real fabric.

Today? Everything is plastic. Comfortable plastic, that they've managed to get to breathe somehow, but plastic nonetheless. My favorite outfit, which I'll tell you about, is one that I managed to cobble together after years of looking for just the right thing. Out here in the colonies, it's expected that you might have one article of real clothing, ever, in your life. So, people don't look at you too weird when you wear the same thing to society functions.

I hit the mother lode. I managed to get a pair of real-leather shoes from Earthside, a belt as well. Even better, they MATCHED. With those alone, I was the best set man in the Colony. But I couldn't stop there.

I found a Martian tailor who went by the name 'Eszar'. When I had managed to get enough money together, I commissioned a flowshirt from him, which is a proper style of shirt that is kept in constant motion by nanofilament wires constantly under current. I has many settings, from 'dramatic wind' to 'radiant ripple'. It was the last one he made before his little homestead was bombed into the ground for sedition against the Queen. Mars was always a little weird. Still, I got my shirt. It's a nice brownish green.

The pants, unfortunately, could not be commissioned from Eszar, as he was paste at the bottom of a new crater by the time I was ready to get them. Instead, I had an ex-lover make an Eszar replica of standard, rigid slacks, but with flowshirt-like commands. He performed admirably, and made the finest pants I've ever worn.

Along with these, I have a waistcoat to match the pants. It was my grandfather's, and my father brought it up from earth. I'm led to understand that this was not considered proper attire at the time, and that it was likely used for acting or somesuch. Suffice to say, it is of real fabric and still holds up to this day.

The best part about this outfit is that it just requires a bit of vacuum cleaning and minor irradiation, and it's done. I don't need any fancy maintenance items, other than leather treatments.

When I'm in that outfit, rather than the uniform I'm in now, with the FGSS, I feel like I can take on the world.

It's a shame I have no one to pass it down to.

Maxwell said...

I wear glasses, protect my eyes.

Gloves, protect my hands.

Lab coat, protect my clothes.

I look good.

Aidan said...

Candy, I think your look sounds kinda hot.

Aidan said...

Hey Shadow,

Where'd you go on your vacation? Did you go to a cave or something? I couldn't sense where you were at all.

Aidan said...

Oh, you asked where we went, Shadow. Um, yeah. We went to Amsterdam to do a little hunting for this missing ranger. Big shootout in this bar.

It was weird. When it happened, we were shooting and stuff (there was blood and glass everywhere) and then afterward, when we had her back and I was yelling at her because she can't remember anything I got really fucking scared. I was shaking and shit and starting to pretty well lose it.

Nobody knows that but Jason.

Somebody stripped the Knot off her arm. Now she can't remember who she is or anything and it's... it's like parts of her are flaking away, like how you can shave powder off a a piece of chalk. Uncle Julian said she won't live much longer.



It really sucks.

Don't go undergrond too bad, Marenya. Faldur is right. He's coming.

Goran Njiric said...

I will agree. That does sound like quite an outfit there, Candy. I once dated a girl who used to dress like that. Very pretty. Unfortunately, she became an EVA specialist. From there on out, it was all low-maintenance and uninspired shirts and pants. But that was well after my time with her, thank goodness. It's difficult to find anything interesting in someone with no sense of style.

Pelwyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pelwyn said...

Hello, Aidan,
I am saddened to hear about your mission. I trust that you can find a way to save this Ranger. She is a female? That is interesting. The women in your country must be very brave.
Marenya cannot hear you. She has gone into a deep sleep, that will help her survive longer. Faldur and Mel have gone to find her.
If you need care yourself, you are welcome to come here to the capital for a time and recover.
But please don't tell anyone I'm here. I shouldn't even be talking to you!

Aidan said...

Thanks Pelwyn

I'm all right, not hurt. I just found out Lashley, that was her name, Lashley, died this afternoon.

Some one did this to her and when I find out, we'll make them pay.

I won't tell anyone. I'm not supposed to be on here either. If Uncle Julian, or gods below, the Lord Prince found out, I'd be toast.