Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Emote This: Sadness

Sadness. What makes you feel sad? How do you feel when you feel sad? Is it a yearning? An ache? A burning? Do you let yourself feel sadness, or do you cover it with other feelings?

Let us into your world. Tell us about when you feel sad.

Just in case.....


Anonymous said...

Little kittens on fire.

That makes me feel sad.

DESTINY said...

Destiny feels sad that people don't follow their Destiny.

Destiny also doesn't like to see kittens on fire. That's a definite downer.

Christine H said...

Hey Mira,
Regarding the group story... don't feel bad. I think it's a busy time of year for everyone, and with the nicer weather people are outside more.
Have a great day, Everyone!

Mira said...

Thanks, Christine. :-)

Anonymous said...


I feel sad sometimes, I guess.

I don't always have someone to talk to.


Candy said...

I feel sad when I am somewhere very beautiful and have no one special to share it with. I feel terribly sad when I see animals who need a home having been deserted by their owner, or when I see or hear of any animal being abused. When I see someone who is lonely or sad. Homeless people. Sadness is a well at the back of the eyes and a lump in the throat. Unlike grief which is one big wrenching ache.

shy said...

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”

~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Maxwell said...

Never feel sad.

Never, never.



Aidan said...

I guess I fall into the grief category.

Heyya Shadow.

Aidan said...

Oh come on, Max. Even when the bomb fuse gets wet?

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

How are you?


Scruffy said...

Wimper, wimper, wimper, wimper

shuffle, shuffle, shuffle

moan, moan, moan

ah-oooooo, ah-oooooo, ah-ooooooo

sniff, sniff, sniff

Aidan said...

Hey Shadow
I'm doing all right, bro. Kinda busy today. We're tracking the enemy. Got a big raid tonight.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad that the group story might disappear. It is my favorite blog day here.
I'm sorry if I got too enthusiastic too. (Thought that with heaving bosoms in other story lines, that more silliness could occur too. Sorry if I stepped over the line in response to the previous post. I will behave. I will behave.)

Anonymous said...

I get sad when my mailbox is full of rejections and I really don't know if my novel is any good anymore and now I have so much self-doubt.

Anonymous said...

I get sad when I click "send" and then afterwards see all the typos in the e-mail I just sent.

(And I DID proof read it a bunch of times. Why? Why? Why does this happen?)

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

'Get sad' - sounds almost like you'd get to choose to feel or not.
It's a little word - sad - for such an infinite feeling. I want to feel a little sad... I don't at the minute.
Have you noticed how heavy sad feels?


Christine H said...

Anonymous ~ you get rejections??? That means you actually have finished stuff and sent it off??? That's fantastic!!!!

You're way ahead of me! Don't feel sad, feel proud.

Marenya said...

I probably would feel sad if I had time to think about it. But so much is happening so fast, I'm just struggling to stay abreast of the moment. Survival is all I'm thinking about right now.

I'll probably have a good, long cry after this is all over.

Marenya said...

Kittens on fire? That would make me angry, not sad! I would put out the fire and nurse them back to health.

Not even Synedd would do such a thing.

Faldur said...

I don't think I feel sad about anything. Or happy. I just live in the moment. Take it one challenge at a time. Emotions waste energy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

WOW. Can I come?



Mira said...

Anon 12:30

You know, after deleting your post, I thought about it. I think I was too quick on the trigger.

In retrospect, I think it was a judgement call, and your post probably was fine.

I'm sorry.

And we're definitely not letting go of group story day - it's too fun. But it does take alot of effort, and maybe doing it every other week or something would work better.

It's good to have variety.

I'm sorry about your post.

It's hard sometimes to know what to do when you're in charge. When Ann's back, it will be nice - I can get her take on things.

Anonymous said...

I feel sad right now.

I always feel sad.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

Yes, dear. You are asking what makes me feel sad?

Well, dear, I sometimes do feel rather blue when I see little children who look sad or scared, dear. The world can be such a difficult place for the little ones, can't it.

I like to cheer them up if I can. I give them my special oatmeal raisin cookies, and tell them a story. Then, I'll give them a big hug. Children are so wonderful and precious, aren't they.

Have a lovely day, Ms. Mira.


Ms. Fettleston

Maxwell said...


My bombs always go off.

Make other people sad.

Not me.

Aidan said...

Somehow I knew you'd say that, Max.

Not this time, Shadow. Too dangerous. I'll take you sometime.

However, I thought of something that makes me sad. You know how Lady Jane Grey got executed in the Tower? There's this huge painting of it at a museum in London. That painting always makes me sad. She was only 17.

And she never wanted to be queen at all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

That's too bad.

Next time would be okay. I don't mind danger.

That painting does sound sad.


sex scenes at starbucks said...

re: rejections.

I'm a magazine editor. Rejections rarely mean your work is "bad". Seriously. It means it's not right for that person, just like the last book you picked up, read the jacket, and set back down wasn't right for you.

If anyone's interested in some cheering up, I'm having a bit of a party over at my blog for my 1000th post. (Hopefully Mira doesn't mind my mentioning it) :)

Mira said...

Are you kidding, I don't mind at all! How wonderful!

Feel free to link it if you like. I'll try to pop in myself.

Mira said...

Nice pictures at your party, SS@S.

Very nice.

Not sad pictures at all.

sex scenes at starbucks said...

I try. :)

Aidan said...

Hey guys,
Marc made chocolate chip cookies. He's willing to share...

Marenya said...

What are chocolate chips? Cookies of any kind sound good to me. Could I have one?

Anonymous said...


I like chocolate chip cookies.


Marc said...

Plenty for everyone. And I just sent Jason after milk.

Nothing like chocolate to gear you up for demon-killing.

David Jace said...

You mortals know nothing of sadness. You think that a dark cloud in an afternoon of a summer's day that is a blink in the annals of time is something to be sad over. You cry over a "lost love" that was never meant to be yours in the first place. You cannot be justifiably sad when you do not know for what happinesses you were meant! Try serving countless uncaring mortals for centuries and see how sad you get. Or consider losing your one true, forbidden love and looking forward at the prospect of existing for hundreds of years beyond her death and then tell me you have glimpsed the shadow of the meaning of the word.

~Gabe from On Common Ground

P.S. Mira, I'm sorry to hear about your rejection, but I am thrilled that your amazingly written post brought me to your blog where I have now joined and commented!

Mira said...

Ooo, a newbie! Welcome Jace. And one with such eloquent words of loss.

That softens the blow a great deal.


David Jace said...

*grin* If you think Gabe is good with words, wait until you meet Nezbit! :)

(although you can meet both under the On Common Ground link on my webpage- with pictures, even!)

And thank you so very much, Mira, for welcoming me. :) I'm quite excited to be here!

Mira said...

Me, too, David.

I can't wait to me Nezbit. Bring the whole crowd! :-)

David Jace said...

Nezbit just posted on the post about Favorite foods from a few days ago...

Mira said...

Cool - so much fun to have newbie!

Welcome, Nezbit and Gabe

Goran Njiric said...

Everything's... everyone, is gone.

One volley from a Martian Royalist vessel. I knew they had mass driver warheads that could turn into clouds of shrapnel, but that they managed to hit our hydrogen tanks while we weren't even head-on into that cloud? Preposterous!

We're all going to die. Power is barely holding. It will be years until we can hit a safe return orbit, possibly decades. I don't know if the food or life support would last that long. There are sixty on the ship. There's... I can't do anything to help. The Captain and officers are starting to talk about using their pills. Everyone else is, too. These are good men and women, damnit.

Captain just gave the order. She didn't seem too happy. I'll go and talk to her. I'm ashamed to say this, being on this ship, this long... I don't want to die.

Since Goran tends to not get sad about other things, I figured something that actually made him sad should pop up.