Sunday, June 7, 2009

Getting to know you: The most beautiful place you've been?

Candy asked such a wonderful question of Ms. Fettleston, we thought it would be nice to hear everyone's answer:

What is the most beautiful place you've been? A place that touched your heart?

Please tell us all about it. We'd like to go there with you.


DESTINY said...

On your earth? I admit to having a weakness for Easter Island. Perhaps that is due to my memories; they give it color.

I enjoy the Galapagos as well. I like to muse upon the animals, and consider their evolution.

Atlantis was a fun place to visit, as well.

Anonymous said...


We went to the beach. I like the ocean.

I like the girls.

Does that count?


Candy said...

Bredon Hill in Worcestershire. In a hollow on top an elephant crouches, He is a natural stone formation, and if you sit on his back and wish your wish will come true. I would ride my horse up the hill, through fields of bluebells, and sit looking out over a world of farms and villages. Sometimes gypsy caravans cluster in fields below. The wind is soft and musical with the bleating of sheep and on Sunday the drift of churchbells. It is a place in which to dream.

I'm afraid my author dictated this for me although I've been there too.

Troubadour said...

In my mother's arms when I was a child.

Kaelin said...

Outside my window, the ocean rolls away into a turquoise horizon. Jason is surfing. Aidan is swimming out. He'll body surf back to shore. He needs to lighten up--he was in a mood this morning. He even yelled at Lucy for borrowing his t-shirt to swim in.

Marc dropped something in the kitchen and cursed. Uncle Julian chided him for it. Uncle Julian doesn't approve of base behavior, but he doesn't sound very mad.

Lucy's in her room on the phone to Lord Prince Arond-- I can tell by her tone and Aidan's mood that something's going down.

This is the most beautiful place I've been, but I never get to stay for long.

Scruffy said...

Woof, woof!

Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch

Chew, chew, chew, chew, chew

Lick, lick, lick, lick

Lap, lap, lap, lap

Wag, wag, wag, wag

Shy said...

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ricky said...

I've been to some great places on family trips when I was a kid, during my college semester abroad, and when I used to take girlfriends on long country weekends when I was living off my trust fund and managing bands that sucked.

The place that really sticks with me, though, is the lake me and my dad went fishing at the summer before he died. It was a nice lake, but I've seen better. My dad was the only one in my family who really understood me though, and hanging out with him made that lake the most beautiful place on earth.

Kalila said...

You took human girlfriends places? You've never taken me anywhere, Ricky. We need to talk.

Ricky said...

Damn. I knew I was asking for it, answering this stupid question.

Fine, Kalila. We'll talk.

See you later, everyone. If I survive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rickey

Good luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy

That sounds pretty


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaelin

That sounds fun. I like the beach too.


Aidan said...

Hey Shadow,

I like the beach okay, but my favorite place to spend an afternoon is an art gallery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aidan,

I've never been to Art. Is it fun?


Maxwell said...

I like my basement.

Smell good.

Lots of chemicals.

Aidan said...

You know, Shadow, an art gallery. Or a museum. Whichever. I just like to see others' perceptions of the world.

Jason said...

You're a Seer. You see others' perceptions of the world ALL DAY LONG.

Aidan said...

Yeah, but sculpture and paintings are different. It's...quieter.

Nevin said...

I like art, too!

I also like mountains, forests, waterfalls...peaceful, natural places. I think Ricky's lake would be nice.

Kalila said...

Ricky is going to take me to a lake.

Bo said...

And throw you in, if he has any sense.

Kalila said...

Would you like me to kick you out of the band again, Bo? Bass players are a dime a dozen.

Bo said...

Just passing through on my way to the strip club. See ya.

Katherine Cheshireson said...

There is an old church here. It hasn't been used in decades, and vandals have gotten to it. Several of the pews are broken, and fires from one of the riots burned off the roof of the steeple. By all accounts it should be an eye sore, but I still love it there.

I go there whenever I'm stressed. I sit and watch the way the light falls through the missing roof and broken stain glass, and wonder what life must have been like back when this building used to be used. When people still believed in some sort of loving god...

Chicken Little said...

Troubadour, you're like me. I like my mother's arms. I feel safe there. Of course, I saw a movie once where the mother ate her child.

Do you think my mother will eat me????????

Oh, no. I'm going to get eaten by my mother. Oh no. Oh no. I don't want to be eaten by my mother.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

Henny Penny, am I going to be eaten by my mother????

Marenya said...

I would have said Glenyhm, which is the castle and town in the mountains where I grew up with Pelwyn and the rest of my cousins, until my adventure began.

Now I would have to say it was Brambleburr's house in the forest, where he brought us after the lions attacked. It is actually a huge tree trunk made up of a ring of trees that grew into a circle, and their branches form different floors inside. At the very top is a hollow flat place where you can sit and look over the top of the whole forest, with the silver rain falling quietly around you.

And then the gryphon appeared and his inner light turned the raindrops to gold all around him.

That is the most beautiful place I've ever been.

Anonymous said...

Inside a carton of ice cream.

Anonymous 2 said...

You were inside a carton of ice cream? Are you a mouse? Wasn't it cold?

Anonymous said...

It was cold but strangely beautiful. So beautiful, I ate it.

Candy said...

Marenya, that sounds a very beautiful place. I would like to paint a picture of it.
I had a friend named Gabby. He killed his mother (she deserved it) and was sent to a prison for bad kids, a long way off in the Faraway Wood. I mean he was a bad kid, a gang leader - real tough. But he found his way into the Mystical wood and it was beautiful like your tree house. He became friends with the unicorn there. Gabby had never seen anything beautiful before and it about tore him apart 'cause he still had to be mean to stay leader back at the prison. I remember him telling me about the place though and I still dream about it sometimes.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Ms. Mira,

What a lovely question. I believed I answered it previously when I told you of my church. However, I also enjoy my garden. I find it very peaceful to work, tending my flowers. I also have a bird bath in one corner. The birds are so delightful when they dip their little beaks into the water. If I throw them a piece of my sandwich bread, they will become quite brave and hop very close to me.

Dear Ms. Katherine,

I also find solace in my church, dear. It does not matter if it's old and broken. One can always find comfort and love there. I am so happy that you have found such a refuge. God does love us, my dear, even when we do not believe in him.


Ms. Fettleston

Kaelin said...

Ms Fettleston,

Aidan is quite handy in the garden. Maybe being among your flowers would lighten his mood a bit.

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Kaelin,

That would be lovely. I would love to have Mr. Aidan join me. Actually, there are some bushes that need trimming, and I'm afraid that the machine is rather heavy for me. A young man's help would be most appreciated.

As well as his companionship, of course.

You are welcome, too, my dear.


Ms. Fettleston

Anonymous said...


David Jace said...

Shy: Love the quote!!


In the game upload scene, right before you select a Hero. All the stars, it's like floating in the middle of a starlit night or in space, but you can breath and stuff. It's really pretty there.

~Chelsey, Hero Games

The most beautiful place I've been? The seat of power!

~Nezbit, On Common Ground

I don't want to talk about it. It doesn't matter how beautiful or nice Heaven is; I'm not going back.

Gabe, On Common Ground

That's an easy question! My stream, after or during a nice spring rain. Everything is so alive and clean! I can't help but dance in that.

Nixie, Nixie

The top of the water tower, right before I jumped. You could see the whole town from up there. Nothing mattered, nothing down there could touch me. And then I flew.

John, As Life Goes By

Beautiful Places? Man, the universe is full of those! You got the upsidedown waterfalls on Graulnut in the Fostic System, and the Light Dancers on Povalt during the fifth season of their year (Don't go during the first season, but the rainy era is pretty good.). Of course, a lot of people would say the frozen lava ranches of Jarkar 2 or Nova Surfing events, if you're into that. Me, I like Earth. Yeah, it sux to have to dye your skin every few months and stuff like that to blend into the locals, but there's a quaint, down-home kind of feeling here. Roughing it, with beings that are just barely discovering technology and centuries from really entering the Ionic Age. Yep, those other places are nice to visit, but this is home for me.

~Thassodar Jax, Work Untitled

Aidan said...

Hey, guys, what's going on?

Kaelin said...

He's on his way, Ms. Fettleston, with bells on.

(He's only crabby with his family. With you I'm certain he'll be a perfect gentleman.)

Aidan said...

Hey, nice garden. But why are we here--hey, Kae? Where ya going?

Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Mr. Aidan and Mr. Kaelin,

How lovely of you to join me, dears.

Now, if you strong young men wouldn't mind taking that hedge trimmer. The hedge goes around the house, and then doubles back around the edge of the garden, now. I'm afraid those thick branches are much too heavy for me to cut off.

Don't forget the edging, dears.

Oh, how wonderful of you to come today to help me with my little chores. Thank you, my dears.

I'll just make you some lemonade and cookies while you get to work.


Ms. Fettleston

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

Hampstead Heath
We used to catch the tube down to Belsize Park after school and walk up to the top.
Some of the paths go through the woods and those we didn't do - not that stupid!
But the view down over London is the most amazing thing - it never looks the same. Stained with dark clouds the place looked like it was seething doom and gloom. In sunlight the city sparkled and glowed and pulled on me magnetically like boredom to excitement - impossibly attractive.


Yellow said...


Ms. Fettleston said...

Dear Chelsey, Nesbit, Nixie, John, Gabe and Jax,

How absolutely wonderful! So many new companions for our site. I am so delighted to be meeting you!

I look forward to many interesting conversations.

Have a lovely evening.


Ms. Fettleston

Shy said...

Shy: Love the quote!!



"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind."

~Malayan Proverb

David Jace said...

Shy said...

"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind."

~Malayan Proverb
June 8, 2009 7:54 PM

Shy, Kindness is not a loan, but a gift from one soul to another, and thus needs no repayment, but if anything, should be rewrapped, and regifted so that the world may prosper from the redistribution of kindness.


Shy said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble."

~Bob Hope

Goran Njiric said...

That picture is amazingly relevant to my place.

Earth orbit. Not geosynchronous earth orbit, but low-earth orbit. It's beautiful there.

You people don't knwo what you're missing, until you've actually seen it from up here. It's something beautiful. Something precious. Never mind that it's moving absurdly fast and likely to kill you if you come at it the wrong way.

I'd lived in a station all my life. That, below, it looked like home. Especially watching the sun rise while EVA. We're not supposed to do it, due to the sheer amount of radiation we can get from it, but I was able to snag an engineering suit.

I cried so hard that they had to use the ship's arm to drag me in.