Sunday, June 14, 2009

Open Discussion and Question: Why don't characters follow orders?

As always, Authors and Characters alike can feel free to discuss whatever is on your mind.

Possible discussion question:

Characters are notorious for having their own minds. What about the characters here? Do they follow orders like they should?

Or are they constantly balking: But I don't want to jump into the bubbling pit. It's scary down there!

And for characters:

Why don't you do as you're told? What's the problem here? Is it so little to ask that you give away all of your worldly possessions and lead a life of pious solitude? Some people enjoy pious solitude. Come on. Try it. You'll like it.

Let's chat!


DESTINY said...

I do not have an author. I am Destiny.

However, if I did, my author would need to follow my instructions, not the reverse.

Undoubtedly, my author would stuggle with fate like all other humans. Why do you resist what is in your best interest?

It is your Destiny.

Destiny's Author said...


Charlene said...

While Tanessa and Brandon would both argue that they are their own people and refuse to be controlled by the hand of another (no matter whose hand it is) I find they actually don't do a lot of complaining until AFTER its already happened. They jump before they have the time to think it over, and then react accordingly to being pushed.


Ricky said...

I try to do what my author wants, but it's not like she makes it easy. Sometimes I have to tell her no and point out that she keeps putting me in impossible situations.

Kalila said...

My author is human. I'm a djinn. Djinns don't take orders from humans.

Candy said...

What's an author? I haven't noticed having one unless you mean the God I learned about in Sunday school. surely he doesn't put me in all the situations I get into.
Maybe I could start over with a different author, I'd have to think about who I'd choose. Hmmm

Bo said...

Hi, Candy! You're looking sexy this morning.

If I could choose another author, I'd pick de Sade. Or maybe Dante, as long as he'd promise to put me in whatever circle of Hell the lustful go to. That would be a good time.

Laurel said...

This is a relatively new discovery for me. I have concluded it's a socially acceptable version of multiple personality disorder.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

I do as little as I can get away with - bit of wandering and as little thinking as possible.


My author seems to spend a lot of time moving very little and thinking a lot - we must be soulmates - two halves of the same ... 'hole'!

Gabby said...

My author put me on a yellow bus along with a bunch of other convicted juvenile felons, took away my voice, and dumped me in this prison they call a reformatory a million miles from nowhere. I didn't have any say at all. (especially being mute). I don't think my author knows that I found a way into the Mystical Wood though, and I'm sure as hell not going to tell.

Candy's author said...

Gabby, you can't complain, one of my characters just killed herself off! I was stunned. Don't tell Candy though, it's her aunt and she won't find out for a while yet. Too bad, she was a super lady and I'm afraid Candy is growing fond of her.

Marenya said...

Why don't we follow orders? Why don't you follow orders?

We don't because we are real people, with our own ideas and feelings just like you. We have found you - our authors - as the means through which our voices can be heard in your world. It is quite frustrating, however, that you are so difficult to guide.

Katherine Cheshireson said...

I tend to follow my author's orders. She knows the enemy, and her motives are the same as mine. Plus I'm her favorite character, so she doesn't let me get harmed.

Her other characters however, don't follow directions. Take Angel for example. He was supposed to fall in love with me. He was supposed to hate Juan's guts. So what does Angel do? He jumped in bed with Juan, and then they became boyfriends. And yes, my author got really mad at that one! I can't think of any other times my friends defied her, but that one was pretty major.

Sorry if any of this seems random/doesn't make sense. My author is allergic to alcohol and just spent the last hour and a half ish sitting behind someone wearing extremely heavy alcohol based perfume. She feels a bit drunk now.

Ricky said...

No offense, Candy's Author, but you were in a position to keep Candy from losing her aunt. If she was such a "super lady," why didn't you step in and help?

This is why so many of us don't trust authors. Some of the things my own author has done terrify me. Like the time she nearly got me poisoned. Or the time I was struck by lightning and crushed in a building collapse. Authors are why characters become paranoid.

I wish there were a diplomatic way to say it, but there isn't.

bunnygirl said...

Well, excuse the heck out of me, Ricky.

I'm making sure you get rich. I made sure you got rid of your boring girlfriend and then sent Kalila to your bed. Best sex of your life, remember?

Cut me a little slack, here. You think my own life is all roses?

Kalila said...

Ahem. No one "sent" me anywhere, Author. What I do or don't do with Ricky is none of your business. Or anyone else's.

Marenya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marenya said...

I know just what you are talking about, Ricky. So far I've been attacked by lions twice, kidnapped, poisoned, locked in a trunk, and held prisoner underground, while she plays with her dogs and drinks coffee.

Marenya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Christine H said...

Now, Marenya, if you really are a real person with a real life, then you can't blame me for all the things that have happened to you!

Goran Njiric said...

I've already lived a full life. The boy who's putting my story to words is giving me something interesting. I get closure to a few issues that have plagued me for most of my life, and he gets to watch me react, document it, and poke at me.

I listen for the most part, because he hasn't treated me badly yet. Yet, because I know what he does to his favorites. They end up in the worst places, taking the most damage, and ultimately dying. I'll die too, but the next fifty years, if I stayed the way I did, would've just gotten more and more boring.

However, I think he's trying to make me fall in love with a machine. That's his weird kink, not mine. But it is a nice machine, so I might give it a chance. We all know I've done weirder things in my life than have simsense relations with a digitized mind that used to be a human.

Andre Vienne said...

Goran is an easy type to work with. Most of the other characters are just doing their jobs, and are generally pretty good at obeying.

Goran tends to not like the women I introduce him to, the men either. He's very picky. The only people he really seems interested in are the Captain and the machine. I figured him to be more for men, but he doesn't like military guys for some reason.

Still, he's acting within acceptable tolerances. I haven't had to slap him on the wrist. I've contemplated doing so when he's been acting like a teenager, though. A man of sixty-seven should not shake his ass at young women. It's unseemly.

Goran Njiric said...

Don't say that about my ass, boy. It's one of my nicer features.

And, she's only half my age, and it was in a private setting. Don't make it sound like I was trying to pick up girls outside of a school by indecent exposure.

I may be a dirty old man, but I'm not a sick pedophile.

Ginger said...

Hello, everyone. I'm Ginger. I just thought I'd introduce myself.

I don't mind doing what my author says. So far she's been very nice to me. She let me start a Victorian tea room with my friend Susan.

It's a lot of work, but I'm happier than I've been in a long time.

Andre Vienne said...

Okay, fine. He was trying to get the Captain to notice his obvious charms.

Saying that makes me feel dirty. I'm going to go take another shower now.

Mitsu said...

Konnichiwa. My author and I do not tend to get along most of the time. I have no idea if I would listen to her because she claims quite ardently that she will never write my story. However she should check her story to-do list. Mine is schedule for a noveling month in July.

Of course I almost do not want her to write my story. It means I have to put up with my annoying spouse, who's only goal in life (or death as the case is) is to get me pregnant, despite the fact that it is physically impossible. I also dislike my author because she is the reason I am dead and married.

Marenya said...

Candy's author,
Are you saying that Candy's aunt took her own life? How awful! I think she was really starting to like her.
However, does this mean Candy is now wealthy? Do you think you'll let her stay in San Francisco?

Christine H said...

I can relate to what you are saying.

Mitsu's author -
Who's doing a novelling month in July?

PxxSI said...

Hello, Christine H, I am Mitsu's writer. It's kinda nice to finally post here as myself. (I have to resist the urge to put little smiley faces after everything I type. I think I'm addicted to them when typing in person.)

I've been sorta thinking about doing a mini nanowrimo type thing during July, to finish Mitsu's story, cause I have no time to actually write it. That being said, I have no time, and probably the weirdest plot I've ever created (excluding fanfiction stories I dropped because they were so weird) that I'm just not willing to let go of. So we'll see if I actually do end up writing it in July.

Bo said...

Ginger! Gorgeous! Nice to meet you!

I know this great little motel if you'd like to--

Ricky said...

Leave her alone, Bo! Can't you see Ginger just got here?

Sorry about the "welcoming committee," Ginger. Bo is an incubus. He can't help himself.

We're glad to have you here.

Ricky said...

Marenya, I think your situation may be worse than mine. At least my author doesn't leave me in any bad situations for long.

Ginger said...

That's all right. I'm used to it. I was lurking here before and figured Bo would be the first to hit on me.

Sorry, Bo, I only date humans. Nothing personal. Not that I've had any dates since my husband died.

But if you're in the mood for some nice Earl Grey and a scone, drop by some time. That goes for any of you!

Kalila said...

Your author has nothing to do with it, Ricky. I rescue you. Besides, it's often your own fault you get into these situations. We try to keep you safe, but then you forget and do something stupid, like sleeping.

It's a shame humans can't follow simple instructions.

bunnygirl said...

It's a shame djinns can't follow any instructions at all.

Kalila said...

Just you wait, Author. I'm not afraid of you.

Nevin said...

Hi, Ginger! I'd love to come over for tea and a scone! Maybe Ricky will have some ideas for how to promote your business. He's very smart. He has a degree in marketing.

Candy's author said...

Hi Marenya,

Candy and her Great Aunt went off on this trip together. The plan was to visit the Great Aunts lovers (from when she was young, of course) and see what happened to them all. However G.A disappeared while on the ferry to Vancouver Island = jumped overboard we presume = and left a note for Candy to continue the trip on her own and say nothing.. She must read the GA's notes about each person before she looks them up. The only person she can talk to is Mike back at Rosehill. At the moment she's pretty shook up, to say the least!
I really didn't know this was going to happen.

Maybe she'll see Ginger's tea shop on her travels? Where is it Ginger?

Also,what is YAOI? Young adult organized impishness??

PixxSI said...

-blushes- Candy,I could lie and tell you my friend's excuse for it (Young Academics on ice) but the lying game was yesterday wasn't it? yaoi is a japanese term used to describe romance stories about homosexual men. (There are other terms like shoden-ai and Boy's love, which have subtle different uses. (Shoden-ai is generally for younger audiences)However yaoi s the one you will run into most often on the internet, or in the west, and has become an umbrella term for all of these types of stories) Generally yaoi is written by women for women. It can come in the form of manga (anime in books) doujinshis (fanmade anime in book) or in text format. Yaoi is commonly found in the manga section of a bookstore, fanfiction, and at anime convention (Where it runs rampant sometimes being scrawled on paddles that have been banned from most conventions because of idiot fangirls... ) If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I recommend knowing what your clicking before you click (if you google it, or find links somewhere or something) because some yaoi can be quite... graphic... from the start.

dang... I sound like a dictionary... and I wrote that without one. x.x

shy said...

"So, if you want to get to know your characters, you have to hang out with them long enough to see beyond the things they aren't. You may try to get them to do something because it would be convenient plotwise, or you might want to pigeonhole them so you can maintain the illusion of control. But with luck their tendrils will sneak out the side of the box you've put them in...."

~ Anne Lamott

Gerard Tombé said...

I wrote my own destiny, mes amies. I didn't follow what was written for me up there, why would I follow an author's decision down here? If it had been up to him, I may not have existed in the first place. Bien sur, I wrote my own part in the play of life.

Je suis parce que Je choisi être.

~Gerard Tombé, On Common Ground