Saturday, June 27, 2009

A forum game: Make a prediction

This is a very simple game. When you post, you make a prediction about the person who posts after you. Then that person answers if you predicted correctly, and makes a new prediction.


Person #1 - I predict the person below me likes apricots.
Person #2 - I can't believe you said that. I loathe and despise apricots. They are the epitome of evil and will bring down Western Civilization as we know it. Okay, I predict the person below me wants to bring down Western Civilization.

And so on.

Quick note: I know games like these are a bit hard on our psychics, like Aidan. Aidan, maybe you can make this fun by deliberately guessing wrong. Don't want to leave you out!

(Games are for everybody!)


Mira said...

Okay, I'll start.

I predict....that the person below me likes to travel.

DESTINY said...

Correct! I love to travel, although I hate airplanes. No leg room.

I predict the person below me wants to follow their Destiny.

Aidan said...

As long as my destiny doesn't include my dying for it any time soon.

I predict the next poster likes punk rock.

Kalila said...

You're right that I like punk rock, Aidan, but it's not really my favorite.

I predict that the next poster would like a wish granted. A wish involving money. I also predict I won't be helping. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I predict the person below me gets published.

Candy said...

Perhaps I will write my Aunt's story after completing this trip? I had't thought of that, paintings my thing.

I predict the person after me will see a rainbow today.

Rick Daley said...

I was just thumbing through my CD's and I saw my copy of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, does that count as a rainbow?

I predict the next comment will be tragic.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to follow that one? Scruffy, catch a mouse! I am not Scruffy but surely he would want the next person to go for a good run!

Scruffy said...

Woof! Woof!

Anonymous said...


Um, no not tragic.

Um. Next person will know how to fight.


Kaelin said...

That would be me. Good job, Shadow.

I don't really play games very often, but I'm guessing the next person has a crush on Aidan. Everyone seems to, though he's so annoying, I've no idea why.

Ginger said...

Well, Kae, Aidan looks like Adonis, is as unassuming as Gregory Peck and wields a sword like Aragorn.

That's not so hard to figure out. *blush*

I predict that the next person will see the ocean in the next 24 hours.

Ginger said...

P.S. Aidan, you do use a sword, right? I thought I picked that up somewhere.

Maxwell said...

My mom takes me to beach tomorrow. How you know.

Bugs me. Rather be in my laboratory working on my GENUIS.

Next person: Does not make bombs as good as I do.

Bo said...

You're right, Maxwell, I don't make bombs. I've got better things I could be doing.

I predict someone's going to want to go to bed with me soon and that we'll have a very good time.

Celeste said...

No bombs made here. The next person knows the aroma of Ylang Ylang, wafting offshore over our old but durable panga.

Aidan said...

Wrong, Bo.

No sword, Ginger. I shoot a bow. (A custom competition recurve bow with a 90 pound draw for field work.) Kaelin's the one who's training with a sword. Considering we're twins, I guess it's ok you mixed us up.

And I'm laughing that you called him Kae. He HATES it. (Which, of course, is why I call him that all the time.) Of course, I'm not pretty woman, either, so I'm guessing he'll take it from you ok.

Adonis huh? *grins* You've been talking to Jason. That's what he calls me when he thinks I'm cocky.

Bo said...

Demons don't do anything for me anyway, Aidan. If anyone human is interested in a little backstage fun, I'll at the club. I need to go get set up now.

I predict it'll be a good gig.

Vic said...

Of course it'll be a good gig. I'll be singing.

I predict the next human to post here will be blood type O.

Gabby said...

Blood type? Jeez, it's red is all I know, and I try to keep it inside me as much as possible.

I predict the next person will save the life of a ladybug,

(That's weird, why would someone do that?)

Fresh Water Mermaids said...

I'll save the ladybug!!

I predict the next person here will save a tiny spider!

Anonymous said...

Hate spiders. STOMP.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the spider was not saved.

I predict the next person will be in love.

Candy said...

Ooh, I do so want to be in love!! Please make it come true!

Next will climb a very high mountain.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful view from here.

Seven years bad luck for stomping on a sweet "little" spider.

(No hesitation for a big hairy one, but a little delicate one???)

I predict the next person here will have fresh baked muffins for breakfast.

Anonymous said...

And, wow, am heady in love!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Still predicting that muffin AND a removable tatto.

(word verification: tatoolst)
(and dersest)

Ginger said...

No muffins, but I just baked some fresh raisin scones.

I predict that a new topic will appear very soon.

Flower said...

I'll pass on the raisin scones.

It's hot here today.

I predict that the next person will hate it when it's hot.

Anonymous said...


I hate it when it's hot. It's hot here right now.

Next person will like music.