Friday, October 1, 2010

First Line Challenge

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing?

I'll give you the first sentence or passage of a famous novel, and your job is to turn it into a paragraph that is totally unique, and totally you!

Authors and characters are all welcome to attempt this little exercise. Let's see how many different perspectives we can create. As a bonus, try to guess the book that's being quoted.

(Incidentally, the last opener was from Intensity by Dean Koontz.)

Okay, are you ready? Here we go!

It is my job to call out if I see a shape, a rocky ledge, an island. I stand at the bow and stare into the fog. Peering intently, I begin to see things that aren't really there. First tiny moving lights, then minutely subtle gradations of gray. Was that a shadow? Was that a shape? And then, so shockingly that for a few important seconds I cannot even speak, it is all there...


Candy said...

-the school I went to as a kid. The very same yard where we spent recess. I see the fat brat, Jerry, jam all over his face as usual Just like when I used to plaster it there, the guy with the weird leg who I used to hit with a tennis ball, laughing when he couldn't dodge its sting, And JIm whose lunch money bought my hot dog each noon, the spotty nerd I bribed to do my homework, the gorp whose book I ripped pages from and the girl whose dress I tore,knowing her ma would about kill her for it. How come they're all here staring at me? Look, here comes Ms. Patterson with the bell. I made her cry once.Ding dong. Ding Dong. I wish she'd stop! It's breaking my eardrums! Ding dong.
Oh god, the rocks! As the ship lurches and cracks I see them all laughing. All those kids in the school yard and our teacher are doubling over, roaring with glee as the bell resounds one last time and they fade into the mist.

Jesse Littleton said...

Ah, justice is sweet. Or would that be revenge?

You were a nasty little schoolchild, weren't you, Candy?