Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Me, oh, my, has another week really gone by? Where does the time go?

Well, I hope you've made room for work and play this week, and I trust that you've seen a little more progress with your current writing projects.

'Cause, whether we like it or not, it's that time again – time for our midweek update – a chance for characters to reveal their current whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices. (And I must say, we sure did reveal a lot last week!)

So, let's hear it, characters. It's time to share your joys, your woes, your dreams, or whatever else is on your mind – and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!


Kaelin said...

I'm on assignment.

Kaelin settled into position and let himself breathe for a moment before checking in. He’d be no use to Pax with his pulse so jittery. He used the time to assemble rifle, glad he’d practiced while laying prone. The M60 was under the tarp and trash where he’d left it the night before, just in case he needed to take out something bigger than a body. Still breathing deeply and counting his heartbeats, he put his rifle down and picked up his monocular.
The van sat on the overpass, waiting for the light to change. His mind immediately recorded the details in time with counting his heartbeats: dark grey, standard rims, a crack in one of the blacked out side windows. A poor job at fixing the dent in the front fender, and someone had scribbled in the dirt with their finger. Careless. Of course, they planned on deserting the thing when it was over.
Kaelin’s heart rate reached 60. He adjusted the focus on the monocular and saw two shadowy figures inside. They blurred, not seeming to stay within the confines of their bodies. The building beneath him lurched, and his heart suddenly lobbed blood through his veins. He blinked and stared. It was just the light. It had to be. It just startled him because it rang so close to what Aidan described when he saw the Simulacra.
When Kaelin’s rate had settled back to the 50s he said, “They’re on the overpass. I’m in position.”
“Roger that,” Matthew Paxton replied, sounding easy. He stood next to the building beneath Kaelin’s belly. He’d rolled a commercial trash container out for cover if he should need it. If Kaelin did his job, he wouldn’t.
Kaelin felt another vibration quiver through him. The corrugated metal roof beneath his belly rumbled a warning.
“Ah, hell,” he whispered. The world had been strangely twitchy lately. Only those in Sentinel had the slightest inkling why.
“Easy, big guy,” Pax said.
They stopped talking because the van rolled out of sight on the road and then it was turning down their alley. It rolled to a stop, belching diesel stink, and the two got out in front of Pax. He took a couple of steps forward, which served as a greeting. They did a cursory scan of their surroundings.
“I’m alone, as you said,” Pax said. His tone held quiet disgust. “Now what’s this about?”
“You said you have a buyer,” the man answered.
“Right. He doesn’t waste his time with anything less than sizeable deals, though,” Pax said. He tipped his head toward the van. “Looks promising.”
The man nodded. “My situation is…complicated. I need to move today.”
Right. Since Kaelin had killed his last buyer and he had suffered a recent break-in. Pax had ransacked his safe, making him late on some bills. The gang had retaliated by coursing through the neighborhood and upping rates. Nerves were strung tight in the local protection racket. Shopkeepers were edgy, bosses were twitchy, even cops seemed to drive by more often of late, and all the pressure fell squarely on the shoulders of this middle rung gun runner.
Pax grasped the strap of the black messenger bag hanging crosswise over his chest. “Twenty-two thousand, like we agreed. Let’s see the merch.”
Kaelin’s finger depressed his trigger slightly and he let his heart rate ease up further to thirty-five. He listened to the lull between the beats, savoring the quiet. With Aidan in his head day and night, running hits was his only peace.
Pax and the gun-runners walked around behind the van.

Candy said...

My author has left me to read the next page of my aunt's diary while I sit with the wind battering the windows of this lookout high on the hill looking out over the Juan de Fuca straits. Im warm and drifting back into Alex's past so that I will be ready for tomorrow when I must find out what the fiuture was to be for its characters.

Aidan said...

I'm replying to emails from the Council. They ask me questions and I'm supposed to consider it with my Sight and answer.

Faldur said...

The sound was coming from one of the stable boxes. Faldur crept warily to the door and looked in. It was Snowfall. In her haste to leave with Harth, Marenya had taken her own gray dory and left Snowfall with them. Now the white dory was convulsing on the floor, his eyes rolled back in his head, his lips flecked with foam. His horns and hooves banged the walls of his box again and again. There was nothing Faldur could do but watch in horror and wait for the fit to stop. But the animal’s horns became wedged in the corner of the box at the same time that his neck twisted sideways. There was a loud cracking sound. Snowfall shuddered once, and was still.
Faldur knelt down and felt for a pulse in the strong neck. There was none. He felt along the neck bones, confirming that they were broken. Tears formed in his eyes as he closed Snowfall's eyes and stroked his sweaty nose. He had never seen an animal convulse like that before. What could have caused it?
Brambleburr ran his hands over the dory’s body, muttering sadly, “Such a shame. Such a shame.” Then he heaved him over and examined the flank where he had been scratched by the lion. “Look at this.” He parted the shaggy coat with his fingers. Underneath the hair, Faldur could see ugly red lines running all over the skin. “He was poisoned, from within.”
“A blood infection?”
Brambleburr grunted. “Not just any blood infection. This doesn’t happen by itself. There must have been something on that lion’s claws, some kind of slow-acting serum.” He looked sharply at Faldur. “How are you?”
Faldur’s eyes widened in surprise. “Excellent. A little sore. No sign of poisoning.”
“No redness?”
“No. None.”
Brambleburr scowled in thought. “Of course. You were bitten. He could hardly poison the lion’s own mouths, now could he?”
“Who?” asked Faldur.
“That is the question, isn’t it?”
“You think it was Raynor.”
Now it was Brambleburr’s turn to look surprised. “Do you?”
“No. I’m not sure.” Faldur shrugged miserably. “I suppose it must be. Who else could it be?” He ran his hands over his face, as if he could wipe away his confusion. “I don’t know what to think any more. The Raynor I knew would never intentionally harm any beast, nor haman. What are we going to do?”
“Let Pelwyn ride Lightfoot tomorrow. I have some business to attend to. You’ll have to see the King without me.”
Faldur knew better than to argue with the old sprite, nor request an explanation. “Are you leaving this moment?”
“Almost. But I will help you bear the news to Pelwyn first.”
“Thank you.”
“And I’ll take care of the body before anyone else sees it. You should leave at dawn’s light. The fewer questions, the better.”
They went together to see Pelwyn. She turned ghostly pale at their news and groped for a chair, then sat down heavily in it.
“He didn’t suffer much,” said Faldur. “It was over quickly.”
Pelwyn’s lips parted, but no sound came out. She took a quick breath, and said faintly, “Gorrith. Gorrith was mauled. And Marenya.” She buried her face in her hands and began to sob uncontrollably.
A sour taste rose in Faldur’s mouth.

Elaine AM Smith said...

Things were going so well, Elaine, my author, was making submissions at least once a week but now it's like she doesn't care.

I'm worried, all she does is sits there and looks at her e-mail account. I don't get it, she isn't writing submissions any more. All she does is re-read the same one - not once or anything all the bleeding time. I know what it says backwards so she must be time warping it or something to make it so interesting.

Authors are odd, have you noticed? They spend six months writing e-mails and sending them out to agencies. They get a few short ones back and all it makes them do is write more... like faster. Then, all of a sudden a longer e-mail arrives, they panic... write like the same thing again, OK maybe a little different but you'd need to be an expert to spot the difference, they send it off and what? They sit and look at the e-mail account like it is the most important thing they own.

I don't get it.

Elaine says Hi - be glad, she can hardly string words together and this has been going on for a couple of weeks now.

See you


Marc said...

Wow, Faldur, that Marenya gets into more trouble than Aidan does. Sometimes it's like herding cats, isn't it?

Nutmeg Cross said...

I'm jealous, Candy. You get to see the coolest places.

Indigo Cypress said...

I don't know, Meg. We've gotten to see some pretty cool places, too. I mean, the Badlands were incredible.

Marenya said...

Well, after all, the story is about me.

Kaelin, your excerpt gave me chills. I really hope you get published soon so we can read the whole story.

Faldur said...

It is, is it? Then why am I the first person the reader meets? I believe you are mistaken. It's about me.

Kaelin... Impressive. We should get together and compare notes sometime.

Those M60's sound like very useful weapons.

Marenya said...

Hi, Candy! That doesn't sound too bad. You are feeling better now, I take it?

(It's about me.)

Ginger said...

It's about both of you. Now stop bickering and get back into the story.

Jess, tell your author that ours is dreading being done, for the very reasons you described.

Would anyone like a cup of tea or coffee? I have some fresh carrot cake muffins with cream cheese frosting, too.

Aidan said...

Did someone say something about snacks?

Candy said...

Oh, Ginger, that sounds so good right now and thanks,Maryena, I'm feeling fine,except for being really hungry. I'm going to meet Ridley soon and am really excited about it. He sounds so cool and romantic. Alex wrote about the valley his farm is in as though it's a private heaven. She used to sing that song,"This nearly was mine" and I'll bet she was thinking of Bear valley and wondering how it would have been. I guess I'm going to find out.

Kaelin said...

Faldur, the M60 is big and heavy and sometimes requires two operators, especially when the belt jams. But it's handy enough when you want to blow a hole in something, like a gun-runner's truck.

Kaelin said...

Candy, be careful. You don't actually know these people, right?

Devi Marconi said...

I'm always up for snacks - and carrot cake is one of my favorite, er, vices.

Yes, thank you, Ginger, I think I would like a muffin and a cup of tea.

Aidan said...

Jeez, now I'm not doing anything and everyone's wandered off.

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Stephanie said...

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