Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Holy rusted metal, Batman! Has another week really gone by? Where does the time go?

Well, I hope you've made room for business and pleasure this week, and I trust that you've seen a little more progress with your current writing projects.

'Cause, whether we like it or not, it's that time again – time for our midweek update – a chance for characters to reveal their current whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, characters. It's time to share your joys, your woes, your dreams, or whatever else is on your mind – and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!


Marenya said...

Nothing at all has happened for a good three weeks. However, my author is looking dreamy-eyed so perhaps there is some activity in store for us tonight.

Wynter said...

I guess this shows how "nothing at all has happened" for any of us lately Marenya.

My author is being badgered, pushed, prodded, cadjoled, even threatened to write the next chapter. Not like she doesn't know what needs to be done. I keep her awake often enough at night, you'd think she'd get the hint.

She told somebody she would have something done this weekend.

Maybe I need to toss a few spells her way to insure some progress . .

Robert Crane said...

Dead, dead, dead.

Faldur said...

I am quite glad to have a rest from fighting. It's rather enjoyable to be here in the woods, safe from danger.

Marenya said...

But don't you think we should be getting on, Captain?

Marenya said...

Robert, you sound very distressed. I hope you aren't truly dead. Are you?

No doubt Vic would say it isn't all that bad.

Ruby Fenwick said...

That's the great thing about a place like CIC, Robert. Even dead, we can still interact with our fellow characters.

Technically, I died in 1939 - and yet, look, here I am!