Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Goodness gracious, I can't believe two weeks have come and gone since our last “What's Happening Now?” I sure hope that you've made some writing progress since then.

'Cause, yes, it's that time again – time for our midweek update – a chance for characters to reveal their current whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, characters. It's time to share your pleasures, your pains, your plans, or whatever else is on your mind – and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!


Aidan said...

Our author is trying something new...

Aidan said...

For the first days of his abduction, he’d slept on the concrete floor of the room where he’d been interrogated, as far from the blood stains and the dead body as possible. Then he got into a rage, banged his fists bloody, and a couple of them held him down while another jabbed a needle into his thigh. That wasn’t the only time. After they came at him with needles, he always woke somewhere new, one place linked to the next by a dank underground smell and his senses bounding back at him. But he didn’t recall this time, this needle, this move.

His right hand lay near his face. He looked away from the ruddy triangular scar on his palm and sought the Celtic Knot. Still there, liquid black against his skin. He didn’t try to move anything else but his eyes for a long while, fighting to remember. His life had become a monotonous blur, punctuated by food--never enough--and minor abuse at the hands of his captors.
Finally, as he lay on the cold floor, wishing for a drink, he felt a constriction around his throat. One hand crept up and found a nylon strap with a small box. When he swallowed, two metal points irritated the skin over his jugular. He’d not been treated like this by his previous captors. Sold, to the highest bidder.

Marc said...

Jason turned around to face them. “Now, class, what do we make of that?”

“They drugged him,” Aidan said, remembering the sting in his neck after Gael had tackled him. “He’s not fighting.”

“Good call, for an amateur,” Marc said, nudging his arm.

“I’m no amateur when it comes to abduction,” Aidan retorted.

Jason turned back to the computer and reached for the keyboard. “Maybe there’s something more...”

“No, wait.” Aidan stared at the picture. A black shadow grew around the hooded man. “I think he’s one of us,” he said. “A ranger. A rogue.”

Jason glanced back at him. “Are you certain?”

“There’s a shadow or something...” He tried to point it out, but it faded as his finger touched the screen. “It’s gone,” he said, confused.

“Hang on, Aidan, you’ve given me an idea,” Marc said. He crowded his brother to on side in order to type. Another window popped up and he copied a still-shot of the masked man into a file. Then they waited while nothing happened.

“Speed of light, that,” Jason commented.

“Shut it, arse,” Marc said. “It’s still in testing.”
The face flickered and merged into a man standing on the street, looking slightly to the left. Marc nodded. “We got lucky. He’s one of my test subjects for the new facial recognition app.”

“Who is he, then?” Jason said.

Marc shook his head. “Never paid attention to the names and the rogue database isn’t tied in yet. I just pulled records of any rogues we had a lot of good shots of for testing. But the lad's right. He's one of us.”

Devi Marconi said...

Ooh, I like what your author has done, boys. If only MINE would get off her arse and finish my story... or at least revise it.

Olivia Harper said...

Really, Mom, that's not very nice. You know she'd be working on our story if it weren't for the travel guide. Deadlines are harsh realities.

Devi Marconi said...

I know, I know. I'm just frustrated, that's all.

Olivia Harper said...

How do you think she feels?

Aidan said...

I really like how Marc is SO SURPRISED that I got something right through my Sight. I am Lord Seer. Sheesh.

Kaelin said...

You weren't then, bro.

Candy said...

"He was so beautiful; his face sensitive and lips innocent. He reminded me of Gregory Peck as he stood up there on the load of pea vines like a god, looking down on me as I worked removing the boxes of shelled peas from the Hammacheck pea threshing machine . I was seventeen, at my first job, and falling in love for the first time."

This is part of my Great Aunt's diary and tomorrow, seventy years later, I must seek out this young god.

Nutmeg Cross said...

How exciting, Candy - to meet your Great Aunt's first love! Of course, he probably won't look the same after seven decades. ;-)

Marenya said...

Harth still held Marenya's arms, marching her ahead of him as they followed Verbold around the barn to where a wagon stood. It was the same one they had seen earlier. Verbold climbed up and pushed aside the barrels to reveal a large crate. He lifted the cover from the crate and motioned for her to get inside.

“You must be joking!” Marenya cried.

He shook his head “No,” and smiled unpleasantly. Harth shoved her from behind, and she climbed onto the wagon. Verbold reached for her shoulder to push her in, but she jerked away from him.

“I’ll get in by myself.” She threw a last glance at Harth, who was watching her with a guarded expression. Then, climbing inside the crate, she arranged herself on the straw. More straw was thrown on top of her. Then the lid was lowered and hammered into place. A blanket was thrown over the top, leaving only a little space near the bottom where she could breathe between the slats. She frantically scrabbled at the straw near the bottom to clear an air hole.

The barrels were shoved around the crate on all sides, hemming her in. She was well and truly caught.

Faldur said...

Faldur woke from a heavy sleep. Raising his head, he looked around, blinking. Pelwyn lay nearby but Marenya was gone. So was Harth.

He cursed, and sprang to his feet. Their dories were missing as well. Running down the path, he stopped suddenly to avoid colliding with Brambleburr who stood smoking and staring into the darkness.

Faldur asked, “What happened?”

“They’re gone.”

“I can see that, but where?”

“Off to meet Chalmeth, I suppose.”

“How could you let this happen!”

“I didn’t ‘let’ it happen," Brambleburr growled. "She went willingly.”

“She has no idea what she’s doing!” Faldur whirled to get Strider and follow them, but Brambleburr grabbed his arm.

“Let her go.”

“I can’t!” Faldur struggled, but the old sprite's fingers were like iron. He wrenched his half-healed shoulder and went still, clenching his teeth against the pain. “Why won’t you let me go after her?”

“Have you forgotten your duty, Captain? You promised to protect Pelwyn. You cannot abandon her, whatever happens.”

“I am not abandoning her. I will leave her here with you and come back with Marenya.”

“And what if you are hurt or captured? What good would it do Pelwyn then? Or Marenya, for that matter. Would you undo her sacrifice?”

“You’re mad! I can’t just leave her here!”

Brambleburr placed a hand on his good shoulder. “Captain, she left you.”

Aidan said...

Aw, well, crap, Faldur.

All I can say is I did finally get out of captivity.

Donna Hole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wynter said...

"Then they waited while nothing happened."

Least you guys are getting some action. Faldur Maryena too. Oh, how I wish my author would give up on that little boy and write me something exciting too.

I'm still stuck at:
Braeden was the one who introduced her to the Manner bund - a roving band of youthful nobility that plagued the borderlands with petty lawlessness and mostly harmless pranks.

Endowed with a naturally rebellious nature, Wynter had found solace in their group. Until the theft of the Book, and the real plague that swept the Three Provinces of the Empire like a wildfire in the night. She had returned to the - - - - to find most of her apprentice friends either on death beds, or in the dead pit, and her old, staunch instructors in the same wagon. Those that remained had lost hope.
Except for Master Killian, who always asserted she had a destiny to fulfill.
And Master Braeden, who mysteriously disappeared the same time as the Book Of Enlightenment.

With a silent thud, the protective shield shattered, nearly knocking Wynter off her feet with the unexpected lack of resistance.

“Good,” Braeden complimented again.

He had been free with praise at the school, she remembered, and it’d made her just as uneasy then as it did now. Though she‘d unraveled the shield charm with very little effort, she was distracted by the complete absence of contact with Malchi for the first time in three years, and didn’t trust her easy triumph.
“Why,” she asked, the need for action jumbling the tact she knew was called for here. She was stalling for time, hoping with all her youthful innocence that she could keep him talking long enough for the portal to close while she tricked him into disclosing some vital piece of information.
He laughed at her, his meaty stubs of arms scissoring across his indulgent belly. “Maybe it was always my destiny to betray the Magicians. Like it is yours to always fail.”

“Not always,” she retorted. “The prophecy allows for a chance.”
“You are too impatient to find that path, Paladin.”

His words stung. But instead of the tears she normally shed at that proclamation, she gathered her considerable will, and thrust a wedge of air at his chest.

“No,” she screamed, as he tumbled into the quickly closing portal.

Nutmeg Cross said...

Wow! All I can say is... Wow! So much has happened for y'all in the last couple of weeks.

My author is beginning to think that she should do this midweek update every TWO weeks - instead of EVERY week.

Also, she's really excited that your authors decided to post actual scenes - and not just recaps. How very curious this all is...

Marenya said...

Well, Aidan, Faldur made such a point of telling me that he could never love me as anything but a sister, I decided to part ways for a time.

I didn't expect to be in the crate for as long as I was, however. Harth had better have a very good explanation for all this!

Marenya said...

Wynter ~ so you are training to be a magician? What is it like to have powers?

Candy ~ Who is Gregory Peck?

Olivia Harper said...

Oh, Marenya, I forget sometimes that you're not familiar with our movie stars. In our world, the classic film stars of old were pretty dreamy-looking. Gregory Peck was just such a fellow - with a killer voice to match.

Marenya said...

Oh dear, now I'm more confused than ever. What is a movie, and a film? What do you mean that people are stars? Did the stars in the heavens come to earth and become human? And he could kill with his voice?

He must have been a very great magician.

Marenya said...

Wait a moment, Candy's aunt said that he was also like a god. So he must truly have come down from Heaven. I had no idea that humans were descended from celestial beings.

But I think I would have been afraid of such a man, even though he seems to have been very beautiful and charming as well.

Olivia Harper said...

Hmm... explaining who Gregory Peck was might be harder than I thought.

Although some fans might think of him as a "god" of sorts, he wasn't a magician or a supernatural being - and he certainly lived on the earth (not up in the sky)... at least, as far as I know.

Kaelin said...

Marenya, there is a story about a star in heaven who came down and became a woman and a great queen.

Maybe that will be you someday.

Aidan said...

Ooo, Kae's all contemplative today.

My author wants you to know that our book is done and has been for a long time. So she just pulled a couple of random scenes out. They don't really fit in time.

Wynter said...


Yes I am still in training to be a magacian. I have completed my apprenticeship and have been sent out as a journeyman. I don't consider myself having "powers". My skills are still pretty basic, though better than most expected of me for this journey.

Do you have powers in your world?

Marenya said...


Our people do have magical powers, but they have been given by Heaven to the kings to protect and help us. We call them the elevya, the elevated ones. Ordinary Hanorja have ordinary powers. I can light a fire by thinking about a flame, but I need fuel to burn, for example. And we can preserve food for a long time and aid in healing another's wounds or draw off some of their pain. Not completely, mind you, but Heaven has given us the ability to help bear another's burden.

We cannot change shape, or cause harm, with our magic. The elevya can, however. That has been a source of trouble in the past. Faldur has learned some things that I have never seen, such as making a tracking spell glow from his hand in the dark and light a fire which does not have any smoke. I mean to ask him about this.

What can you do?


I would like to hear that story about the queen sometime. I did not come from Heaven, well, not in the way you mean. We all come from Heaven, now, don't we? Well, perhaps you don't. Hm. I'm sorry if I have embarrassed you now.

I could be a queen if I married the crown prince. But that is Pelwyn's future, not mine.

How wonderful that your book is finished! You must be exceptionally pleased with your author. They are so difficult to train, aren't they?

Ginger said...

Olivia ~ Try living on the same hard drive with her. She doesn't get anything!

Marenya ~ He was a very handsome performer, admired by many. By "killer voice," Olivia means that women fainted with love when they heard him speak. A "star" is someone whose talent is so undeniable that he seems to shine among ordinary men. Like Melbrinor, for example. There is no way to explain a film or movie, other than it is a sort of magic by which one can see a story happening on the wall, like a painting that has come to life.

Have a scone, dear, you look famished. And stop staring at the twins. Okay, okay, I'm staring, too. They never do wear shirts, do they? Mm-mm-mm! Now, that's one book I want to read!

Kaelin said...

Marenya, Here's what I remember.

The star fell to earth. I don't recall how. And she met a man, an ordinary man. And they fought a great battle on behalf of their country and ruled it.

In the end though, the man died and the star had to go on alone because stars live forever. So I thought the ending seemed sad.

Kaelin said...

And I'm not embarrassed. I'm not actually sure where we came from, Marenya. But not heaven, no.

Aidan said...

Why does everyone make such a big deal of my not wearing a shirt? It's hot here and I need to do laundry.

I think if Uncle Julian had his way, I'd wear a tie every day.

Jason said...

Stop it, Aidan. You know precisely the reaction you get, which is why you go round half-clothed, especially around here.

Sorry ladies. He was raised in very casual, permissive surroundings. (In other words, he's a spoiled prat.)

We're trying to beat some propriety into him, but it's an uphill battle.

Ginger said...

Well, don't pressure him on our account, Jason. It's rather nice. I don't see very many bodies like that around here, even with shirts on.

Aidan said...

See? She LIKES it, Jase. I'm just trying to be friendly.

Jason said...

I'd be fine with it, Ginger, if he knew how to dress properly once in awhile, just so someone takes him seriously. Last Council meeting he wore ripped jeans and a concert t-shirt. Lord Prince Arond was NOT amused.

Ginger said...

I can imagine. Aidan, you must dress in a way befitting your rank and honoring that of others.

I know I sound like Marenya now. But if you want to be taken seriously...

Besides, I'll bet you look dynamite in a suit. Even better in a tuxedo. Do you ever have any occasions to wear one? Surely a Lord Seer must be invited to a ball or two. Even I get dressed up once in a while.

Olivia Harper said...

Thanks, Ginger. You explained the concept of a "movie star" and a "killer voice" better than I ever could. I realize now how ridiculous such phrases would sound to the unfamiliar.

And even though I'm a happily married woman, I must admit that seeing a well-built, partially clothed man on the beach below my house is always a welcome sight. So, stop by, Aidan... anytime you like. I'll have some lemonade waiting!

Michael Harper said...

Gee, thanks, honey.

Olivia Harper said...

Oh, baby, you know you're the only guy for me. ;-)

Besides, you're in pretty good shape yourself. You don't look a day over 40, and considering you're 52, that's something indeed!

Aidan said...

I had to wear a suit when I got in trouble for mouthing off to Lord Oman. I borrowed one of Jason's. And I wore a tuxedo to that party...kind of, wasn't it, Jason? It didn't really have a tie, it just buttoned up all the way and it was black. Anyway, I wore it to a fancy party for my cousin's induction into Sentinel.

Do you really think wearing nice clothes would help? I'm not sure. Most of Sentinel doesn't trust me because my mom turned about as rogue as you can go (at least to the way they think) and because I'm so young. Kaelin dresses nicer than I do and they don't like him either. But that's because he's spent so much time undercover with the enemy they're not sure if he's rogue or not. (He's not.)

Ginger said...

(Um, Olivia, I think you're just digging yourself deeper. LOL!!!)

Olivia Harper said...

Yeah, Ginger, you're probably right. Hey, a girl can look - if not touch!

I sure don't mind when I catch Michael looking at the hotties passing by on the beach, especially at this time of year, during Spring Break. So, he can't begrudge me the same.

Michael Harper said...

It's true. Olivia isn't really the jealous type... and neither am I. But still, Aidan can make any red-blooded male feel a little insecure. Especially since he doesn't seem to "get" all this attention.

Ginger said...

(Um, I meant, telling everyone Michael's age. But I have already forgotten it.)

Michael Harper said...

Oh, I don't mind, Ginger. I'm proud of making it this far (and apparently not looking it). *wink*

Aidan said...

Oh. OH! That's what you think?

Michael, you know I would never, ever... you know.

I mean you're married. I just...

I'll go put a shirt on now.

Marc said...

They know, Aidan.

Let's leave the nice humans alone for awhile and go hunt us some demons, what do you say?

Blade said...

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