Monday, March 22, 2010

Getting to Know You: Winning!

They say winning isn't everything, but come on. Who doesn't like to come in first?

Today, let's talk about a time we won something, whether it was a major award, or just a little contest between friends.

What did you win, and how did it feel? Do you always feel like a winner in life, or do you need tokens of your achievement?


Aidan said...

I used to win archery tournaments all the time.

Lately I'm just glad if I can win an argument with my cousins.

Kaelin said...

It's not really winning anything, but earning my black belt in Karate was a good day.

Now I like to win against demons.

Candy said...

I never won anything - ever. Except for that one painting contest, but no one noticed much. I guess that's why I turned Goth and then I won my boyfriend = lead player in the Sickly Pimps. (At that time I thought that meant pimples.) 'Course he was a real loser. I guess I feel more of a winner now I've quit the Goth bit and am doing this journey by myself. Each night I look in the mirror and say,"Hey kid, you did another day and survived another adventure." Cool!

Gabby said...

Wow, I'd sure like to have won a black belt!! Maybe I could fake it? Say I had? Kaelin, d'you think you could describe a few moves so I could look real?
I gotta win everything or they'll kill me.

Kaelin said...

Gabby, I'm sure you can fight already. I wouldn't bother to try any "moves" in your world. Besides, I've found street fighting to be totally different.

Dad said...

I won a Major Award by completing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper. "Look, it says FRAGILE. Must be Italian!"

Marc said...

Do you get a leg lamp?

All. Time. Favorite. Film.

Jason said...

Yeah, humans are so funny sometimes.

Olivia Harper said...

Wow, Marc, we have something in common. I love that movie, too. Best Christmas flick ever.

As for winning... I've won my share of art contests over the years, but while I'm proud of such achievements, I don't really need them to keep doing what I do. Creating art is a part of my very soul.

Calvin Mertz said...

Know my own skill; and the only rewards I need come from my dad; my family.

My Dad was so pleased the day I showed him my contractors license he had tears in his eyes. A hard man to please, he is, and that said all I needed.

Before that - was the first step really - when I got my GED, my best friend Robert thought the world of me.

The certificates didn't hang on my walls for a long time; but on the friends and family my accomplishments mean the most to.

I honor their deaths by cherishing the tings of mine that meant the most to them.

Miguel said...

For me wining is not everythingt. For me winnig is having famaly health and somebody that loves me I onve lots a friend baecause of wining and losing it was not everything and now that i think about it i feel bad that that race was not worth it than having a trophy in the front of the house.

-Abinadab L. (R6)

Gilbert said...

Winning isnt everything na winning is everything like me and my rival were racing and i won and then he started running and then i ran and i was so nice because i gave him a advantege because he ran first and i started late then after i won i got the trophy and rubbed it into his face and he started crying and i was being nice and then i asked him if he wanted the trophy and he said yes and then i threw it to the ground and it broke and he still picked it up so winning is everything.

-David M. (R6)

Joey said...

In my family, winning is every thihg. If you don`t win your a discrase to your family. I been around my town and everyone knows who I am. I`m the faverite in the family, peopel depents on me. Winning is everything to me. I realy don`t want my kids to be like this. My father preashered me to be the best, so I never had a life of fun. My first job is being a husban, then a husben, finaly a lawman of Jim Hogg county. If your first all the time, you never have any fun.

-Gerardo p.(R6)