Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Group Story: Romance

On Monday, we kicked off February – the month of romance – with an outpouring of love in all its forms... soul mates, lost loves, arranged marriages, even those that doth protest too much. It was enlightening, uplifting, and poignant as always, so why not keep the love and lust flowing in the form of a group story? A group romance, to be precise.

For those that have been around a while, you might recall that Come In Character spawned another curious romance last April, but I think we can do even better!

I'll get us started with a first line, and then we'll be off and running! Feel free, of course, to follow the twists and turns of your fellow storytellers – or go wherever your heart compels you. Just remember – you can contribute as an author, a character, or all of the above!

Okay, are you ready for romance? If so, here's the first line:

A bitter, cold wind crossed his path, but Cupid didn't care; the chubby little matchmaker had spotted two lovelorn souls in the distance, and he was determined to make this a Valentine's Day to remember...


Marenya said...

They were a beautiful pixie named Snowdrop whose wings had frozen in the cold and couldn't fly, and a sour-faced, bulb-nosed dwarf named Grouchy.

Both were trudging through the snow on business of their own, hidden from the other's view by a thicket of laurels, but in just a few moments their paths would cross.

Cupid released one arrow, then a second. The silver missiles met their marks and disappeared in the unwary travelers' hearts.

(word verification: ouchia)

Candy said...

"Oh!" squeaked Snowdrop. "Oh!" growled Grouchy. And they both stopped, each still unseen by the other, but each hearing the most beautiful "Oh" ever heard. It danced on the crystal air like music causing warmth which melted the ice on the pixie's wings and sweeetning the sourness of Grouchy's face.

Elaine 'still writing' Smith said...

But the path of true love near did run smooth and Snowdrop had no way to know that Grouchy's gravelled tones of love had come from beyond the laurel thicket. She saw Elvon, Prince of Elves, upon his trusty silvered charger and decided he must be the one who made her heart race. Picking up her dainty skirts she shook out her damp, but mercifully, defrosted wings in preparation.
Then, with a less than melodic,
"Cooee?" Snowdrop began to chase Elvon through the furrows of the newly ploughed field.

Gabby said...

Elvon spurred hos charger into full gallop fpr, although he had always admired Snowdrop from afar, he knew his jealous wife would about kill him if he ever spoke a word to the delightful pixie. Now she was chasing him, with that passionate glow in her eyes, he was terrified.

Nutmeg Cross said...

Meanwhile, poor Grouchy was equally confused. Instead of setting his sights on Snowdrop - who was now sprinting toward her reluctant intended - Cupid's arrow had awakened him to the charms of a male elf named Beeble Blueberry, who was busy collecting icicles from the nearby trees and too preoccupied with his task to notice the approaching lovesick dwarf. If he had noticed, of course, he might've had time to tell Grouchy that Beeble Blueberry didn't swing that way.

Daryl Harper said...

(Wow, Meg, good going. Your homoerotic angle seems to have brought the group story to a screeching halt.)

Nutmeg Cross said...

(Oops. Well, that sure wasn't my intention.)

Donna Hole said...

Focusing relentlessly on the icicles, Beeble didn't hear the crunch of Grouchy's determined approach. When Grouchy's mitted paw landed on his shoulder, Beeble gave a frightened screech, flying headlong into the crevasse he was leaning over.

Down and down fell Beeble, his heart so shocked it forgot to beat.

"Ee gads," exclaimed a horrified Grouchy.

Smitten by Cupids aimless arrow, he threw himself into the crevasse after the object of his newfound obsession.

Diamonds, ruby's, sapphires and emeralds winked temptation at him as he plumetted into the depths.

Olivia Harper said...

Slumping onto the frozen earth, his bare bum stinging mercilessly, Cupid wished - for the umpteenth time - that his love arrows had had the desired effect. Once again horrified by the mess that he'd created, he decided it was time to hang up his bow once and for all.

But then, he noticed another lovelorn creature stumbling along the path, and he thought, "It couldn't hurt to try one more time, could it?"

Marenya said...

However, Rufus the Recalcitrant, hero of the Untamed East, was wearing Cupid-proof armor. He wasn't taking any chances.

Besides, he already knew whom he loved... the beautiful Lady Wilhelmina, who had been imprisoned in a tower by the evil troll Mucous.

So when Cupid tried to hit Rufus with an arrow, it bounced harmlessly off his breastplate with a metallic ping.

Rufus laughed heartily. "Here, Cupid! I have another job for you. Have you ever tried making a troll in love? Let's have a little fun, and see if we can't draw Mucous away from my lady love. Perhaps we can make him fall in love with a dragon or a witch, what do you say?"

Marenya said...

Meanwhile, Snowdrop, who had given up her pursuit of Elvon, heard faint cries coming from the bottom of a gorge. Leaning over it, she saw Beeble and Grouchy waving their arms and shouting, having landed in a cushion of deep snow at the bottom.

She flew down to them. "Are you hurt?"

"No," cried Grouchy joyfully, "We're rich!" His joy changed his countenance so that it was beautiful and Snowdrop fell instantly in love with him. She was already so delicately beautiful that Grouchy forgot all about Beeble.

"Where have you been all my life?" he asked.

They lived in the gorge, mining the gems and making exquisitely beautiful jewelry for the rest of their lives. If you ever meet a pixie with a bulb-nose and a beard, you can be sure it is one of their descendants.

Bo said...

Wait a minute. That's it? It's over already? Where's the sex? Where's the lust?

I don't know why I bother coming here some days. If anyone needs me, I'll be at the strip club.

Christine H said...

This is a family website, Bo. I'm sorry.

Would you like to hear a dirty story? Here it is: "Two pigs fell in the mud."


(That's an oldie but a goodie!)

Nutmeg Cross said...

Well, Bo, where were you yesterday? You snooze, you lose, my friend.

Hope you enjoy the strip club! I've never been to one of those - being underage and all - but I'm not so sure I'd want to.

P.S. Thanks, Donna and Marenya, for digging me out of that writing hole, so to speak.

Christine H said...

I don't think it was necessarily the story line, Nutmeg. I think people are busy mid-week and don't always have time to post. But, um, that was an original take on dwarf romance, I must say.

Nutmeg Cross said...

You're probably right, Christine, but I still can't help but miss the days when lots of folks participated in our fun.

And frankly, my author is really starting to wonder what she can do to drum up more interest. After all, group stories don't seem to be as popular as they once were.

Donna Hole said...

Group stories is one of my favorites. Marenya, I love the names Wilhelmina and Mucous. And I wanted to bring the story back to Cupid; I just got a little off track and decided to see if someone else could do it. I'm glad you did.

Bo; you don't know how close to "non-family content" I came in that last post. My character Cal Mertz so wanted to put in his views. But I sent him back to work and didn't let him have a play day.

He was probably as frustrated as you.

Christine: I love this blog, but I have to admit I'm so overwhelmed between day job, beta reading, writing my own (not much happening there either) and researching material for the novel, I find myself short of time to really put the effort into comments this place deserves.

But I think there are a lot of folks out there who, like me, are just a bit overwhelmed at this time - I blame NanoWrimo - and will probably be more consistent as spring progresses.

Winter seems to be the time of year everyone pounds out stories of their own - not really able to get out and enjoy the physical world, and blogging is less appealing. But when the weather clears, and we've spent all day running around having fun instead of sitting at the computers all day, blogging will be more preferable to spending several weary hours formulating a plot.

Just my opinion, as I'm caught up in some of that reasoning myself this season.

I'd say save your most creative posts for a couple months. Or re-post them when participation picks up.

If CIC were to take a short holiday, I'd miss it, but would understand.


Thanks for this invigorating group story. I really enjoyed playing along.


Laura Martone said...

I appreciate that, Donna. And perhaps you're right - perhaps participation will pick up in the future.

All I know is that I'm finding it really hard lately to justify my own participation, when others' interest seems to be waning. I have a guidebook due in less than two months, and I'm woefully behind... which is making me rearrange my priorities, and sadly, I'm beginning to think that trying to keep up with CIC is taking more energy than I have to give right now.

Christine H said...

Laura, you are hitting the same wall the rest of us have.

Remember all our conversations among the team about keeping it manageable?

Seriously, it's supposed to be fun, not a job. Nor should it interfere with your job.

Laura Martone said...

You're right, Christine. It shouldn't interfere with my job... but everything that distracts me from the guide is weighing me down at the moment.

On the other hand, I'd really miss the release that I feel at CIC.

Oh, I'm so confused!