Saturday, February 13, 2010

Social Weekend: Valentine Exchange!

Happy Valentine's Day!

For those of you who aren't clear on what this means, it's a day when people give small gifts to those they love. Flowers, candy and cards are the most typical gifts, although sometimes more expensive gifts such as jewelry are given too.

Here at CIC, just a simple Happy Valentine's Day will suffice, although some of you might want to offer poems or little presents as well.

So have at it! Can't you feel the love in the air?


Flower said...

Our Half Term holiday started on Friday, I was online with Ed for a bit. He is stressing about his Mum. She won't take "No" as his answer to her question. You know, whether he wants to see her, or not?
I'd kill to see my Mum.
Egg's Mum railroaded his life so bad he just wants to kill her. At least he got over trying to kill himself - death by skateboard was a slow way to go.

Anyway, Egg's coming here to hide out from Titanium Tits for a few days - he arrives tomorrow on the train!

Ed and me - Trainwreck and the Carcrash - a match made in heaven?

Nevin said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I have flowers and chocolate to share. It seemed selfish to give them to just one of you when I like you all so much.

Vic said...

I don't understand this holiday. I like the hearts, but where's the blood?

Bo said...

You're supposed to give flowers, Vic. Like these roses I got for Candy.

We're still on for tonight, right Candy?

Jarmara Falconer said...

I shall make a heart-shaped cake for my much beloved.

Have a wonderful day, BG.

Nutmeg Cross said...

That's very thoughtful of you, Nevin... sharing your flowers and chocolates with all of us! Thank you - and Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

As for me, I found a heart-shaped rock long ago that I've been saving for Indigo, my one and only Valentine. It took me forever to drill the hole in it - and find the perfect leather cord - but I thought it would look good hanging from his neck. Happy Valentine's Day, Indy!

Indigo Cypress said...

Oh, Meg, this is a very special gift. I'll wear it always.

I guess we were thinking along the same lines - both being poor and all - because I, too, made something for you. A bracelet made of hemp and dried berries. I hope you'll think of me when you wear it.

Nutmeg Cross said...

As if I need a bracelet to think of you, Indy...


...but thanks.

Amy Thompson said...

Oh Nevin, thanks for the chocolate. I so need this. Uhmmn.

I gave Robert a one pound Hersey's Kiss, but he's not sharing. Now he wants me to go out for vanilla ice cream to dip it in.

But I'm sending everyone here mental hugs, and wishes for love and romance to find each of you.

Happy Valentines day everyone.

Candy said...

Oh, Bo, how cool of you to get me roses! No one's ever done that for me before.
About tonight - I really think we're safer at a distance. You do understand, don't you? I'm throwing you a kiss from here, though.

Happy Valentine's day everyone! You're all very important to me. Hugs to Nevin.

Olivia Harper said...

I know I'm not the first to say it, but...


Faldur said...

I am no good with words or gifts.
I'm grateful Hanorja don't celebrate this holiday. I don't believe in wearing my heart on my sleeve. Marenya would probably say that's because I haven't got one.

One of our ancient poets said it best. “A’er marenken. M’ashkenai el folmendur.” I hold you in my heart. My heart burns forever.

I beg you, don't tell her I said that.

Marenya said...

If all the world were empty
And there were only you
I'd hold you in my arms
As long as the sky was blue

Until the stars fell to the earth
And Heaven born anew
I'd hold you in my heart
Till t'were just me and you

If only it could be so.

Marenya said...

Nevin, what is this chocolate you speak of? I understand it has aphrodesiac properties. I confess I am quite curious to taste some. May I?

Ginger said...

What can a single girl do? I bought myself flowers, and a chocolate mousse cake, and a bottle of wine. Now I'm curling up in my flannel PJ's to watch Hugh Jackman in Australia.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Faldur said...

I would suggest you avoid the chocolate, Marenya. I don't want you becoming too amorous with the, er, non-Hanorjans among us. Especially Bo. He seems to have an unusual effect on females of every race.

Marenya said...

Why, are you jealous? Ginger, may I please taste some of that cake?

Ginger said...

Certainly you may. But only if Faldur agrees to have some too. That's the only way to spread the "amorosity" around.

If that's even a word. Is it?

Jessica said...

jessica was in love with his naver because he was cute and gentell men and also because he like her and in valintimes day they whent out because they both like each other and they were going out for a whole yesr together because ther are realy in love and the next valintimes he gave her a group of flawers becase they were still going out.

~Veronica R. (rs)