Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting to Know You: Dog Days

Well, friends, we're headed into the last full week of August, with September and Autumn just around the corner.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, that means the dog days of summer are almost over, so tell us how you've coped with the heat and the inevitable doldrums? Did you take a vacation? Go swimming? Eat lots of ice cream and drink cold beverages?

Do the final weeks of summer put you in a funk, or are they more of a last hurrah?


Jil said...

We, here in Northern California, have had a wonderful summer. Cool nights and mornings, afternoons in the 70s.Perfect. It's supposed to heat up tomorrow, maybe into the hundreds, which will be a real change but as long as it's cool at night the house stays quite comfortable all day. I get chores (walking the dog, watering, health club etc,} done early then write for as long as I can
My favorite thing in hot weather is a root beer float. A good time to lose weight as I don't want to heat up the house so we live on salads etc.
I do feel sorry for all of you in the storms, heat and humidity. I will enjoy this while we have it, maybe our turn will come.

Laura Martone said...

Like Jil, I've had a pleasant summer, too - that's one of the wonderful things of spending May-Sept. in northern Michigan. A far cry from my childhood in sweltering New Orleans!

Donna Hole said...

I live in NorCal too Jil. Yes, the nights and mornings are cool enough in the 70's, but it's been 95-101 during the day.

Y'all must be a tad more north than I - and in them thar hills.

I had an early vacation to Fallon NV early this summer. Right now, I'm so excited The Bug is back at school. That 40 minutes of quiet in my home at lunch does wonders for my work-day attitude.

One good thing about working during the summer - somebody else pays the cooling bill :)


Olivia Harper said...

I feel like I'm always answering these Monday questions the same way... Last week, it was how to chase away a bad day. This week, it's how to spend the dog days of summer. To both, I say... a swim in the gulf. Chases away worries, keeps me cool - works every time!

Donna Hole said...
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Robert Crane said...

Olivia; A twelve pack of beer and a mud run with my best friend - or a prayer meeting - is my answer to almost everything.

If something works - you stick with it. Right?

word verif: hizesse. Sounds like a sneeze from hay fever. A summer cold. I hate those.

Olivia Harper said...

Ooh, me, too, Robert. Nothing worse than being sick when you're an adult. No mama (at least close by) willing to take care of you.

Veronica said...

Veronica live in Forth Wort Texas when its hot we always go to the lake and we take lots of tea, cooks,and waters and we buy ice cream.We always have a good time when we go to the lake.When we get out of the lake we always drink the cold tea whit ice and as they say in Mexico we eat tortas or carne.We have a good time together .
Yulissa D R8