Monday, August 30, 2010

Getting to Know You: Back to School!

If school didn't start last week where you live, it's about to start soon. So tell us, what's your favorite school memory? Did you look forward to the beginning of the school year, with its new school supplies, new clothes, and opportunities to make new friends and rekindle old acquaintances? Or was the start of the school year just an end to your summer freedom and a great big nuisance?

Tell us what you think about "back to school!"


Laura Martone said...

My hubby thinks I'm a nerd for admitting this, but I absolutely loved school as a child (and, for that matter, as a teenager). And the end-of-summer preparations were always a thrill for me. Facing the crowded stores for supply runs. Picking out brand-new pencils and trapper keepers and whatnot. Trying on my school uniform (when I went to private school). Looking forward to meeting my teachers, seeing my friends, the whole shebang. Call me a nerd if you will, but this here only child misses those days indeed.

Jil said...

This only child hated returning to boarding school after a holiday. It was the most desolate feeling in the world each term as I left my animals and home. I use that feeling often in my writing.
One summer I stayed with a wonderful farm family as my parents were abroad, and I "forgot" to mention when I was supposed to return to school. Finally my headmistress called wondering where I was. At least I got another week.

Laura Martone said...

Wow, Jil, that's fascinating. I've never known anyone who went to boarding school... but I can imagine our experiences were very different. For me, it just meant leaving my mom for the day, not for the whole term.

Light said...

I love school, currently i'am going to tokyo university and i'am going to graduate next year at the age of 23 and be the first person to graduate in my family. After I graduate I'am going to work in the police department with my dad

-Hugo G (R1)

Erica said...

My favorite school memory is having fun and hanging out with my friends.At first i felt nervouse because i didnt know who was i going to hang out in school because the one that was my best friend betrayed me-"Elizabeth":\....So i neded to make new friends and try to be kind to all of them. I was also mad because the vacations were over and we had to go back to school to do work, essays, homework, projects,And tests boringg i would of rather still be having fun in my Vacations.But i would also liked to meet new people and new teachers just with the hope there nice and teach well.Also that the friens i meet there kind,happy to be with,sense of humur and nice person:]:]

-Ruth M "R6"