Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Emote This: Paranoia

Many people think that paranoia is merely an excessive suspicion of other folks' motives. Other people believe something completely different. The author William S. Burroughs, for instance, once said, “sometimes paranoia's just having all the facts.”

However you define it, the truth is that all of us – men, women, demons, and other creatures – have probably experienced a touch of paranoia at one time or another.

Some of us are paranoid about gaining weight, no matter how delicious that key lime pie might taste.

Some of us are paranoid about leaving a drink unattended, for fear that a nefarious entity might try to poison us.

Some of us are paranoid about venturing into open water, where shark attacks and unexpected drownings are daily possibilities.

Some of us might even be paranoid about the strange and lethal beasts that dwell in the oddest of places...

So, what are you paranoid about? Or does nothing scare you at all?

Authors and characters are all welcome to share their deepest feelings of paranoia. After all, we're here to help... or are we?


Candy said...

I used to have feelings of paranoia at school when I felt no one noticed me or liked me . I always thought they laughed at me in class when I tried to answer a question and mocked the drab clothes Mum made me wear. Then I went Goth and everyone was afraid to laugh at me, cause if they did I'd give them "the look".I wanted people to stare at my clothes and piercings and, besides, I had a cool boyfriend the others were jealous of. No more paranoia for me!

I kinda feel you others out there, with all your fighting and enemies. must feel a lot of bad stuff?

Olivia Harper said...

I know what you mean, Candy. I think most of us have moments of paranoia in school settings... as kids, we're more concerned with what others think of us than we probably should be.

Aidan said...

I never had that at school, but we were home-schooled a lot.

I grew up with a target on my back. But I can usually tell when someone is really after me or not.

Kaelin said...

I don't have that luxury, so sometimes I think people look at us because we're twins and I take it the wrong way. I guess that might be paranoia. But it's tough to tell the difference when half the time demons really are after us.

Since the Grab, things feel even more dangerous. People are friendly sometimes just to get close enough to steal from you. Like I just did this... well. Had a night with this chick. And when I woke up she'd taken my gun. (At least she didn't shoot me with it.) But it's survival now. Makes people do crazy things, especially since they know where they're going when they die.

Aidan said...

They don't KNOW they're going to hell, Kae. Maybe some of them might get through the gates. You never know if they'll open upstairs again. Maybe for a special case? (Not us, that's for sure, but we knew that coming in.)

Nutmeg Cross said...

I guess you're right, Kaelin. It's not paranoia if creatures really ARE after you.

Christine H said...

Hello, everyone! I'd like to post in character, but I'm just too overwhelmed to be creative today.

I just wanted to say "Hi!" (waves to everyone) I know I've been scarce around here lately, and I'm sorry. I've been very busy with family issues, and looking for a new job, and trying to finish my darn book.

I want to let everyone know that I'm having a 100 Followers Contest at The Writer's Hole. Please stop by and check it out, as I have some great prizes.

Hopefully, when things settle down, I can participate more. I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and productive summer.

(hugs to all)

Christine H said...

PS Marenya is paranoid about lions, obviously, and Faldur doesn't much care for any situation that involves falling or being knocked off his feet. He prefers to be upright when faced with danger.

Nutmeg Cross said...

Well, Christine, who isn't paranoid about lions? I mean, really...