Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What's Happening Now?

Well, folks, it's that time again – time for our midweek update – a chance for characters to reveal their current whereabouts. In this way, authors can share what's happening within their stories by speaking through their characters' unique voices.

So, let's hear it, guys, gals, and creatures! What have you been up to lately? Seen any interesting places? Encountered any wicked beasts? Found yourself in a spot of trouble, supernatural or otherwise?

Feel free to spill any and all of your latest adventures, and hopefully, by revealing where you are in your story, you'll help inspire your authors to keep moving forward with theirs.

Remember, this is for characters only!


Ricky said...

The band has a giveaway going on this week. They're bickering a little, but that's par for the course. Drop by and sign the guest book to be entered for a drawing!


Aidan said...

Zombies are coming and everyone wants to have con-calls at Starbucks. Sign shit in triplicate. Me? I'm going to blow up some demons.

Jil said...

I don't think I've told you about Mike Sorenson. He's my Great Aunt's Lawyer. Made all the arrangements for me to come to the US. Sounded real nice on the internet but when he met me at SF airport I was shocked .See I thought Great Aunt had played a joke on me, sending that weird. wonky man who could barely walk straight. let alone talk.He drove that cool car well though. Anyway,later. Great Aunt got real mad when I said bad things about him and called him a retard.She explained he's got cerebral palsy but is smarter than most people. I still felt uncomfortable around him, then after a while I kinda forgot about it.He really is smart.
Anyway, I think he knew Great Aunt was going to jump off that ferry. Didn't sound surprised when I phoned from Victoria, just sad.
Ever since then he keeps phoning just when I hit a low point. (He planned our itinerary so knows where I am all the time.} I figure it was he who ordered those meals in the hotel when I was too scared to go down to the dining room, and paid my bill. Sort of makes me feel not so alone.
I mention this cause he called me this morning, just before I set off for the farm to see GA's boyfriend. I'd been pretty nervous but he made me feel good about the day. Like it was an adventure. Funny how Mr. Sorenson always knows when I need him.

Olivia Harper said...

Good for you, Aidan! Have fun killing demons!

And, as for you, Candy, it's always nice to have someone you can count on... even if he is a little odd. I mean, really, who isn't (especially around here)?

Anonymous said...

I duont know, Candy. It makes me nervous.

Anonymous said...

That was me by the way. - Kaelin

Elizabeth said...

this is a pice of my story
Elizabeth ran in to the forest. As she slowly slowd down panting. She saw a sshadow.She ran alitel bit more and noticed that she was bing fallowd. She ran in more in to the forest. She ran and ran more in to the forest.She came in to a stop and lookt around she dint see anything. But she noticed that she was lost. She tried to go back but evry time she tride but she came to the same place. Jasmin Moreno R8